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Martin Luther

This is our collection of Movies about the life of Martin Luther on DVD or Blu-Ray. One of the most influential figures of modern day Christianity, Martin Luther (Born November 10, 1483) was a Catholic priest, German monk, and professor of theology. He started the paradigm shift that is known today as the Protestant Reformation before dying on February 2, 1546.

Movies/ Films about the life Martin Luther on DVD and Blu-Ray

Having become known as one of the most incredibly influential figures in modern Christianity, Martin Luther’s influence has become internationally recognized. Born in 1483, Martin Luther was a priest in Catholicism who became a German monk and eventually a theological professor. When he proclaimed his controversial 95 theses, he began to start an incredible new beginning for the church that would become recognized as the Protestant Reformation. With his incredible beliefs and teachings, he began to lead a new revival that would forever change the way people viewed the church and the very basics and foundations of theology. Prepare to be amazed as you learn more about Martin Luther and as you see what an amazing influence he made on our world to change it forever.

With our large collection of DVDs centered around Martin Luther, you’ll be able to spend countless hours pouring over his life and learning more about the choices he made throughout his life. You’ll begin to understand the decisions he made and what brought him to the points in his life to make a difference in the world. Martin Luther was an amazing man and his story continues to impact many today almost 500 years later. Although Luther is long gone, his legacy continues on and his incredible works have been able to inspire so many. We at FishFlix.com love the story of Luther and have seen how his amazing story impacted many. Because of this, we want to continue spreading his message and help inspire people with the story of his life. We know that his story can be inspiring as it can encourage us to break the status quo and pursue true Godliness in our own lives and so we’ve put together a comprehensive collection of DVDs about Martin Luther and his story. We have Christian DVDs design for both kids and adults, so that there’s something for everyone in this collection of DVDs. We know that these stories and films can be an inspiration for you in your life, as they have already been in ours. Whether you’re looking for a stirring drama or informative documentary, we have exactly what you’re looking for in our selection.

Just a few of the films you’ll find in this category include:

Here I Stand: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther: In this intimate biography, you’ll learn the complete story of Martin Luther from beginning to end. As you follow his life, you’ll learn more about his work in the church and you’ll see how his work inside the church was able to impact generations to come, long after his eventual death. The film shows his research and how his discoveries eventually began to show that Biblical truths weren’t completely in line with the Catholic teachings that were the standard of the day. As he began to be more vocal about his beliefs, he was labelled as a heretic and cast out, receiving much fierce opposition. Despit all of these setbacks, he didn’t step down or simply accept the general teachings of the day. Instead, he chose to continue on with his beliefs, no matter the cost. This DVD gives a beautiful testament to his life and shows how he never backed down, instead choosing to deliver the truth of the Gospel, no matter how it contradicted the general beliefs of the time.

The Spreading Flame 5 DVD Collection: This 5-DVD series takes you on a long and extensive look at the entire life of Martin Luther. You’ll be amazed as you learn more about all Martin Luther went through as you continue through this in-depth study, with an extended running time, this collection will provide you hours of enjoyment as you learn more about the story of Martin Luther. The Five DVDs include “Comes the Dawn”, the first DVD that sets the stage for the Protestant Reformation. It continues on with “Story of the Bible”, an in-depth look that traces the origin of the English bible. This includes the stories of John Wycliffe and William Tyndale, both who sought to translate the Bible into common, readable English. “Champions of Freedom” explores other martyrs and teachers who spoke out against the oppressive Catholic beliefs, including John Knox and John Calvin. “Winds of Change” continues the events that played out in Switzerland during this time. As the world was transformed by the message of Christ, England was suffering through an incredibly difficult and oppressive time. And finally, disc 5 “The Reformation Comes of Age” focuses on those who propagated the Reformation message and spoke out for what was right.

Martin! God Loves You: This DVD retells the story of Martin Luther but makes it friendly for kids so they can fully understand the story as well. With colorful illustration and an exciting story, this illustrated visual novel tells the story of Martin Luther, documenting his entire story. Luther spoke out for what he believed to be right and cast doubt upon the Catholic church’s idea of indulgences, a way of forgiving you for your sins. Martin! God Loves You is a unique way to reach children with the message of Luther and his incredible influence on the world during the reformation.

We know that watching stories about other Christians who made a difference can be an incredible way to inspire change in our own lives. We hope that by providing you great resources on Christian movies about the life of Martin Luther, it will encourage you in your own life. We want you to be inspired by the gospel message and the life of a man who was willing to follow the truth of the Gospel message, no matter the cost. Martin Luther made incredible sacrifices, and even though some labelled him as a heretic, he followed what he knew to be true and continued to preach the Gospel message, no matter the cost. This is a wonderful lesson for us all to learn and we at FishFlix.com are excited to bring you this extensive collection of DVDs about the life of a man who changed the world. 

A Man Named Martin DVD Part 1: The Man
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Here I Stand: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther DVD
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History of Christianity DVD
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Luther DVD
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Martin Luther DVD
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Martin Luther: A Journey to the Heart of the Reformation DVD
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Martin! God Loves You DVD
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Reformation Dramas 5 DVD Set
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Reformation Overview DVD with PDFs
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The Spreading Flame Part 1: Comes The Dawn DVD
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The Spreading Flame Part 2: The Story of the Bible DVD
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The Spreading Flame Part 5: The Reformation Comes of Age DVD
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This Changed Everything: 500 Years of the Reformation DVD
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Torchlighters The Martin Luther Story DVD
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