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Welcome to the End Times and Prophetic Movies! This DVD and Blu-Ray selection will give you a prime choice in movies covering the topics of the End Times and events of the unknown! Be entertained by Kirk Cameron in the Left Behind series, or Years of the Beast, where you explore the ideas of the end! These Family Christian DVDs will be thought provoking entertainment for all!

End Times Prophetic  movies/ films on DVDs and Blu-Ray 

Welcome to our collection of End Times Prophetic DVDs! In this collection, we’ve compiled a list of over 40 DVDs to help inspire you on certain topics about the end times and what’s going to happen in the last 7 years of our world. We all know that by reading the book of revelation, we can determine that this world will someday come to an end. Although we have no idea when that’s going to happen, we can determine that someday this world is going to end. So what is that going to look like? How will this world draw to a close? What direction will our world take when we find ourselves at the very end? Although no one knows for sure, and no one will ever know how the world will end until it happens, we’re given some fascinating indications in the book of Revelation. These clues, hints, and ideas found in the final book of the Bible have been the starting-off point for many interesting books, movies, and ideas about how the world is going to end and what the End Times are going to look like.

Like we said, no one knows for sure, and anyone who claims to know how the world is going to end isn’t telling the truth, simply because only one person can know how the end will come, and that’s Jesus Himself. It can be easy for us to get discouraged in this world. If we’re living difficult lives or struggling to carry on, it can be very hard for us to find any peace or solace in this world. However, we have one hope and that’s in the fact that Jesus is coming back someday to save us all. This will be a big and exciting day and although we have no idea when it will come, we know that some day this world will come to an end and Jesus will return in triumph. We know that he will cast out Satan and reign forever. This, of course, is an exciting and greatly anticipated day. It will be the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of forever and it will mark the end of an era, and the beginning of a perfect one. This day will be an exciting one and because so many Christians are anticipating it so, this has led to the creation of hundreds of novels and movies depicting what the end times might look like. Although it can’t be known how accurate these movies are, they help to give an indication, even a taste of what is going to happen someday. We can’t wait to see how Jesus will come back and we’re excited by these movies as they can give us a deeper taste of what’s to someday come.

Most films related to End Times  try to follow scripture, which gives an indication that our world is going to get much worse before it gets better. As you can tell, simply by looking at the covers of these  DVDs, they depict harsh and trying times of tribulation. Most take a look at the 7 years of trial and tribulation that will come before the end. These films often talk about a one-world government, persecution of religion, even the torturing and death of many Christians. These films can be a fun and enjoyable watch but they can also be intense and scary as they try to show just what the end times will truly look like. The filmmakers don’t try to sugarcoat it or make it look easy for Christians. It gives an honest impression that Christians will most likely be greatly persecuted, and maybe even killed for their faith. This can be a difficult subject to cover or dwell on, but it’s an important and honest one. It asks us to face a question -- if we were told to follow Christ even if it meant losing our lives, would we do it? If given the opportunity, would we deny Jesus in order to save our own skins? This is a difficult subject, but it’s an honest question we need to ask ourselves now, before it’s too late. If we’re truly Christians willing to give all, then we should be willing to give all, even our lives, to follow and believe in Christ.

One of the big influences in the industry of End Times Prophetic DVDs was Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’ series of books, Left Behind. This 12-part series began a couple of decades ago and opened a lot of Christians’ eyes about what could happen someday. It began to show Christians that this world may not always be so comfortable or accepting of Christians. There may come a day where Christians are not approved of or even tolerated. It also gave a foretaste of what the 7 years of trial and tribulation could look like, with a one world government led by the man who would be recognized as the Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia. This series of books has been an influence for many and has inspired a number of other works, with different people giving their perspectives on what the 7 years of tribulation could someday look like. This series of books eventually became a three-part movie series, which you will find available here on our website. Left Behind, Left Behind: Tribulation Force, and Left Behind: World at War. This films, starring Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron, gives an idea of what could happen when the rapture takes place. When millions of people disappear off the face of the planet, what does the rest of the world do, and what does it mean?

Follow along with these films as you’re given ideas about what could happen with the 7 years of tribulation, the antchrist, a unified government, the rapture, and much more. If you’re interested in finding out more about “the end” and how this all could play out, we highly recommend these movies for you. They are some great ideas to explore and they’ll not only bring you entertainment, but will help build your faith and encourage you to stand for what you believe in!

Apocalypse DVD
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Countdown to Eternity DVD
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Deceived DVD
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End of the Harvest DVD
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Final Exit DVD
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Final Warning DVD
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Four Blood Moons The Movie DVD
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In The Blink of An Eye
Sale price $5.00 Regular price $9.99 Sale
Judgment DVD
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Left Behind II: Tribulation Force DVD
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Left Behind III: World at War DVD
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Left Behind the Movie DVD
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Revelation DVD
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Six: The Mark Unleashed DVD
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The Gathering DVD
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The Harbinger Decoded DVD
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The Moment After 2 DVD
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The Moment After DVD
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Tribulation DVD
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Whatever Happened to the Human Race? DVD
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Years of the Beast DVD
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