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If you haven't experienced a Christian film on Blu-ray, you're in for quite a treat! Blu-ray films offer the latest technologically advanced ways to watch your favorite titles. And here at FishFlix, you'll find your favorite Blu-ray movies for your favorite prices!

Christian Blu-ray movies

If you’ve never watched a movie on Blu-ray before, prepare to be amazed as you’re blown away by the incredible visual quality. Prepare to see a spectacular difference as you experience a film in 1080p HD for the very first time. Blu-ray discs are specially designed to hold a much greater amount of storage space, allowing for a much higher quality picture. In addition, the discs are also designed to be incredible scratch-resistant, making them perfect for families with children. More durable and much higher quality, blu-rays are a fantastic investment and provide for the optimal viewing experience. If you have a favorite movie and want to experience it in the highest quality possible, we recommend purchasing the Blu-ray, as it provides the viewing experience with the highest fidelity.

Blu-rays can often be considered to be very expensive, starting at a much higher price than most DVDs. However, we do our very best to bring you the very lowest prices possible on all of our films. We don’t think you should have to pay thirty dollars for just one movie. This is why we work hard to bring you special deals and the lowest prices possible on all of our films and DVDs. With over 30 Blu-ray films in stock and ready to purchase, we have one of the biggest and most diverse collections of Christian blu-ray movies anywhere on the web.

We have a wide variety of Christian movies on blu-ray available to purchase, from traditional Christian dramas to some of the most timeless Christian biblical movies ever made. With so many choices to choose from, a blu-ray player is a small and incredible purchase that can make a huge difference in the kind of television and movies your children and family consume.

We understand the issue. There are a lot of movies and television shows being put out from Hollywood, but the problem is most of these do not feature very appropriate content or family-friendly values. Many films being created today have either no message at all or very inappropriate or not family-friendly messages. We’ve seen this problem too and it can be very hard to find good content that families of all ages can watch together. That’s what inspired FishFlix.com, a place where you can find a variety of Christian movies, all of which feature appropriate content and clean and wholesome messages for your whole family to watch together.

Instead of paying a lot of money to go to the movie theaters and watching one film once with your whole family, you can save a lot of money by purchasing one Christian movie that you can watch over and over again at home. Not only is it much cheaper, you get the added benefit of providing your children with quality entertainment which will build their faith, rather than sending them messages with Hollywood values. On FishFlix.com, we have a massive amount of DVDs and Blu-rays, featuring both content for all ages and content designed specifically for children. So if you’re looking for more quality content to show your kids, you can find some incredible options here on FishFlix.com.

In our Blu-ray category, we also have a variety of documentaries that feature stunning visuals. These visuals are only made more beautiful by being put onto Blu-ray. Experience the documentaries and films the way they were meant to be experienced – in stunning visual High Definition and with incredible surround sound. These movies look more amazing than you could possibly imagine by being put into stunning high definition. Even if you’ve already seen a film, you’ll be amazed by the transition to Blu-ray as you begin to notice things you may have never seen before. It creates for an incredible experience and can help you see new insights into movies you may have never noticed before.

A series that looks particularly amazing in high definition blu-ray quality is the Bible miniseries and its continuation, A.D. The Bible Continues. These series both serve to show the story of the Bible in a stunning high-budget miniseries. If you want the full experience with the highest visual fidelity, we recommend purchasing both the Bible and A.D. The Bible Continues in blu-ray for the highest quality picture and sound. This incredible series by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey features a powerful version of the story of the Bible and everything that took place therein. If you’re looking for a powerful way to communicate the message of the Gospel, we recommend this incredible series to help you grow in your faith.

We at FishFlix.com believe it’s incredibly important to find shows and movies that build our faith rather than tear them down. It’s very important to find content that can help grow and deepen our faith. That’s why movies like these on our site can be so important. It’s so easy for us to go to church on Sundays and then fill our minds with worldly content the other six days of the week. It can be very difficult for us to grow in our faith when we’re only focusing on  spiritual and Godly things once a week. Watching Christian movies and filling our minds with spiritual content can be just the thing we need to get us through the week and to continue building us spiritually, no matter what time it is or what day of the week it might be. Whether you enjoy Christian dramas like October Baby or The Ultimate Gift, or if you prefer to watch documentary style movies with evidence for a Creator like the Living Waters documentaries, we have a wide variety of choices for you here in the Christian blu-ray category. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re happy to help with our impressive collection of movies, both on blu-ray and DVD. So if you have a blu-ray player and are struggling to find clean and Christian content for it, we have a wide selection here for you to choose from. Featuring timeless movies and recent releases, this is your one stop for all things Christian and blu-ray. We hope these movies can be an encouragement to you in your faith as you watch them in the highest quality possible!

90 Minutes In Heaven Bluray
Sale price $19.99 Regular price $29.99 Sale
A.D. The Bible Continues Blu-ray
Sale price $19.99 Regular price $49.99 Sale
Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea Blu-ray
Sale price $10.99 Regular price $19.99 SaleSold Out
Apostle Peter and The Last Supper Blu-ray
Sale price $7.99 Regular price $9.99 Sale
Christmas with a Capital C Blu-ray
Sale price $7.99 Regular price $9.99 Sale
Courageous Blu-ray
Sale price $14.99 Regular price $29.99 Sale
Decoding The Future: Book Of Revelation Bluray Set
Sale price $109.99 Regular price $149.99 Sale
Do You Believe? DVD/Blu-ray Combo
Sale price $16.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Facing the Giants Blu-ray
Sale price $11.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Flight: The Genius of Birds Blu-ray
Regular price $17.99
For Greater Glory Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Sale price $16.45 Regular price $32.99 Sale
Gods Not Dead 2 Blu-ray DVD Combo
Sale price $23.99 Regular price $29.99 Sale
Gods Not Dead Bluray/DVD Combo
Sale price $15.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Hardflip Bluray
Sale price $5.29 Regular price $24.99 Sale
Intelligent Design: Living Waters Blu-ray
Sale price $17.99 Regular price $22.99 Sale

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