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The Privileged Planet

The Privileged Planet is a Christian Documentary that explores the Earth's existence. It disputes the all too common claim that our planet is an insignificant speck merely floating through space. Many philosophers and scientists claim that the Earth's was merely an accident, but this movie goes down a different avenue. As the movie travels through scientific evidence and theories, it refers to the possibility that these might lead to the notion of a creator. It is full of astronomy, science and physics as well as the discussion of an intelligent designer. While using computer animation, amazing images of Earth and space, and weaving in relative scientific interviews, Illustra Media presents a revolutionary Christian DVD.

Combining science and the Bible, The Privileged Planet helps viewers discover so many things about the world we live in. It does an incredible job of simultaneously involving religion and academics. It has received raving reviews for its credibility. The images are of a high quality and the content is dependable. Whether traveling out into the galaxy or down into a cell, it is intriguing, exciting and riveting. Written by Jay W. Richards, narrated by John Rhys-Davies, and 60 minutes in length, this Christian documentary is one of the first of its kind. It is an easy watch that is capable of creating deep thoughts and meaningful discussions.

Coincidence vs Intention

The Earth is full of scientific complexities that some see as coincidences. The Earth is the right distance from a sun that is the right temperature. It is in an optimum location in the Milky Way Galaxy, surrounded by larger planets that take the blow of meteors before they can hit Earth, and has a moon that supports and regulates its axis. So many traits combine in such a rare way that is seemingly impossible to occur in a random way. Conditions on Earth include the right amount of water, land, gravity, and gasses in the air. The Privileged Planet digs deeper into these intricate aspects of what makes earth inhabitable.

As the fine tuned details of science are uncovered, the possibility of intentional design becomes evident. These examples seem to show that the incredible aspects of earth are not a result of random nature and chance, but possibly of a creator with a plan. This Christian films open doors that show the Earth not as a pointless coincidence, but as a purposeful design. Nothing is as simple as it seems, but there is beauty in the complexity. Each and every planet and star have a purpose, however our planet has the rare traits that allow for human life. The movie dives into just how privileged our planet really is.

Desire to Discover

Humans have an incredible capacity to survive on planet Earth. The conditions listed above are not only optimal to live in, but also to discover. Humans have an innate desire to learn more about the world around them and our world is perfect for doing just that. The fine-tuned details of science can be observed from way out in space down to microscopic detail. This incredible ability to seek and find information shows the existence of intelligent design. The Privilege Planet explains just how special Earth and those of us on it really are. We have an incredible ability to not only survive, but also understand and observe. Earth is in a precisely wonderful location to discover the depths of space. Humans were not only designed, but also designed to discover.

Scientists interviewed in this film discuss the world around us and how deeply complicated each and every detail is. Each and every scene of the movie reveals yet another incredible view on space, cells, or the planet itself. While watching, one can't help but wonder at the incredible immensity of life as we know, and don't know. We in our ourselves are so complex, yet have the desire to learn even more about what is around us. The Privileged Planet shows how critical discovery is. The images and facts are intriguing and complicated, yet understandable. Viewers can't help but be interested in what part of the universe they are taken to next.

Refutes other theory

The Darwinism theory has been around since the 1800's. Charles Darwin had a deep misbelief in the religious creation story. His theories on evolution and creation have only increased in popularity since that time and are rooted in the mindset that if something cannot be proven, it cannot be true. As time has passed, a higher population of people have come to share his beliefs. However, this movie addresses those claims head on. The Privileged Planet helps to refute Darwin's well known beliefs. It explains how life on Earth being by chance is near impossible. As it goes through a series of evidence and statistics, the immense details of each and every molecule are seen. It also discusses how important it is to remember that mathematics and science are created by humans. They are a great tool for learning more, but are incapable of predicting everything about the universe. Looking back in history, humans have been wrong many times before. From the tiniest of cells to the biggest of galaxies, our world is truly amazing. This Christian DVD shows us the immensity of its power and the importance of a creator behind it all.

The Privileged Planet opens up doors that show the creative plan and mind that must be behind creation. It leaves some thoughts up in the air to allow viewers to reach their own finite conclusions. It's not too Christian that it can be put aside as less scientific. It is not solely a religious DVD or a scientific documentary, but instead a powerful mixture of both. Viewers are constantly in amazement of not only the depth of science, but the power of intelligent design. The thought that a superior being had a plan for all of the discoveries this Christian DVD goes through is incredible. It shows that the power to prove is not as important as the power to believe.

DVD Features:

  • Rated: Not Rated
  • Region: All Regions
  • Languages: English,
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Bonus Material:
    -The Search for Earth-like planets
    -Journey to the edge of the universe
    -Questions and Answers
    -Earth from Space
    -Reference Library
  • Time: 58 minutes
  • Release: 2004

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