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Children's Christmas DVDs

Christmas is a reminder to all of us about what matters most in life. Spending time with your family and enjoying an encouraging children's Christmas film is a great way to communicate the message of Jesus' birth and the reason we celebrate Christmas to your children. The films in this category help entertain and amuse while bringing forth the same message of Love that God brought to earth when Jesus was born.

Children’s Christmas Movies on DVD and Blu-Ray

Christmas is an incredible time of the year and it’s an important time for you to teach your children the importance of what really matters. Although it’s very easy for us to get bogged down with all of the busy Christmas activities, it’s vital that we take the time to remember what this time of year means. We need to teach our kids the importance of this time and what it means to have faith during this time of year. Although the presents and Santa Claus can be fun, it’s more important that we take the time to truly focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a great time to be a child. With all of the presents, the dazzling lights, reunions with family, and the exciting activities, it can be easy for our kids to get so caught up in the stuff that they forget about the true meaning of Christmas. Because of being showered with gifts and having that time off school, many times they can get distracted. But, we as parents understand that it’s critical to instill in them a knowledge of God and Jesus’ birth here on earth during this time.

This is why we’ve set aside a specific category to spotlight all of the Christian movies geared toward children at Christmastime. In addition to our vast library of over 200 children’s movies, we have a collection here of children’s movies designed specifically for them to watch at Christmastime. Not only are these good for kids, but they’re great tools for you to all watch together as a family. As you watch these movies, it will give you a chance to relax and settle down and just enjoy the quiet contentedness that Christmas brings – or at least it should. The world gives us so much to keep us busy during this time of year. It can be a rough time for our relationship with God. And even though the entire season is supposed to be centered around Jesus Christ, we often get so caught up in the surroundings that it’s easy for us to forget that he is the reason behind everything we’re doing.

We at FishFlix.com believe it’s important to remind our kids of God’s incredible gift in his son. There is a lot of children’s entertainment out in the world today, and there’s even a lot of Christmas children’s entertainment. But what do most of these films and television specials talk about? Are they bringing the glory back to the creator? Unfortunately, in most cases, they do their very best to completely ignore Jesus altogether, instead choosing to simply tell a story of goodwill or giving to others. While this is a fine concept and one that definitely needs to also be instilled in our children, it’s important that we don’t miss the most important part of the season. God gave us a wonderful gift in Jesus Christ and it’s one that could never fully be repaid. Many kids simply don’t know this however, and this is why this is the perfect opportunity to teach our kids about important spiritual matters.

What’s even more is we can use this as an outreach tool to touch the hearts of lives beyond just our own children. These films can very easily be shared with friends and family and they can even hopefully reach the hearts of non-believers. These films are exciting and enjoyable and are sure to appeal to your children with their fun stories and lighthearted scenarios. No matter how exciting or funny they may try to be, though, they always bring it back to an important point in the end – one that always leads back to Jesus and describes his importance.

The story of Christmas is not merely about goodwill and being generous to others. It’s about God’s love and his gift in sending his son Jesus Christ down. Christmas is traditionally the time where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In the early chapters of the Gospels, we can learn the story of a young girl named Mary who was called by God and told that she was going to give birth to a child. She and her soon to be husband Joseph would together travel to Bethlehem, his hometown, to register in a census that the Romans were forcing all of them to participate in. And so, a tired Joseph and a very pregnant Mary ventured long and far to head to Joseph’s hometown. When they arrived in Bethlehem, Mary went into labor. She was about to give birth to her son! However, there was no room in any of the inns as the census had caused the town to become incredibly overcrowded with travelers. They were eventually able to take shelter in a stable that was nearby an inn. There, Mary was able to give birth to her child. And so, Jesus came into the world, just a small and unassuming young baby boy. However, those who knew him knew that he was destined to do something great – something miraculous! Little did the people know that that night in Bethlehem a savior had been born that would soon carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. He would go on to sacrifice his life for the entire world.

This is the story of Christmas, and it’s an important story that we would do well to never forget. That’s why we at FishFlix.com have brought a large selection of Christian Children’s movies and DVDs for you to watch and enjoy together. We hope these movies can be a true encouragement to you as you prepare for Christ’s coming and enjoy some special time together as a family. With our selection of DVDs ranging from Veggietales to classic TV specials, you’ll find an exciting variety of content for you and your family to enjoy together. It’s our sincere privilege to bring these movies to you at incredibly low prices and we pray that you can use these resources to draw closer to God as a family.

Charlie Browns Christmas Tales DVD
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Christmas Child: Exclusive Directors Cut DVD
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Christmas Miracle DVD
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Nicholas: The Boy who Became Santa
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The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey DVD
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The Christmas Shoes DVD
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Veggietales - The Best Christmas Gift DVD
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Veggietales Holiday Double Feature DVD St Nicholas & The Toy That Saved Christmas
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VeggieTales The Little Drummer Boy and The Star of Christmas DVD
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VeggieTales: Merry Larry DVD
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VeggieTales: Saint Nicholas DVD
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VeggieTales: The Little Drummer Boy DVD
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VeggieTales: The Star of Christmas DVD
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