When Calls the Heart: Heart and Home DVD

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  • Release Date: 9/7/11

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When Calls the Heart: Heart and Home

When Calls the Heart: Heart and Home continues the romantic adventure of Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton. Their relationship has been tumultuous, but the couple is slowly finding a love that is very true and sweet. The town of Hope Valley experiences many trials and triumphs throughout this series, and there is never a dull moment.

When Calls the Heart: Heart and Home begins with Elizabeth in her classroom. She and the children are bundled up, trying to stay warm, as their stove has broken. Jack drops by to do his best to fix the stove, and this gives the children an opportunity to ask Elizabeth about her relationship with Jack. They pepper her with questions and tease the two of them about their growing love. Elizabeth threatens the children with extra homework if they don't focus on their school, trying to get them to stop asking questions about her relationship with Jack.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gowen has created some new plans for the town. He discusses his plan for the new railroad with Lee Coultier. Gowen wants to relocate the railroad farther away from the lumber mill, but Lee is not so sure about this. He does not believe that this relocation will be what is best for Hope Valley. Gowen's new plan will tax local businesses in order to pay for this relocation opportunity, and this cost will be a great burden to Lee. The town council has already approved this measure, and Lee is greatly worried for the town and its future.

Elizabeth relieves extremely unsettling news that involves both her and Jack, and she rushes to the jail to deliver this news to him as quickly as possible. Julie and Tom were both involved in a terrible car accident. Julie appears to have emerged with no harm, but there is no word on Tom's condition. Julie is refusing to speak to anyone, and her family is furious about the incident. Jack is sick with worry for his brother, and the two head out to Hamilton immediately.

As soon as they arrive, Charles picks the two of them up and immediately brings Elizabeth to the Thatcher mansion. While she spends time there, Jack is headed to the infirmary, still not aware of how bad his brother's condition is. On their way to the infirmary, Jack questions Charles about the situations. Apparently, the Thatchers think that Tom's actions were reckless and foolish, which is why they are so upset about the situation. Charles agrees with this assessment and is angered for Julie and Elizabeth. The two men get in an argument over what is best for Elizabeth, and it is clear that Charles still cares deeply for her and is jealous of her relationship with Jack.

Back in Hope Valley, Abigail and Bill's relationship escalates. Bill does his best to explain his relationship with Nora in order to clear things up between them. After his parents died, Nora's family took him in and raised him as their own. Nora fell in love with a drifter and eloped with him. He later abandoned her with their child, and Bill married her out of a sense of duty to her father. When Nora's child died, their relationship fell apart and Nora left him. After searching for her for two years, Bill finally found her. He wanted to set things straight between them, but Nora informed him that she wanted a divorce. Bill pours his heart out to Abigail and explains that he had every intention of telling her about Nora, but she does not want to listen to his sob story. She cannot tolerate how he deceived her, and she quickly ends the conversation.

Jack finally arrives at the infirmary in Hamilton, and gets to see Tom for the first time since the accident. An attractive young nurse informs Jack that his brother has two broken ribs and a concussion. She starts flirting with him, stating that Tom has talked so much about his Mountie brother. However, Jack and Tom both make it very clear to her that he is romantically involved with Elizabeth.

Back at the Thatcher home, Elizabeth has a discussion with Julie, who is extremely upset over the whole incident. Her father has forbidden her from ever seeing Tom again, and her heart is broken. She is in love with Tom and does not blame him at all for what happened. Julie tries to lump Jack in with Tom and get Elizabeth to give her some sympathy. Elizabeth refuses to hear Julie out, stating that the two brothers are very different men. She challenges Julie to start acting like an adult and get out of bed. She cannot act like a child forever, and must face the situation sooner or later.

Elizabeth and Julie have a heart to heart with their other sister, Viola. The conversation quickly turns to Elizabeth and Jack's relationship, and Viola cautions her sister to not break Charles' heart. She challenges her to stop leading him on and accept the fact that she can only court one man.

Jack investigates the automobile that was in the crash at the Thatcher's mansion, and Mr. Thatcher hovers over him the entire time. He begins questioning him about his relationship with Elizabeth and tries to determine if he is at all like his brother. Eventually, he begs Jack to tell his brother to stop seeing Julie and cut off all communication.

Jack and Elizabeth discuss the accident and the messy family situation, and both feel torn with loyalty. Jack thinks that Tom should not be blamed solely for his actions and that Julie should be made to face the consequences of her actions. Elizabeth feels loyal to Julie and cannot help but feel ripped in half between Jack and her family.

Later, after further investigation, it is revealed that the accident was mostly Julie's fault. She not only drove recklessly, but drove without a license. Elizabeth feels like Jack is trying to pin all the blame on her sister and is very upset about the entire situation. Their dinner ends in flames as both parties are angry at each other and are unwilling to discuss things openly and calmly.

When Calls the Heart: Heart and Home is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is considered suitable for all audiences. It is always recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children.

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