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In this category you will find discounted Christian DVDs and Blu-rays to entertain, educate and edify the whole family. Parents, children, and loved ones will truly enjoy these Christian films on DVDs at a great price from FishFlix. this is our Bargains section.

Christian movies that heavily discounted and therefore in the bargain section.

Welcome to the bargain category, your place to find all of our most heavily discounted Christian movies and DVDs. If you’re looking for cheaper Christian movies but aren’t able to pay full price, then this is the place for you! Our goal is to bring you quality content with positive Christian values at the lowest price. We don’t think you should have to pay an exorbitant amount to bring Christian messages into your home. We think it’s vital that we can deliver these Christian movies to you at a low price so you can bring them into your home, and better yet, share them with the people around you.

With over 100 DVDs in this category ranging from Christian Dramas to documentaries, you have a wide variety to choose from. We want you to be able to take these movies and bring them into your own home to share with your family and friends. We are truly inspired by the incredible growth in the Christian film industry in the past decade or so and we love seeing just how many Christian movies are being produced every year. We are always working to bring you the lowest prices possible and this Christian movie bargain bin is the perfect place to get all of the very best deals.

We’re sold a lot of lies today from Hollywood, and it’s easy to see how very prevalent media is in our culture. Whether it’s apps, video games, movies, or TV, media is a big part in the life of almost everyone, in one way or another. So the question is – what kind of content are you consuming on those devices? Are you finding inspirational resources that will help you in your faith or are you being fed ideas and concepts from the world that don’t necessarily align with Godly principles?

There a lot of movies today that are trying to feed us new ideas and principles that don’t necessarily align with what we read in God’s word. God makes it very clear that we’re supposed to surround ourselves with things that are Godly and uplifting. But as we get immersed in our own world, it’s easy to forget that and instead slip into a world full of evil and sin. That’s why we at FishFlix.com believe that it’s critical to fill our minds with things that are spiritual and full of God. We can take our children to the movies and show them the latest flicks from Hollywood, but what are we teaching them, and what might they learn while being subjected to the worldviews preached in these films?

FishFlix.com wanted to present an alternative opportunity and make it easy for parents, families, and just Christians in general to find cheap but entertaining quality content. You can spend a lot of money very quickly by taking your children to see the latest new movie in theaters. With the rise of ticket prices and the increasing vulgarity of what’s being shown in theaters now, watching films in theaters is getting to be a worse deal all of the time. We have here a massive supply of Christian movies at bargain prices that you can use as a way to spend time together as a family. Rather than taking your family to the movies, let them stay in for a night, make some popcorn and put on a clean and family-friendly Christian film! We have a large collection of Christian movies which all feature family-friendly and uplifting stories designed to help you grow in your faith together.

It can be very hard sometimes for us to grow in our faith, and in fact if we’re only going to church on Sundays and don’t have any other connection with God throughout the week, our faith can become very stilted or lessened. A plateau in faith is a very frequent occurrence, and watching Christian movies and filling your life with positive encouragement can certainly help you to pull through the difficult times. When you feel down or you’re just not sure you can make it through the day, these Christian movies can be a huge encouragement to your faith. With important messages about the power of God and faith, you can always pull through and draw closer to Him. No matter the situation, He always has a plan for you!

What’s fantastic about our selection is that it ranges and spans for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a study or a film for you personally, a movie for your family, or a children’s movie, we have a wide selection for you. With a vast array of children’s movies as well, including Torchlighters, Veggietales, and much more, we have plenty to help you train your children as well. We believe it’s important to instill Christian values in the next generation as well, and that’s why it’s so encouraging to see such a vast array of Christian movies being produced for younger children as well. With such a variety, we have enough content to help keep you encouraged and uplifted for a long time to come.

We have several pages of DVDs from which to choose and we hope this can be a massive encouragement for you in your faith. We’re always encouraged by just how many Christian movies are being released and we’re always working our hardest to get you the best possible deals on every Christian movie that comes along. Here in this selection you will find the very best of the best – the movies with the most incredible discounts. As you watch these movies, you’ll be surprised by the great quality of these movies and we pray that they will help you to draw closer to your family and to God. We always encourage you to watch these movies together, as they can truly help you grow in your faith. With powerful messages about the importance and power of God in our lives, you will begin to see how incredible God can work in your life.

What If... DVD
Sale price $5.00 Regular price $9.99 Sale
Sarahs Choice
Sale price $5.00 Regular price $9.99 SaleSold Out
Buck Denver Asks Whats in the Bible? Vol 10: Jesus Is The Good News DVD
Sale price $11.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
End of the Spear DVD
Sale price $7.97 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Come What May DVD
Sale price $5.00 Regular price $16.99 SaleSold Out
Visual Bible: Acts of the Apostles DVD
Sale price $13.97 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible: Daniel and the Lions Den DVD
Sale price $5.50 Regular price $6.85 Sale
Birdie & Bogey
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $9.99 Sale
Mandie and The Secret Tunnel DVD
Sale price $5.99 Regular price $14.95 Sale
Buck Denver Asks Whats in the Bible? Vol 2 Let My People Go DVD
Sale price $11.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible: David and Goliath DVD
Sale price $5.50 Regular price $6.85 Sale
Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible: The Miracles of Jesus DVD
Sale price $5.50 Regular price $6.85 Sale
Juniors Giants: Envy Thou Not DVD
Sale price $3.99 Regular price $19.99 Sale
Louie Giglio: How Great Is Our God DVD
Sale price $9.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Miracle of the Widow DVD
Sale price $6.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale

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