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God's Not Dead 2 Blu-ray

God's Not Dead 2 is the eagerly awaited sequel to the hit film, God's Not Dead. This movie is all about persecution of modern-day Christians and the oppressive rules that seem to be applied only to those who believe in God. Grace Wesley, a high school teacher, answers a simple question a student asks her about Jesus and then finds herself in big trouble with the law. She is accused of imposing her religious beliefs on the students in her classroom, and is offered a chance to recant her words. Grace, however, knows that she must stand by her faith and defend the beliefs that she holds dear. God's Not Dead 2 is fast paced and captivating, teaching viewers the lesson of staying true to your beliefs and persevering through trials. On Blu-ray format, this film is one that viewers will not want to miss.


God's Not Dead 2 picks up just a few months after the first film left off. This film introduces a host of new characters, starting with a young girl named Brooke. Her life has recently been upended, as her brother was killed in an accident about six months ago. She still mourns his loss every day and cannot seem to move on from the loss of him. Her parents, however, seem to have moved on completely and continue as if their lives are normal. They desperately want Brooke to return to normal, and she is disgusted by their seeming lack of sorrow.

Brooke's history teacher, Grace Wesley, is full of life and energy. She genuinely loves teaching and has a passion for her students. She has a devout faith in Christ and is not afraid to share this with others. Grace notices that Brooke does not seem to be doing alright, and asks her one day after class if she would like to talk. God's Not Dead 2 finds the two of them talking after class, and sees Brooke pouring her heart out to Grace. She explains all about the death of her brother and how her parents donated all of his belongings to the Salvation Army with no trouble at all. Brooke, before everything got taken away, discovered a Bible that belonged to her brother. This puzzles her, as her family is atheist, and she begins reading it. It is filled with notes written by her brother, and Brooke finds that her brother may have been a believer after all. This sparks an interest for the Word of God in her heart, and Grace is deeply excited by this opportunity.

One day, in class, Grace is giving her students a history lesson about Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi. She is exploring their teachings about peace and how they dealt with conflict. Brooke raises her hand and asks if the teachings of Jesus were similar to this. Grace simply answers Brooke's question by quoting the words of Jesus and quickly discussing his teachings on peace. Unbeknownst to Grace, another student has removed his cell phone and started filming her talking about Jesus, stating that she is "preaching in class".

God's Not Dead 2 then follows Grace as she is called into the office of the school for necessary disciplinary action. The board informs her that what she did broke the law, and she is forced to choose a lawyer from the teachers union. Tom Endler, the chosen lawyer, is very young and is not a Christian. He has a huge passion for the law and thinks that the fact that he is not a Christian may actually help Grace's case. After meeting with the board one more time, it is decided that Grace will be given an opportunity to recant her statements and promise that she will not discuss Jesus in her classroom anymore. The board asks for her apology and promise that the whole thing will be dropped.

Grace's emotional journey is shown in God's Not Dead 2̴Ì_as she considers this option. Feeling that she has done nothing wrong, Grace states that she cannot apologize. She does not understand how using quoting the teachings of another historical figure in her classroom can be such a bad thing. Though things would be so much easier for her if she simply did as they asked, Grace refuses to abandon her faith and stands by her earlier statements.

Peter Kane, the prosecutor in Grace's case, goes to Brooke's house and encourages her parents to let him use Brooke in the case, in order to prove that God is dead. Though she wants nothing to do with it, her parents agree, as Peter tells them that it will help her get into a reputable college.

God's Not Dead 2 features a returning character, Martin Yip. He is a Chinese college student and has recently converted to Christianity. Brooke decides to go to church to ask some questions, and is met by Martin. He is able to help answer her long list of questions, with the help of Pastor Dave and she becomes a Christian that night in the church. Martin is inspired to become a pastor and begins studying under Pastor Dave.

The day of Grace's court case arrives, and she is terrified. Though she knows that God is in control, the daunting task of testifying and supporting her beliefs are overwhelming. Grace's colleagues begin testifying that she shared her faith with them on school property, and this puts her further in the light of suspicion. Tom decides to change their tactic and makes a case that Jesus was a historical figure, just like Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. Things begin looking up as they use this tactic, and then Brooke arrives in the courtroom. She desperately wants to testify to help Grace, and Tom agrees, thinking that it will only help their case. However, God's Not Dead 2 soon shows the other lawyer pressing her for answers and the conversation between Grace and Brooke slips out, showing that Grace was evangelizing to her students. Had she never had this first conversation with Brooke, the young student would never have asked the question about Jesus in the first place.

The case continues into the next day, and Tom tries a surprise interrogation of Grace, in order to show her true emotions. He attacks her and tries to tear her apart, and she becomes very emotional. Her true heart is shown and the love and earnest spirit radiates out of her. The verdict arrives and Grace is found innocent of all charges. She rejoices and points everything back to God, stating that he took care of her and is in fact, very alive.

God's Not Dead 2 is thrilling and suspenseful, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats all while filling them with a passion for Christ and a desire to defend their beliefs.

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"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.".. ” - Matthew 4:4