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Torchlighters Series

The Torchlighters Series is a great way to teach children ages 8-12 about men and women who have served God in the centuries since the Bible was written. The Torchlighters tell stories about the lives of many Church history heroes. This ever-expanding series includes the following heroes from Church History.

  • The Jim Elliot Story
  • The William Tyndale Story
  • The John Bunyan Story
  • The Eric Liddell
  • Story The Gladys Aylward Story
  • The Richard Wurmbrand Story
  • The Perpetua Story
  • The Amy Carmichael Story
  • The William Booth Story
  • The Samuel Morris Story
  • The Augustine Story
  • The Corrie ten Boom Story
  • The John Wesley Story
  • The Robert J. Thomas Story
  • The Martin Luther Story

Torchlighters Movies DVDs

The Torchlighters Series is a terrific series of Christian movies designed to teach kids about the men and women who have served God through history. This historical and education series was specifically designed to show kids just how many incredible people have made a difference for God throughout our world and throughout history. This ever-expanding collection is always working to teach your kids more about how they can use their gifts to serve God and how incredible it can be to serve God and make a difference in our world. The hope for this series is that it will inspire a new generation of people to make a difference in the world around us and that it can help encourage kids to follow Christ wholeheartedly. Specifically targeted at both boys and girls ages 8-12, this series can be a refreshing look at history as it provides a Christian perspective, and shows the characters as the real people really were in history. So many people chose to devote their lives to following Christ and spreading his message, and the Torchlighters series hopes to document their stories in these timeless animations.

Featuring superb and high-quality animation, the Torchlighters Series is a polished collection of historical animated videos that are sure to keep your children riveted from beginning to end. With over a dozen films in the collection now, there’s a wide variety of historical DVDs to choose from. To learn more about each film, read below:

The Jim Elliot Story – If you’ve ever seen End of the Spear, you know the story of Jim Elliot. In this adventure, you will follow the life of a brave torchlighter, Jim Eliot, a man who chose to go into a Waodani tribe and evangelize to them, spreading the word of Jesus. However, they didn’t initially take too kindly to this testimony, leaving Elliot to give everything to bring these people to Christ.

The William Tyndale Story – The year is 1535 and William Tyndale has topped King Henry VIII’s “Most Wanted” list. As Tyndale is pursued, his crime is revealed to be… he translated the Bible into another language. While this may seem like a positive thing now, this was frowned upon heavily during this time period. Now Tyndale is one the run and must decide whether to give up his calling and hand his work over to the authorities, or if he should fight for what he believes!

The John Bunyan Story –
In this episode, we find the character of John Bunyan spending his time in prison. Separated from his family, he wonders what he will do. The amazing thing is, he could walk out of there at any time as a free man, if he would simply agree to stop preaching his message. However, he refuses to give up the preaching, as he knows he is called by God to deliver these important messages to the world.

The Eric Liddell Story –
This Torchlighters episode follows the life of Eric Liddell, an Olympian runner who made the bold choice to not attend his Olympic race because it conflicted with church. He then became a missionary and chose to give everything he had in order to preach the message of God and live his life as a missionary.

The Gladys Aylward Story –
Following the life of Aylward, she must trek dangerous ground – over 100 miles in the tehe mountains to lead 100 orphans to safety. Her faith and determination are what kept her going as she fought against the wars and tyranny going on in China.

The Richard Wurmbrand Story – Richard Wurmbrand was a brave church leader who chose to stand up and speak out against the tyranny of communism. Finding himself in the war-torn country of Romania, he chooses to speak out against the communist government, causing him to lose federal support and even forcing him into a government jail.

The Perpetua Story –
Perpetua was truly a hero worth following! Taking place in the time of Ancient Rome, Perpetua was a rich and young mother, who had it all -- until she converted to Christianity and was sent to prison. All she had to do to escape was offer the Roman gods incense and she would be free. However, she could not in good conscience offer the incense and instead chose to risk death, all because of her incredible faith.

The Amy Carmichael Story –
Amy Carmichael is a missionary with a powerful story. Although it was filled with danger, she chose to become a missionary in India, doing what she could to protect those who were in incredible danger in India. Although it meant giving up her Irish roots where she had grown up, she chose to give it all up in order to follow a life of serving God.

The William Booth Story –
Learn the story behind The Salvation Army. Booth is a determined man who is set on bringing the Gospel to even the most troubled places of London.  But when his message begins to take effect, he begins to receive some incredible backlash for his faith.

The Samuel Morris Story –
Young Kaboo (who later took on the name Samuel Morris) knows that his time is almost up. With his father unable to pay a ransom, his life is on the line. But when he is able to make a miraculous escape, he jumps on the opportunity! This is only the beginning of an incredible journey for Kaboo and his faith.

The Augustine Story –
Augustine was an intellectual man, who had determined from an early age that his mother’s faith in God was incredible foolish. Determined to start a new life for himself free from the shackles of faith and religion, he sets out on his own. But when he is faced with a difficult choice, he must quickly decide which side he will take – the side of the world or the side of Christianity!

These are only some of the Torchlighters stories available on FishFlix.com. We have the complete collection available for you to purchase and watch with your kids. This is an incredible series that is sure to inspire your children in their faith!

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Torchlighters: The Amy Carmichael Story DVD
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Torchlighters: The Augustine Story DVD
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Torchlighters: The Gladys Aylward Story DVD
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Torchlighters: The Jim Elliot Story DVD
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Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story DVD
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Torchlighters: The Perpetua Story DVD
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Torchlighters: The Richard Wurmbrand Story DVD
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Torchlighters: The Samuel Morris Story DVD
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