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In Christian programming, there is no denying the centrality and cosmic necessity for Jesus. But these DVDs and movies about Apostle and Early Church tell the stories of the lives of the men Jesus himself chose to tell his story. Enjoy these films while learning about how You, too, have been chosen by Jesus to tell His story. You will find lots of movies about Apostles of Jesus.

Christian Movies exploring the time period of the apostles and the early church. Movies about Apostles of Jesus Christ

As Christians, we believe in and follow Jesus wholeheartedly. He is the man who is responsible for everything in our lives. Because of Jesus, we have hope for the future and He gives us something to cling to always. When we’re going through a rough time or we’re unable to cope with the future, Jesus is the rock on which we stand. We also know about his ministry, an incredible span of 3 years where he was preaching, teaching, and healing all across the land. This was an incredible time and from this we get the four gospels, four incredible books all spotlighting the incredible life of Jesus. This is a critical point in history and is truly the turning point when things began to change for the entire world.

Before this point, we followed Old Testament law, a confusing process that was difficult and very restrictive. And now, thanks to the death of Jesus, we have a way to eternal life. Jesus gave us a way to always be free and a way that we could have never ending salvation. Jesus ministry was an important time, as this is what brought about all of the change. One thing people often overlook and forget is that Jesus was not alone in His ministry. He didn’t strike out on his own to do everything, he had 12 men that he hand-picked to be by his side for the entire duration pf his ministry.

These men weren’t perfect by any means. Jesus didn’t pick them for being perfect or being better morally, they were common everyday men. His disciples included Peter and his brother Andrew, who were both fishermen. And another set of brothers, James and John, who also gave up everything they knew to follow Jesus. So what was it about Jesus that was so compelling? What caused them to immediately see Jesus, and leave their careers and everything they knew to follow Jesus wholeheartedly? This is a very strange thing when you think about it. If someone were to come up to you today and ask you to leave everything you knew and follow them, would you do it? Most of you would probably say no. But there was something special about Jesus and his word that caused these men to get up and follow him.

Over the course of his ministry, they would help manage the crowds, the logistics, and the finances which freed up Jesus to do more of what he did best – teaching. And because Jesus is always so focused on, it can be easy to forget about these people that he hand-picked. It begs the question, why did Jesus pick these people? What made these twelve stand out to him more than anybody else?

The apostles are often wondered about and studied because they’re so fascinating in so many different ways. They were handpicked by Jesus, they chose to follow him regardless of the circumstances, and overall, they just led fascinating lives. This section on our website is solely devoted to diving into the lives of the apostles and exploring their lives more closely. After Jesus left and arose once again to heaven, it left the apostles in a quandary. What should they do? Fortunately, Jesus did give them instruction and they did have a singular purpose that they had been given by Jesus – they were to go into all of the world and preach the gospel to all people. This was an incredible calling and one that the disciples would wholeheartedly follow. Although it was a struggle and it wasn’t something that became immediately clear, they resolutely made up their minds that they needed to go into the world and spread the good news of Jesus. FishFlix provides lots of movies about the life of Apostles of Jesus Christ.

This was not something that was without risk, however. They had to do this, and it meant that they could very easily get in trouble with the authorities at the time. Jesus’ resurrection was still a hot issue and people were still debating whether he’d really been risen or not. Some people would claim he never rose and that the disciples had put up a major hoax. Others claimed they had seen them, which only added to the arguments. The tensions continued to build, and the disciples new that running the church was going to be a very risky business.

But they chose to do it anyway, putting their own lives at risk in order to help others. And so, they would begin to form the early church. One day, while they were praying and spending time together, Jesus sent them a helper to help them on their way – the Holy Spirit. This incredible gift from God would allow them to speak in tongues they’d never known before and thus communicate the gospel to all people, no matter what language they spoke. This was a miraculous event and it really showed that God was with these men and they were going to do great things for God.

Apostles continued to persevere, doing what God told them to do and following what he called them to do. So many of our movies depicts these Apostles live. There were casualties along the way, and many people would end up being martyred for their beliefs. The very first martyr was Stephen, who was actually stoned for preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. But even when he faced death, he chose to preach the gospel proudly, rather than give into the temptation to back down. He believed all the way until the end.

Other events in this DVD series that take place in Acts, the book of the Bible, include the conversion of Paul and the journey of Saint Peter. These are encouraging Christian DVDs that can help you grow your knowledge of Bible and scripture. If you’re looking for more insights into the New Testament and the early church, this is a fantastic resource to help you grow your faith and understanding. We here at FishFlix.com hope this can be an encouraging resource for you always. Enjoy exploring our collection of over 20 DVDs!

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