Return To The Hiding Place DVD

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  • Cast: John Rhys-Davies, David Thomas Jenkins, Mimi Sagadin, Rachel Spencer Hewitt
  • Director: Peter Spencer
  • Producer: Petra Pearce
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 8/31/11
  • Run Time: 108 minutes
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Return to the Hiding Place DVD

Based on a true story, Return to the Hiding Place is the dramatic continuation of Corrie Ten Boom's story. Filled with drama, romance, and thrilling action, this film is heart-wrenching and breathtaking. Corrie realizes that the Nazis are going to senselessly murder thousands of Jews in order to further their own empire. Her heart for justice cannot simply stand by and watch innocents be slaughtered, so she decides to do something. Though harboring Jews and attempting to save their lives will put her in direct conflict with the Nazi Gestapo, she knows that doing the right thing is what she must do. Her way of fighting back against the rising Nazi Empire comes in a surprising and unexpected way. Corrie rallies an army of young, untrained teenagers to fight the growing evil.

Meanwhile, a teenager named Hans Poley, makes a huge decision that greatly impacts his future. Though he is expected to join the Nazi party, he feels uncomfortable with their policies and refuses to join. In order to protect him from being harmed or forced to join, his parents send him into hiding. This hiding place that he goes to turns out to be Corrie's house. While in hiding here, he discovers what is actually happening to the Jews. They are being sent to secret death camps, unbeknownst to a majority of the population. These undercover atrocities bring to light the flaws and horrendous activities being performed by the Nazis, and Hans develops a heart for helping free the Jews from the Holocaust.

After expressing his interest in the underground movement, he is recruited by Piet Hartog, a resistance fighter. Piet is romantically involved with Corrie's niece, Aty van Woerden, and Hans is drawn into the world of the Nazi resistance. This web of mystery and secret missions is the setting for The Hiding Place.

Together, Hans, Piet, and Aty are met with severe challenges and great opposition. Their work is hard and full of terror, but it is the right thing to do. Return to the Hiding Place is filled with dramatic missions, secret codes, underground hiding places, disguises, and treachery. Their action-filled adventures even include rescuing an entire orphanage full of children that are slated to be killed by the Nazis. This film will move viewers to tears as they cheer for the victories and cry for the losses that the characters experience. Reconnect with The Hiding Place in this dramatic and emotional film.

The True Story

The true story of Return to the Hiding Place begins with the Nazis placing severe restrictions on the Jews and supposed sympathizers. Food was restricted, curfews were imposed, and life in the Netherlands changed greatly with the German invasion. People began to speculate what was really happening to the Jews as they were being driven out of the country. Were they really being taken to safe and human locations, or were the Nazis lying? Eventually, the public figured out what the concentration and labor camps were really like, and awareness was spread about the horrors of the Holocaust.

When Hans Poley refused to join the Nazi party, a target was instantly put on his back. He was seen as someone who could be a potential threat to Hitler and his regime. Before he could be taken into custody or forced to join the Nazis, his parents decided to put him in hiding. He was sent to Corrie Ten Boom's hiding place, and became the first guest to ever stay at their house. Instead of just staying under their care, he contributed to their cause and developed a heart to help the Jews in hiding.

Not much is known about his later involvement with the resistance, so this is fictionalized in Return to the Hiding Place. His actions have been kept a secret, and it is speculated that he gained a new, false identity when he joined Piet and Aty. Because of that, this film dramatized the rest of his story and created a fictional film based on the truth.

Awards and Reviews

Return to the Hiding Place has received seven different nominations for awards, and has won all seven of those awards. These include best feature film and audience choice award at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, the award of excellence at the Accolade Competition, festival prize best feature film at the Central Florida Film Festival, and the best film, cinematography, and directing awards at the Bel Air Film Festival.

Critics have given mixed reviews toward this film, with some citing that the story was not true to what actually happened and was marketed as completely true. However, the company that produced this film made sure to state that it was based on a true story, and was dramatized for dramatic appeal. Overall, it is rated as family-friendly, fast-paced, intense, and highly emotional. The actors deliver convincing and passionate performances, which make Return to the Hiding Place come to life on the screen.


Return to the Hiding Place has many themes running throughout it, the most prevalent being the theme of right versus wrong. What the Nazis are doing in this film has nothing to do with what is right, and everything to do with a narrow-minded point of view.

Throughout the Holocaust, the people were inundated with Nazi propaganda. They were falsely led to believe that they should go with the flow no matter what, because Hitler had supreme power. They used scare tactics and harsh punishment to force people into serving them and doing their bidding. Great fear swept the nation as people realized what was happening.

A brave few, however, took a stand for what was right. They saw that the supposed "cleaning up"Ì_åÇ? of the races was actually mass genocide and had to be stopped. It did not matter how many people said this was the right thing to do, because it did not change the truth. The Holocaust was filled with senseless acts of violence and leaders that ruled by fear.

Return to the Hiding Place beautifully portrays this struggle between right and wrong, making this film dramatic and compelling.

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