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What sums up our website better than the centrality and focus on Jesus? In this section, You'll find films that point directly to the greatest man who has ever lived, Jesus Christ.

Every film on FishFlix.com spotlighting the life of Jesus and his incredible ministry on earth.

What can sum up our entire ministry better than Jesus Christ himself? He and his ministry is the reason we do what we do today. Without him, FishFlix.com would not exist – plain and simple. Because of his incredible ministry and sacrifice on the cross to take our punishment from us, we can have eternal life through Him. We were unworthy to appear before God, but because Jesus and His loving sacrifice, we are able to be clean before him. In this section of our website, you will find over 50 movies, all spotlighting the life of Jesus and his wonderful ministry here on earth. Jesus did some incredible things in his time on earth, and although he only spent three years in active ministry, they were the three most influential years of all time. In this short duration of time, he was able to train up twelve men under him and leave a legacy that would still be having an impact in our culture two millennia later. Because of his incredible life, there have been hundreds of movies made about his time on earth, from many different perspectives and angles. Because of this, we have a wide variety of selections all concerning the life of Jesus. See different perspectives and angles on his life and as you walk through these, you will begin to see what an incredible influence he had on his disciples, on Israel, and the world as a whole. People have a respect for Jesus and his life, and rightfully so – he was the son of God! Because of His divine nature, he led a fascinating life that would forever change the course of history. Whether it’s a film about Jesus being born into the world and the classic story of the Nativity, or an epic retelling of his death and resurrection, these films help bring the story of Jesus to life in a way that was never possible before film. If you’ve read the gospel accounts and are looking for a way to engage and discover Christ on a deeper level, we highly recommend you check out some of these films that retell his life. You will find that these film help to explain the story and bring it to life. Powerful movies like the Passion of the Christ have received great popularity because they can really help explain the horrible things that Jesus had to endure in his life. It's easy for us to look at children’s cartoons or pictures and get a very tamed down understanding of what it was like for Jesus to die on the cross. We see these cartoon images in our head, and have trouble picturing this as a real event. But the truth is, this was a brutal process and something that was unfathomably painful and hard to endure. Movies like The Passion of the Christ have done a phenomenal job of presenting an honest look at what Jesus’ crucifixion was truly like, even if it’s at the expense of the viewer’s comfort. Some of these films can be very moving to watch, as they try to show a realistic idea of what it was really like to be Jesus on the cross. This was not an easy process for him, and this is something we often seem to forget. Jesus experienced real pain and went through horrible worldly trials in order to bring us what we have today – eternal life through Christ Jesus. A lot of movies are made today that show heroes and good triumphing over evil. Superhero movies in particular have become a big part of our film culture recently. But the truth is, all of these stories are fictitious and have no true meaning. That’s why the story of Jesus is so incredibly powerful. It’s similar to superhero or action stories in that it features a protagonist triumphing over ultimate evil at an incredibly high risk. But the key difference lies in its origins. Most movies today are made up or are complete fiction. The story of Jesus, however? It’s real and has been ever since it took place two thousand years ago. That’s what makes this story so moving and compelling to people. It’s not merely actors on a screen making up a story. This is a retelling of a true account. These biblical movies about Jesus can be incredible as they can communicate to the audience that Jesus really did these things for us. The events on screen really happened – and they happened for you. We at FishFlix.com are proud to have a wide selection of Christian movies in our store and we’re especially happy that we can offer such a vast variety of movies that point back to the one who started it all. If it weren’t for Jesus and his incredible sacrifice on the cross, we wouldn’t have this website and we wouldn’t have Christianity as a whole. His incredible sacrifice is a true gift and not something to be taken lightly. It’s a fantastic gift, and one available to all! These movies about the life of Jesus can also be an incredible ministry tool as you can encourage others to watch these movies with you. If you know someone who has maybe never taken the time to invest in the life of Jesus or to learn about his incredible sacrifice, this would be a great outreach opportunity. And because of the nature of movies, people are very rarely going to turn down an opportunity to watch a film together. Because these films tell powerful dramatic stories while also communicating the true message of Jesus Christ, they can be amazing tools to reach out to others with the gospel message. We have movies based on all four gospels and even a few titles that attempt to bring the entire book of Matthew or John verbatim to the screen – perfectly retelling each word of the scriptures. Please explore our vast variety and we hope these can be an incredible encouragement to you in your walk with God.
A.D. The Trials and Triumph of the Early Church 2 DVD set
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At Jesus Side DVD
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Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible: The Miracles of Jesus DVD
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Jesus: He Lived Among Us DVD
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Mary: Mother of Jesus DVD
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