The American Heritage Series #3: Ideas that Birthed a Nation DVD

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  • Cast: David Barton
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  • Run Time: 90 minutes
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The American Heritage Series Volume 3: The Ideas that Birthed a Nation

The American Heritage Series: The Ideas that Birthed a Nation is the third volume in the popular historical series. These films teach viewers about what the origins of our nation were truly like. How did our country get its beginnings? What had the most influence on the ideals of our nation? How were the founding fathers affected by their faith? This series seeks to show viewers just how far we have come as a country from our beginnings. America was founded on Biblical principles and had a very moral basis. Now, our nation's leaders are corrupt and are leading our country down a path of destruction. If we do not rise up and retake our country, the basis that America was founded upon could be lost forever. The American Heritage Series: The Ideas that Birthed a Nation seeks to bring the truth to light and show viewers what truly happened at the beginnings of America.

The Faith that Shaped Our Nation

The Ideas that Birthed a Nation focuses largely on the Christianity that shaped our country. Often, modern history tries to teach that the founding fathers were agnostics and did not care about faith. This was said to hold no influence in their lives, and it has been discarded as something unimportant. However, The Ideas that Birthed a Nation shows just how important this faith was in the beginnings of America. The founding fathers, if their lives are examined through accurate historical information, are found to be men of faith. They relied on God to get them through and to lead them in the planning of their new nation.

The very core of America is the idea of freedom. This, at the time, meant freedom from the monarchy and from the overbearing rulers that had tried to control the people. The government was intended to serve the people and give them freedom of choice and the freedom to do as they saw fit. The past was buried and a new beginning was found. This entire idea is a Biblical idea, because freedom was first given to us when Jesus died on the cross. This buried our sins in the past and offered us a new future and a new hope for eternal life. The Ideas that Birthed a Nation shows how this cannot be overlooked and cannot be ignored. The faith that was so prevalent in the lives of our founding fathers shines through in every document they wrote and in every proclamation they made.

Now, America has slowly faded into something that is extremely far from what our forefathers intended. Christianity is being banned from schools and there is "freedom of religion" for all but those who believe in the one true God. Students are being persecuted for standing up to teachers and pronouncing what is right, and are being punished for praying in schools. When compared to what American once was, this is a huge, monumental difference. It is easy to not see the change in America and to simply accept the present. However, if we do not look to the past, we will never see how to bring about a better future. The Ideas that Birthed a Nation is inspiring to viewers and will rouse them to fight for the rights that were given to us by our founding fathers. These rights are supposed to be inalienable and should not be in question, but the political leaders of America have slowly eroded this fundamental truth.

How do we reclaim our country and eradicate the weeds that have slowly choked out the faith that once was so prevalent in America? We have to be a force for change in the world, and not be ashamed to stand up for what we believe in. Tolerance is not the answer, as this will only lead to apathy and acceptance of things that are wrong. This slow fade in America has washed us very far away from what our nation was intended to be, and it is important that we rise up and start doing something about the problem. The Ideas that Birthed a Nation covers the beginnings of America, the actions that made it what it is today, and the way that we can change it for good in the present day.

Each episode in The American Heritage Series focuses on the beginnings of America, and the beliefs that were poured into the foundations of our nation. Over time, the faith that our founding fathers held so dearly began to become less and less important to the American people. At the start of our country, that was all that our leaders had to hold on to. They had just separated from Britain and were unsure of how to go from there. They knew that they did not want their new country to be a carbon copy of Britain and that they wanted to break away from the monarchy. However, they were not sure what they wanted their nation to look like. The founding fathers looked to the Bible for the model of freedom and emancipation for man, as well as the morals and The Ideas that Birthed a Nation. Each of these things tied in with their faith and showed just how much their belief in Christ affected our nation.

It is important that we, in the present day, rise up and speak out for what is right. We must proclaim the truth and round up others who are willing to fight for the ideals that our nation was founded upon. If we are to have a truly free nation, we must return to the Biblical model of freedom. With God at the helm of our country, we can be a truly great nation. But until this happens, our country does not have much hope for the future. The Ideas that Birthed a Nation teaches all this and more, and is perfect for families to enjoy together of for educational purposes.

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