Noah and the Last Days DVD

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  • Producer: Ray Comfort
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Approved Ages 12+
  • Run Time: 28 minutes

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Noah and the Last Days DVD

Noah and the Last Days is a powerful film put out by Christian filmmaker, Ray Comfort. It is a documentary that finds Comfort on the streets interviewing many people and gaining their perspective on certain issues. He uses their commentary and their answers to his questions to teach viewers a very important lesson. His questions in this film revolve around Noah from the Bible. Comfort asks people whether they truly believe Noah built an ark and whether this story was actually plausible. Their answers are frank and surprising as they present their musings on the idea of Noah and a literal flood and ark. Noah and the Last Days is designed to give viewers a unique perspective on Noah and the events that surrounded the Biblical flood. How does this story relate to twenty-first century America? Could it possibly contain a lesson that we have been ignoring for far too long? This film is thought-provoking and will spark much discussion among viewers. It is ideal for families to watch together, or for churches to use as an evangelistic outreach. Compelling and fascinating, Noah and the Last Days is a film that you will not want to miss.

The Last Days

Noah and the Last Days finds Ray Comfort posing a huge question to viewers. The flood that once wiped out almost every living thing on earth was a pronouncement of God's judgment on mankind. Comfort brings up the idea that God may be declaring judgment on the earth very soon if we do not wake up and change our ways. He goes into explaining the signs that the Bible talks about that will be present when the days of the earth are coming to a close.

The first one that he discusses is the flippant use of God's holy name. The Bible states that in the end times, the people of the earth will casually abuse the name of our Holy God. This is becoming increasingly common in today's culture and the Lord's name is taken in vain in nearly every sentence on popular television and in everyday conversation. Even Christians within the church have forgotten the importance and the reverence with which we should speak the name of God. Noah and the Last Days goes even further to discuss the signs of the end times and how this relates to modern day occurrences.

The second sign of the end times that Comfort discusses is the state of the church and the hypocrisy that seems to run rampant. The Bible discusses in detail pastors and leaders in the church who are focused solely on money, and do not have a heart for ministering to God's people. This is something that needs to be addressed in the modern church, and Comfort talks about the rise of the mega-church, especially in America. Noah and the Last Days follows comfort as he discusses how the focus of the church has shifted to becoming like the world and drawing in a secular crowd. The modern church desperately wants to remain relevant in today's society, and they so often do this by making themselves look like the world. They want newcomers to feel comfortable in their churches, so they model it to look like the world. Comfort discusses how the Scripture predicts that this would happen and he views it as a sign of the last days to come.

One of the main points that Comfort uses to drive home the idea of the coming end times is the denial of a global flood. This was also predicted in the Scriptures, and it is said that people will not take the Bible literally and will begin to change the truth of the flood and Noah's ark. Noah and the Last Days watches as he takes to the streets and questions the people about the flood and what they truly believe. He asks them if they believe that it truly happened, and a surprising amount of people say no. They come up with many reasons to deny that a global flood ever happened. They use these ideas and claim that they are using reason and logic to disprove the Bible and disprove the story of the flood. However, there is so much evidence in science and in the world to possibly discount the global flood. Too many scientists and modern philosophers take bits and pieces of scientific facts and twist them to fit with their opinion. For instance, they defend their thinking by claiming it is logic and say that it is not possible for every species of animal to possibly fit on an ark. However, the Bible is the inspired word of God and is completely infallible. The Scriptures are airtight and fool proof and will remain steady and true, despite the defamation that is pointed at Christianity.

Throughout Noah and the Last Days, Ray Comfort makes a very compelling argument that God is trying to warn the earth of the end times to come. We have fallen so far from what we were originally intended to be, and the things that have become commonplace in our culture were once predicted in the Bible. These things happen to be what the Bible predicted for the end times, and Comfort warns viewers that the last days may be coming. If we do not wake up from our stupor and spiritual sleep, we will be headed down a path of complete destruction. The Lord desperately wants to seek reconciliation with us and is waiting for us to come to him. It is up to us to spread the Gospel and the truth about Christianity and reawaken the world to the truths of the Bible. Comfort, in an effort to do just this, produced Noah and the Last Days. This film is compelling and will leave viewers with answers and a curiosity about all the information presented by Comfort. This DVD is perfect for families to enjoy together, as well as for churches to use in small group studies. It is highly influential and will impact anyone who watches it.

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