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  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 11/23/10

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Max Lucado's The Christmas Candle

From the incredible Christian author who has brought you countless stories and inspired many movies comes The Christmas Candle, the latest film endeavor based on a work by Max Lucado. Journey to the English countryside in this heartwarming family-friendly Christmas Christian movie. Meet the townsfolk of Gladbury in The Christmas Candle and learn about the mysterious Christmas Candle, a special candle supposedly touched by an angel. Every 25 years, an angel supposedly visits the village's local candlemaker and touches one of the candles. And whoever lights the candle is said to receive a dazzling miracle on Christmas eve. But as time goes on, the tradition has begun to change or even seem irrelevant in a way. Now that the year is 1890, the electric age is nearly upon the people Gladbury and it's time for a new minister to put an end to the superstitious and supposedly ludicrous ideas held by the people from the small village of Gladbury. Will this ages-old Gladbury legend finally witness its demise or will everyone learn a little more than they had anticipated?

Based on the Book by Max Lucado

Get ready for an absolutely timeless message that will warm your heart this Christmas season in Max Lucado's The Christmas Candle novel! This is the book the successful film was based on and if you're interested to learn more after the movie, you'll be interested in the book as well, masterfully crafted by Max Lucado. In the book you will journey to a Victorian England town to a village where nothing particularly special or exciting ever happens -- except around Christmas time! This year is a very special year for the townspeople after a mysterious angel arrives and makes a visit to the town's local candle maker. Here he gives the candle maker a very special gift one that is stolen and eventually lost. The candle maker sets out with his wife on a fervent question to recover the gift. This Christmas candle is special, says the angel, as whoever is given the candle will receive a very special miracle. But once the candlemaker recovers the special gift, he and his wife are faced with a difficult choice. Who should they give the candle to? This is an inspirational and timeless Christmas tale by Max Lucado that is well worth several reads. It serves as a wonderful companion to the movie and if you enjoyed one, you will love the other.

The Story of The Christmas Candle

In The Christmas Candle, you will meet a progressive new minister by the name of David Richmond, who is on his way to becoming the new priest of the small village Gladbury, found deep away in the countryside of England. Along the way, he meets a beautiful young woman, who, before even arriving at the town, is already complaining about arriving at the village and having to put up with all the townspeoples' "nonsense" about Christmas. She's especially worried about the new parishioner who is headed into town, who, little does she know, is the man standing directly in front of her!

When David Richmond arrives in the town, he finds out the townspeople truly are in a tizzy! They are anxiously anticipating Christmas, as this year marks the first Christmas in 25 years where the angel is supposed to make a visit. In the legend of the people of Gladbury, an angel visits the town every 25 years and touches one singular candle by the candlemaker. As the story goes, whoever touches this candle and lights it on Christmas Eve will receive a very special miracle. This is the legend of The Christmas Candle, and it's one that's been passed down through the centuries in this little town. However, when David Richmond arrives in town, he's determined the whole legend is crazy.

A facts-oriented pastor, Richmond is only concerned with what can be seen and felt. He knows that it's his job to wake this town up and enlighten them about the truths of what the world can really do. There aren't real miracles, he asserts, only the physical side of what we can see. While he is a pastor and devout Christian, Richmond struggles with the ideas of miracles and supernatural occurrences. So, Richmond tries to wake up the town of Gladbury to the real world. As they enter the electric age, he decides to do something unprecedented in his small chapel in the year 1890 -- he brings lightbulbs into the church. He encourages the village people to wake up from their notion that The Christmas Candle is a real thing. Instead, he encourages them to focus on the amazing things that can happen, like electric light bulbs!

People are not so ready to buy into his ideas, however. They've celebrated this tradition for centuries. And now one man is determined to come in and undermine everything they've been teaching and celebrating for hundreds of years? This new ideas taught by David Richmond begin to set him at odds with a number of people in the town, particularly the candle maker, who is a big proponent of the old world and miracles and Christmas magic. Richmond, along with his new friend Emily Barstow are determined to teach the people that miracles can't truly happen. But the candlemaker is determined in The Christmas Candle and when the candle suddenly disappears, they end up working together, with their worlds suddenly colliding in ways they never expected.

The Christmas Candle is an endearing and enjoyable Christmas film full of heart, magic, and surprises. If you're looking for a film to watch together as family this Christmas season, The Christmas Candle is a delightful and unbelievably exciting film that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Starring some incredible and well known actors, including Samantha Barks, Hans Matheson, and Lesley Manville, this is a well put together film with terrific actors and a stellar cast. It also features the film debut of phenomenon Susan Boyle. Gather the family around for the magical movie The Christmas Candle!

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