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Where Does the Evidence Lead? - DVD

Have you ever wondered whether your belief in creation can be based upon more than just faith? Do you wonder if creation is just based on myths, stories, and fables or if there are scientific facts to back the claim? Do you wish you could understand the theory of creation more? If these questions have ever crossed your mind than the six lesson series Where Does The Evidence Lead will help you answer them! This six part educational lesson series is based on content from "Unlocking the Mystery of Life." With each module ranging from eight to fourteen minutes, they are the perfect length to learn new and fascinating information without becoming overwhelmed. Each lesson focuses on one area of the evolution v. Creation debate, and features well known scientists, scholars, and professors such as Stephen C. Meyer, Paul Nelson, Jed Macosko, Michael Behe, Scott Minnich, Dean Kenyon, William Dembski, and Jonathan Wells, who all support the idea of intelligent design. Created for individual, group, or classroom study Where Does The Evidence Lead explores both Darwinism and the theory of Creation from a scientific standpoint. Examine the facts, and discover exactly where the evidence leads.

What You Will Cover

Where Does The Evidence Lead covers a variety of topics and discussions surrounding the Creation versus Evolution debate. In part one (titled "Life: The Big Questions) the theory of Evolution is discussed. A brief history of Charles Darwin's history, travels, findings, and theories are explained and discussed. In addition, the first section explores how individuals do and should form worldviews, as well as the influence Darwin and the theory of Evolution have had on society and modern day thinking. The idea that another explanation exists is also introduced. Part two "What Darwin Didn't Know," covers the complexity and modern discoveries surrounding living cells. In addition, it explores the differences between scientist's understanding of cells and other issues during Darwin's day, as compared to their modern day knowledge. This lesson asks if Darwin's theory can still actually stand under modern day knowledge and testing if the scientist is truly being objective. The third part of Where Does The Evidence Lead is titled "Molecules and Mousetraps." It covers topics surrounding molecular structure and behavior, as well as selected topics regarding how some do not fit in the evolutionary explanation. Part four--"How Did Life Begin?"-- discusses why the origin of life cannot be explained by chance. "The Language of Life DNA," or part five, covers genetics and their role in "natural selection," as well as discussing life on Earth. The final section in Where Does The Evidence Lead, "The Design Inference" lays out scientific evidence not already discussed that supports the theory of intelligent design, or creation. Each section covers the topic in depth, and viewers of all ages, backgrounds, and prior knowledge regarding the subject will learn something new.

What You Will Learn

In Where Does The Evidence Lead you will not simply be told a massive amount of scientific words and mumbo-jumbo and be left to figure out the meanings. Guided by leading scientists and scholars, you will be able to understand the implications of today's modern research. You will learn valuable information that will give you a solid foundation on which to stand, and you will come to know that your faith in creation is based not merely on stories, but also on facts. You will be trained to look critically at the world around you, to ask questions. You will learn to objectively look at theories other than evolution as the source for the world in which we now live. Most importantly, however, in Where Does The Evidence Lead you will marvel at the intricacies God carefully built into every living creature, plant, and function. Each short lesson will leave you time to grasp the meaning behind each new section before moving on to the next relevant topic.

Why Study Creation

In our modern world where Creation is more often viewed as a religious myth rather than a scientific theory, the thought of studying it rarely crosses the minds of individuals. While almost everyone can recount the story of creation to you in some form or another, few will acknowledge it as the truth of the origins of our universe--or even a possibility for the origins of our universe. For believers, studying the theory of creation is a must. Not only does it give you a solid confidence that the word of God is true in it's entirety, but it also equips you with answers when the world (be it an individual, article, or class) presents you with a theory other than that found in the Bible. It is also important to study Creation as a family. With almost every child being taught Evolution as the only possibility for the origins of life, it is up to the parents to equip children with the knowledge that their faith is not founded merely on stories. Studying Creation as a family will not only result in quality time together, but meaningful discussions and lifelong faith as well.

Where Does The Evidence Lead has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and may include complex topics and issues not suitable for younger viewers? The six lessons have a total run time of one hour. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but this film is considered appropriate for most audiences.

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  • Release:2004

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