Six: The Mark Unleashed DVD

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  • Director: Kevin Downes
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 12/31/65
  • Run Time: 106 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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Six: The Mark Unleashed DVD

In an apocalyptic moment in time, Six: The Mark Unleashed presents that humanity is persecuted and abused by a tyrant authority who runs the Earth. Applying sophisticated vigilance from satellites through chip inserts, the CPF, Community Police Force, trace every movement of humanity. Now independence is a faint recollection and defying the new government is mortality However when two official convicts breakout from imminent death thanks to a mysterious visitor and enter a defying Christian group, their chance for salvation could still be available.

The message of Six: The Mark Unleashed DVD

The film gets the message across that people will see consequences and will have to confront the choices they've made regarding Jesus. It's set in apocalyptic times but doesn't go into exact doctrinal instruction. The majority of the scenes from Six: The Mark Unleashed DVD is captivating, set to make viewers think. Where themes like disbelief, salvation, hope, and faith covering apprehension. In the film, there are various storylines happening at the same time from the beginning to end but shown in a clear way. However, the main message is the same, that the utmost important decision to make Jesus Christ our Savior. That this decision alone will decide where we will spend eternity. The storyline always includes this important part and doesn't go far from it. The authenticity of people choosing Christ and losing their lives for the cause is greatly shown in the film, presented similarly as mentioned in the Bible.

The story of Six: The Mark Unleashed movie

The Six: The Mark Unleashed film is set in The Great Tribulation. The rapture of the church has occurred and humanity is now being led by the antichrist. The mark of the beast is now being enforced on every person worldwide. Those who let themselves be marked are eventually a part of "The Community". Those who decline the mark are incarcerated and a few weeks later are executed.

Because their friend denied the mark as well, in Six: The Mark Unleashed two rebellious non-believers manage to abduct a car for all of them. As they arrive with the car and present it to their friend, the person had taken the mark, feeling happy for the decision. But the two friends are taken by the police and sent to jail.

The police who is being led by Jessica Newman, apprehends Tom Newman, a well-known crook who also happens to be Tom's ex-wife. He is abused till he complies to pose as a Christian so that they could eliminate Christian leader Elijah Cohen. His goal is to make acquaintance with an insider and find Elijah Cohen who is announcing the message of Jesus. Later on Six: The Mark Unleashed, inside the prison, Tom is placed in the same room as Luke, a Christian prophet who attempts to make Tom see the truth which is Jesus.Tom flees with two other inmates although they're under the watchful eye of the police enforcement. From that moment on it becomes a spiritual adventure that he embarks on.

Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Downes and their experience in the Christian entertainment industry

In the case of Stephen Baldwin, having actor brothers made acting always present in his life and family. He's been acting in front of the camera since the 1980's. During the 1990‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_̴Ìös while Stephen was filming the TV Show Young Riders, he and his wife requested someone to help them with the house maintenance. They hired a Christian woman whose love for God reflected off her and impacted Stephen‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_̴Ìös family. After he finished the show, he and his family moved to New York and his wife started attending church. There she started to become involved in Bible study and ultimately gave her heart to Jesus. His wife started praying and hoping that he would give his heart to God as well and although at that time he did the significance of it wasn't as strong. After the attacks of September 11, Stephen's faith grew stronger and got baptized. After he realized that there wasn't much Christian movies and content in the entertainment industry. So he decided to start a company that would offer good quality Christian entertainment to people. Throughout the years, Stephen Baldwin has been a part of several Christian and family-friendly entertainment and films like Six: The Mark Unleashed movie.

For Kevin Downes acting and directing have been a special part of his life. He studied theater for two years in college then moved to California by the age of 20. Kevin always had the mentality that he always wanted to be a part of things that had significance and make correct decisions. When he was 22, he was hired to work in a Christian film and loved the experience. Kevin loved how being a part of a faith-based project made an effect in so many lives and from that moment on made the decision to always do projects like that. He took the time to work on several projects and truly learn the craft of filmmaking. In the present, Kevin produces, directs and stars in films that can touch people's hearts like Six: The Mark Unleashed film. He and his brother formed a company called Downes Brothers Entertainment. With the company, their goal is to make high-quality entertainment and films with the message of love, faith, and hope. Also presenting the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus.

Six: The Mark Unleashed DVD Features

Six: The Mark Unleashed film was released in the Summer of 2004 and runs for approximately 106 minutes. There is language options available for English and Spanish. The DVD includes a 40-minute behind the scenes look into the production process of the movie. Als, a blooper reel is available.

Starring in Six: The Mark Unleashed is David A.R. White (God's Not Dead), Stephen Baldwin (The Young Riders), Eric Roberts (The Expendables), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (P.S. I Love You) and Kevin Downes (Courageous) who is also the director of the film.

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