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Brad Stine Comedy DVDs

Brad Stine Comedy Collection DVDs available on FishFlix.com. Laugh out loud with Brad Stine’s unashamedly not politically correct ideas about our world.

Brad Stine Comedy DVDs

For a very long time, Christians were simply unable to participate in or enjoy comedy, because comedians had a certain style that was… Less than Godly. Because of the generally immoral and vulgar way most comedians acted, Christians didn’t participate in comedy for a very long time. But finally, a certain group of Christians are stepping up and are beginning to create comedy for Christians that’s clean and appropriate. This is a breath of fresh air for Christians who have never been able to participate or enjoy comedy. Now, we finally have a form of media we can enjoy together and experience true laughter and humor together! God designed us to laugh. We live in a world full of humor and jokes, and there’s so much in our world worthy of a laugh. Now, we’re finally to the point where we have several Christian comedians who are creating routines that point out the hilarities in our world – without the need to dive into vulgar or inappropriate talk. If you’re looking for a collection of DVDs that are clean and family-friendly, but also laughably humorous, FishFlix.com is the perfect place to find them! One of the Christian comedians that’s risen to popularity over the years is Brad Stine, who is able to blend a comedic mix of wit and humor with incredible truths and conservative insights into our world.

If you want to laugh like crazy and get some insights into our crazy world, Brad Stine is the perfect comedian for you. He doesn’t try to beat around the bush about anything or deny some of the simple truths. He tries to tell it like it is and help you to understand how crazy some things in our world can be. One of Stine’s pet peeves is our increasing desire as a country to be more “PC” or politically correct. We are so careful nowadays not to step on each other’s toes or do anything that might offend anyone, and Brad Stine simply thinks this is ridiculous! This is our world we’re living in and people are going to offend other people, it’s just part of the way life works! He’s worked hard through his DVDs to combat this idea that we need to be politically correct, and he has become a big proponent of telling it like it is and talking plain and straight to people. His message is loud and clear – our world doesn’t need more political correctness. We need more straight talk! Somebody needs to hear the truth!

Stine over the years has become one of the most talked about Christian comedians. With his wit and incredible insights, he’s able to entertain a crowd while also convincing him of some pretty good ideas. Stine knows how to work a crowd and because of his charismatic nature and loveable humor, he’s become one of the most well-covered Christian comedians on the media. He released his first comedy routine, A Convservative Unleashed to high praise, with people citing his honest and his incredible humor all combined into one. He went on to appear on a number of talk shows and news programs, spreading his conservative message to everyone he knew. Trying to combat the slide in our culture toward political correctness, Brad Stine is trying to help people understand that that’s not what our world needs. Rather than coming down in a harsh or judgmental way, Stine frames all of his arguments in a light and humorous way, creating a perfect balance between humor and truth in a way that audiences will be accepting of and resonate with.

One of Stine’s deeply held philosophies that carries over into a lot of his different works is this idea of the “wussification” of America. He feels that we’ve honestly become babies in our culture, that we can’t even take an insult anymore. With our safe spaces and tolerance and coexist stickers, he feats that we’ve just become a weak society where no one can speak an opinion, or even truth. He wants to help get rid of this philosophy and he does so by talking about it in his comedy DVDs and lessons. While many people are strong advocates of political correctness and trying to keep everybody happy, Stine begins to point out all of the flaws of this line of thinking. He shows the ridiculous lengths we’ll go to in order to please everybody, and how in the end it really ends up pleasing nobody. Brad Stine doesn’t want to see our country become a place full of wusses. He wants to see us excel and thrive, all while being guided by God in all we do. Stine understands that God is the one that should be in charge of everything we do and God is the one that should be guiding our country and our steps – no one person can govern and dictate everything that goes on in our world – we need to simply let God run the country and do everything as it says according to His word.

It's sad to see how many comedians rely on mindless and even vulgar humor to get a laugh out of their audience, and that’s why it’s so relieving to watch Brad Stine and see how it’s possible to have a good laugh without delving into inappropriate topics or having to put up with profanity. Stine’s comedy has taken Christian comedy and media as a whole to a new level. With his terrific insights, wit, and humor, Brad Stine has helped to create a whole genre of family-friendly and inspirational DVDs that families can watch together without worrying about what their kids will hear or be exposed to. What’s more, his comedy is hilarious and is sure to keep you laughing from beginning to end. His message is funny, clear, and sensible, something that you don’t always get when you go to see a comedian. You’ll love Brad Stine’s incredible style of humor and this is a great series of DVDs that we know you’ll really enjoy.

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