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Wanderlust Films

Wanderlust Productions was founded by Darren Wilson in 2006 when he began work on what would become his first feature length film, Finger of God. The company currently concentrates on creating feature films that are both creatively exciting and spiritually engaging.

DVDs created by Wanderlust Productions, a Christian movie company led by producer Darren Wilson.

FishFlix.com is proud to carry the entire collection of Wanderlust Pictures films in our inventory. With 5 current releases, Darren Wilson has created an incredible genre with his documentary films studying various different aspects of God, faith, and the Holy Spirit. His revolutionary films have helped to shake up the industry and Christianity as a whole as he makes startling realizations into our world. His movies all serve to make one point – God is active and alive, even in our modern culture. It’s easy for us to say that God is dead, or that he doesn’t do anything in our world today. While many people may think that miracles are long gone and that God never does anything in the lives of His people now, Wilson’s films show that nothing could be farther from the truth.

As Wilson travels across the world in his Wanderlust Pictures Christian movies, he encounters people from all different walks of life. As he meets witch doctors, people living in slavery, people who have been demon possessed, and much more, he begins to see how God is active and alive in our world. Through his movies, he is helping people to see that faith is real. It’s a concrete thing, and there really are spiritual battles raging on around us all the time, even though we may never see them. Despite our lack of belief in the supernatural, Wilson gives compelling evidence and documents incredible testimonies that give clear evidence to the contrary.

In 2006, Darren Wilson founded Wanderlust Productions with the sole intent of creating movies that would awaken Christians and show them the things that were happening all over the world, both good and bad. Using stunning cinematography, fascinating interviews, and exclusive events, Wilson shows some incredible events that are transpiring in our world and explains how they all relate back to God. Through these films you will witness the power of prayer, the works of God, and the amazing abilities of believing in the Holy Spirit.

Wilson has done some unusual things in his moviemaking practices, which has led to unique and awe-inspiring films. His latest two releases, Holy Ghost and Holy Ghost Reborn both feature a unique direction. Rather than scripting out a film and creating a structure and specific agenda for his film, he simply prayed and allowed the Holy Spirit to take him where he felt he was being called. And so, going where they felt the Lord taking them, they allowed the Holy Spirit to direct not one, but two of their films. While many people would be scared or intimidated by creating a film without the complete outline set in stone, Wilson simply turned his fears over to God and allowed Him to fully create the movie.

Wanderlust Productions Christian movies stand out for being particularly bold and creative, featuring above-average video quality and some dazzling scenery and locations. As you travel around the world with this crew, you will see the incredible amount of evidence for a creator and you will begin to experience His powerful love for yourself. Prepare to be amazed like you would never believe. Wilson shows that God is active and alive… And he’s working in your life today!

In the first film of the Wanderlust Productions series, Finger of God, Wilson chronicles the events going on in our world today that show that God is truly alive and working. While many claim that God is dead or no longer works or interferes in the lives of his people, Wilson blows that idea out of the water. Showing examples of people who have been touched by God and documenting spiritual revolutions happening around the globe, you will begin to see that God is active and alive. Prepare to be amazed as you hear about Manna appearing in the Pentagon, gemstones falling straight out of the sky, and teenagers bringing healing to the injured and sick on the streets. God is here – today!

In the next documentary, Furious Love, Wilson shows us just how much God loves us. His goal in this unique film is to simply put the love of God to the test and see if it is able to shine through even the darkest places. And as they travel and meet people who have seen some of the darkest moments ever, they are amazed at the power of God. As He shines a light through the darkness and brings healing to them, He shows Wilson and crew just how powerful His love truly is.

After a successful couple of films, Wanderlust Productions continued with Father of Lights, a movie that attempts to seemingly do the impossible – film God. But how do you film him? What does he look like? And how can you even begin to grasp His character? In what seems and impossible task, Wilson takes you on an explosive journey to discover the incredible things that God has done.

Wilson enters almost a new era with Holy Ghost in his fourth cinematographic venture. In this film, he changes things up, allowing God to direct the movie. But how does that work? What does that even begin to look like? Rather than setting a clear course for the film and then going out and doing it, Wilson allowed God to direct this movie, by going where they felt Him leading. And the result is an incredible experience full of twists and turns like you wouldn’t believe. While some would be scared to make a movie with no clear direction, it becomes quickly evident how perfectly God orchestrates everything to create a cohesive and compelling documentary with a thrilling conclusion.

And in their most recent film, Holy Ghost Reborn, they try to do it all again, letting the Holy Spirit guide their movie, no matter where it takes them. And as they go into dark places and meet people with horrifying pasts, they see God at work in the lives of these people. As they experience restoration, they are able to bring hope to these people around the world.

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