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Auto B Good

Auto- B series is a fun, action filled entertaining Christian Children movie series. FishFlix.com offers exceptional value and price.

Auto B Good movies

Do your kids enjoy cars? Do your children spend hours racing around the house with their collections of matchbox and Hotwheels cars? If your children love all things on wheels and also really enjoy movies and TV shows, then Auto B Good is the perfect mix for them! Featuring terrific CGI animation along with superb storytelling and voice acting, Auto B Good is a rip-roarious time! Get ready to rev your engines with the Auto B Good gang as you set off for new adventures with them. Featuring a colorful cast of characters each with their own unique gifts and abilities, your children are sure to fall in love with the entire Auto B Good gang. With over a dozen DVDs in the collection, with each DVD featuring multiple episodes, this is a show that will last and provide hours of entertainment for your young kids.

What’s even better is that Auto B Good is not merely designed to entertain your kids, its main goal is to educate them and teach them important life lessons. Each episode features a new idea or concept that will help your kids grow in their faith and their understanding of a basis for morality. If you want to teach your kids about God’s word while also providing them with something that will entertain them, Auto B Good is a fantastic show for them.

Similar in style to other popular animated kids shows, Auto B Good tends to be very reminiscent of both Veggietales and the popular Pixar film Cars. The animation is colorful and engaging and is sure to keep your kids riveted and entertained as the join the entire Auto B Good crew on fun and exciting adventures. And along the way, your kids will learn as the characters in the show learn just what it means to be a disciple of God.

Your children will learn important lessons about patience, perseverance, taking the high road, and other fruits of the spirit like love and gentleness. Auto B Good has been around for a number of years and has played an important part in encouraging kids and teaching them important life lessons. If you’ve enjoyed other children’s shows like Veggietales or even What’s in the Bible? Or Torchlighters, you’ll love this exciting 3-dimensional adventure with cutting edge graphics and fun storytelling. The show has had two seasons in its running, with the first season containing 36 episodes and the second season having 26. The series has received airtime and has always been a light for children to look up to, with many children falling in love with the fun characters and exciting animation. The complete episode list can be found below for Auto B Good:

Season One

"Friends in High Places", "Heavenly Event", "Sunny Side Up?", "Up from the Depths", "Cooler Heads  Prevail", "Digging for Gold", "A Mile in Their Tires", "Stage Fright", "Izzi and the Giant", "Rumors of War", "The Price of Freedom", "No Greater Love", "Timely Treats", "Picture Perfect", "Moving Forward Together", "Growing Responsible", "Red Card to Respect", "The Land of Odds", "No Rules Allowed", "Shop 'Til You Drop", "Center of the Universe", "Slippery Slope", "Car Tune Pirates", "Bully Bully", "Miles to the Rescue",  "The Secret Force", "Gopher It", "The Secret of Success', "The Winning Goal", "Road Rage", "Road Test for Maturity", "Uninvited Pests", "A Tidy Plan", "Too Rough Around the Edges", "Crowning Car of the Year", and "Friends to the Rescue".

Season 2

Movie "FX", Cheaters U-Turn, The Cobra Canyon Leap, The Integrity Project, Rising to the Occasion, The Gift of Golf, Breaking Par, Daring Dreamers, Unusual Suspect, The Case of the Missing Statue, Get the Oomph!, A Taxing Problem, Billy and the Big Horns, Home Sweet Home, The Quest for Power, Monster Trap, Lug Nut, Isadora's Box, Extreme Overhaul, Breaking New Ground, Level 39, Western Hero, C.O.T.U Comics, Scared-y Car, Car Tuned & Ready, and Squeaky Clean.


Auto B Good is an exciting show and a wonderful place for your children to learn more about God and to grow in their faith. The series has a main cast of characters that your kids will love with their unique personalities. The show features Johnny, a dodge viper who is the “cool kid”, always up for an adventure and always ready for a challenge. He loves to race and get himself cleaned up at the local car wash to truly show off his shine. Cali likes to think of herself as the queen of Auto City. She likes to spend time with Johnny and Maria and is always up for a day of shopping.

EJ is a little tike, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to be like the rest of the group! Plus, he’s always willing to put his entire ability into anything he does. He wants to be just like Johnny when he gets older. Izzi is a young and playful girl, but she can get easily annoyed with being the youngest in the group. She always tries to keep up with the others, but sometimes tends to fall behind because she is littler. The Professor is the genius car, always trying to work on the latest invention and somehow always messing them up. But despite his failures, he always works hard and has a loveable heart that makes him incredibly endearing. Franklin is the older, wiser car who has lived a long and happy life. Having lived through so much, he has lots of experience with things and tends to share his tips and advice with the younger cars around him.

Auto B Good is an exciting show with a lot to like about it. Similar in style to Pixar’s Cars, but teaching godly morals and values, this show is sure to be a hit in your household. Whether your children enjoy playing with cars and looking at cars, or if they’re just fans of popular animated movies, they’re sure to enjoy this incredible series. If you’re looking for a new show that teaches good values for your children, look no further than Auto B Good!

Auto B Good Season 1 Vol 1: Fuel For The Finish DVD
Sale price $6.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 1 Vol 2: Hometown Heroes DVD
Sale price $6.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 1 Vol 3: In the Land of Odds DVD
Sale price $3.99 Regular price $19.99 SaleSold Out
Auto B Good Season 1 Vol 4: Pirates Of The Parkway DVD
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 1 Vol 5: Towing The Line DVD
Sale price $9.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 1 Vol 6: Rules Of The Road DVD
Sale price $9.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 2 Vol 1: Mission Possible DVD
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 2 Vol 2: Out Of The Wilderness DVD
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 2 Vol 3: Shifting to High Gear DVD
Sale price $9.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 2 Vol 4: Taking The High Road DVD
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 2 Vol 5: Playing It Fair DVD
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 2 Vol 6: Blazing The Trail DVD
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 2 Vol 8: Life In The Fast Lane DVD
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good Season 2 Vol 9: Fruitful Pursuits DVD
Sale price $9.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Auto B Good: Car Tunes CD Vol 1
Sale price $4.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Monster Truck Adventures: Making The Grade DVD
Sale price $3.99 Regular price $9.99 SaleSold Out

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