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Fox Faith presents high quality movies that inspire and demonstrate a variety of different ways God shows up in the world. Pick out any of the movies in the Fox Faith section to encounter a one-of-a-kind collaboration of creative talent and marvelous messages. Some titles illustrate stories directly from the Bible while others bring to life the messages taught in the Bible in real life, modern day situations.

Fox Faith Movies & DVDs

With movies today getting more and more worldly and inappropriate, Christians are looking more toward Christian movies to give us good and clean content that we can watch and enjoy together as a family. It’s getting increasingly difficult to do things like go to the movies or sit down and pick out a DVD to watch because movies and shows keep getting more and more inappropriate. It’s sad that it’s getting harder and harder to watch shows because watching films together can be a great way to spend time together as a family. THat’s why we at FishFlix.com are always working hard to bring you the latest in Christian entertainment, with DVDs that are wholesome and fulfilling for families to watch together. We want you and your family to be able to sit down and enjoy watching films together, without worry about what your kids will be exposed to or what they might learn. We want you to be able to enjoy these films together as a family and we’re always looking for more clean and wholesome films to share with you. One of the distributors that we’ve always loved and do our best to bring to you is Fox Faith. This distributor is designed to bring the masses wholesome Christian entertainment with faith-based and inspiring messages. This is exactly the kind of message we want to support here at FishFlix.com which is why we’re bringing you over 40 Fox Faith films to our massive collection here on our website.

We hope that these films will help you grow in your faith and that you’ll be inspired by these many different films, perfect for the whole family, with messages of Christ and his salvation and forgiveness. We know these movies can have an incredible impact in a variety of situations and we pray that you can use them as powerful tools to engage people with the Gospel message. God has created this world and He has commanded us to go share his message. So whether we’re using these Christian movies for our own inspiration, or to reach others, these DVDs can be powerful tools to help spread the Gospel message to the masses. We know that it’s critical that we share God’s word with the people we come across and Fox Faith Films can be a great way to begin sharing the message. If someone is open to the message of creation but maybe isn’t sure where to start or how to proceed, these Fox Faith DVDs can be fantastic resources to help them understand more about their faith and what they’re called to do under the Christian faith.We have a variety of Christian movies under this selection, featuring all sorts of unique storylines and messages. Just a few of the films you’ll find in this category include:

Amish Grace: In this exciting Amish movie, the peaceful community known as Nickel Mines is shaken to its very core when a gunman walks into the town and kills five girls in a shooting in a schoolhouse, all before choosing to end his own life. The fallout from this incredibly tragic event is one that will forever change the community in a way that they will never forget. As media comes upon the town like a plague, the Amish people are determined to shine a message of forgiveness, both to the shooter and his widow. As they attempt to forgive and take in the widow, the media is utterly perplexed by their attitude of compassion and forgiveness. This film is a powerful look at the true story of the incredibly devastating shooting that transpired back in 2006. With touching stories of compassion and forgiveness, this film will change the way you view forgiveness forever.

Owlegories: This amazing new series of DVDs takes children on a wild adventure as they follow their owl friends and learn all kinds of wonderful lessons about God and his nature. Each DVD features 3 stories, with each one spotlighting a different attribute of God. As you learn about His nature, you’ll come to see how He is powerful, loving, and a true father to us. Told in a delightful 2-dimensional animation style and created by a family team with a desire to spread the news about God to young children, this is a delightful series that is sure to inspire you children, no matter the age.

Amazing Grace: From award-winning director Michael Apted comes a new story based on one man’s determination to change the world. This story is based on the true events that happened in the life of William Wilberforce, known for his writing of one of the most famous hymns, Amazing Grace, Follow Wilberforce as he is a powerful member of the slave trade and eventually becomes one of the biggest forces in trying to end the slave trade.

Seven Days in Utopia: Luke Chisolm is a man on the precipice of having it all. As he gets ready to make his first attempt making the pro golf tour, he loses and embarasses himself, possibly ending his golf career. After his horible loss, he finds himself stranded in the quaint little town of Utopia, Texas, where he meets a mysterious rancher and a small community full of colorful character. While he’s here, he begins to learn more about the secrets to golfing, and even more than that, he learns how to become a better person and how to find a true relationship with Christ. This film is a fantastic sports movie with a lot of heart and a surprise ending that you will forever remember. Features “Born Again” by Third Day.

We hope that these Fox Faith DVDs will be a true inspiration for you and you’ll be able to grow in your faith through these films. There are some wonderful stories about faith and forgiveness and we know these will be incredible resources for you for a long time to come. If you’re looking for a place to find wholesome Christian movies that you can watch together with your family, this is it!

A Man Called Peter DVD
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Ace of Hearts DVD
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Amazing Grace DVD
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Amish Grace DVD
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Billy Graham Presents: Last Flight Out DVD
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Billy Graham Presents: Road to Redemption DVD
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Billy Graham Presents: Something to Sing About DVD
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Billy Graham Presents: The Climb DVD
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Billy Graham Presents: The Hiding Place DVD
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Christy Complete DVD Series
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End of the Spear DVD
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Hangmans Curse DVD
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Love Begins DVD
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Love Comes Softly 10th Anniversary Collection DVD
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Love Comes Softly Series Vol 1 DVD Boxed Set
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