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Christian comedy, wide variety, Tim Hawkins, Mark Gungor, Ken Davis, Brad Stine and many more. Be joyful with these clean Christian comedy movies on DVD from FishFlix.com. Clean and family-friendly humor and comedy for the whole family. Kid-friendly comedians.

Christian Comedy Movies DVDs and Blu-Rays

There’s a stigma in Christian culture today that we as Christians aren’t allowed to watch comedy or today’s stand up comedians because of their inappropriate content and worldly ideas. While most of the comedians that are popular in our world today are very vulgar and profane, there is also a group of comedians who are rising to popularity that support Christian ideas and have clean, family-friendly content. That’s why we at FishFlix.com are proud to bring you our collection of Christian comedy DVDs – hilarious DVDs with amazingly funny content that you don’t have to worry about your children watching. With hilarious content but also clean family-friendly content, these Christian comedy DVDs will have you in stitches to the very end!

We’re excited to see so many new comedy DVDs coming out that are family friendly. We know that God designed humor and we don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking a load off and just laughing with your family every now and then. And it’s wonderful to have options now for comedians that are funny, enjoyable, and appropriate. If you’re looking to break the ice or just spend some good time with your children, Christian comedy DVDs are the way to go. With hilarious performances by Tim Hawkins, Mark Gungor, Brad Stine, and many more, you’ll never run out of wonderful DVDs and routines to watch together with your family.

We at FishFlix.com are big supporters of fun, family movie nights. We try to bring you a large array of Christian movies to choose from, whether they be dramas, bible epics, or even comedy DVDs. Every now and then you just need to lighten the mood and have a little fun. Comedy DVDs are a perfect way to do that with these hilarious comedy routines that the whole family will get a big laugh out of! Whether you’re looking for a marriage DVD for you and your wife to watch together and laugh, or you’re looking for humor geared toward the whole family, we have a great selection for you to pick through. Life is a funny thing. And God created us to laugh! Why not have some fun and enjoy these hilarious comedy routines with us? We love these comedians and are encouraged to see how family friendly and clean their content is. You’re certain to get a lot of laughs out of these wonderful shows! With over fourty DVDs in our collection, you’ll never run out of great movies to watch together.

With more comedians creating Christian DVDs all the time, there’s always a great selection her on FishFlix.com. Below is a list of some of our absolute favorite Christian comedians:

Tim Hawkins – If you’ve been a fan of Christian comedy for a while, you probably know the name Tim Hawkins. Tim Hawkins has worked hard to create almost a half a dozen different comedy DVDs featuring hilarious content for you to enjoy. Whether he’s giving his spin on classic Christian praise songs, talking about his favorite fast food restaurants, or just generally being a goof, Tim Hawkins is a great family-friendly comedian, who certainly has some of the funniest comedy bits, Christian or otherwise! Being just a generally funny guy, Hawkins is able to take some of the most mundane things in life and turn them into hilarious comedy routines. Combining hilarious standup and silly (although sometimes startlingly honest) musical routines, Tim Hawkins is a whirlwind of fun, encouragement, and hilarity. Some of his DVDs on our site include Full Range of Motion (featuring the Chick-Fil-A song), Insanitized, and I’m No Rockstar.

Mark Gungor – Taking on a more ministerial tone, Mark Gungor is a master at blending hilarious routines with important life lessons and thought-provoking discussion. Specializing in marriage topics, Gungor has a wonderful collection of DVDs designed to encourage you in your faith, and a couple to even help you and your spouse grow in your relationship with one another. Whether he’s teaching you how to Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, explaining the difference between the two different types of brains in Mark Gungor’s Tale of Two Brains, or encouraging women how to be a true Butt-Kicking Woman, Gungor is riot with hilarious comedic routines and honest messages that we can all grow from.

Brad Stine – Trying to shun the idea of political correctness, Brad Stine is out to explain it the way it is. Rather than trying to make his jokes as tame as possible so to appeal to every single person, Stine explains the world exactly how he sees it, from a conservative and not always necessarily “PC” point of view. Stine has seen some real problems developing in our country and in our world and he’s here to put a stop to it – through hilarious and honest comedy! Talking about how he’s grown tired of the “wussification” of our world, he’s ready to be the man that tells it like it is, and show that we have some real problems facing our country. He encourages us to lighten up and take an honest look at how silly some of the things in our world truly are. Whether he’s telling you to Put a Helmet On or talking about the Wussification of our world Stine is ready to tell it like it is in a comedic and humorous way you will never forget.

With so much off-color comedy in our world today, it’s incredibly encouraging to see some people stepping up to make comedy that the whole family can enjoy together. Together, we can work together to make comedy no longer a bad word. We don’t have to be embarrassed about watching comedy or hide it from our children – there is comedy now that supports Christian values and is made to be seen by the whole family! These DVDs are a true testament to the fact that you don’t need to make the raciest or inappropriate jokes to get noticed. There’s a whole group of Christians ready to watch clean and Christian comedy! And these DVDs deliver on all counts. We at FishFlix.com hope you’ll enjoy our collection and that these films can bring some real laughs to your family.

3 Day Test DVD
Sale price $18.38 Regular price $22.98 Sale
Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge DVD
Sale price $7.49 Regular price $13.99 Sale
Anita Renfroe: Im Not High Maintenance, Just Low Tolerance DVD
Sale price $12.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Anita Renfroe: Purse-onality DVD
Sale price $12.74 Regular price $16.99 Sale
Apostles Of Comedy DVD
Sale price $16.50 Regular price $19.99 SaleSold Out
Beware of Christians DVD
Sale price $12.00 Regular price $12.99 Sale
Brad Stine: Put A Helmet On DVD
Sale price $5.00 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Brad Stines Wussification DVD
Sale price $5.00 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Butt-Kicking Woman Conference with Mark Gungor 4 Disc DVD
Sale price $44.99 Regular price $59.99 Sale
Christmas with a Capital C DVD
Sale price $5.00 Regular price $9.99 Sale
Gods Comic: Brad Stine DVD
Sale price $5.99 Regular price $9.99 Sale
Jack And The Beanstalk DVD
Sale price $3.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
John Branyans Fly-Over Comedy DVD
Sale price $11.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
John Branyans WedLocked DVD
Sale price $11.24 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Ken Davis: A Twisted Mind DVD
Sale price $11.99 Regular price $15.99 Sale

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