Natalie's Rose & Second Chances - Double Feature

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  • Cast: Kelsey Mulrooney, Stuart Whitman, Theodore Bikel and Terry Moore, plus Charles Shaughnessy, Madelina Zima,
  • Run Time: 199 min
  • Region Code: 1

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Natalie’s Rose and Second Chances - Double Feature

Two of our best selling movies for tweens, now available in a two-pack

Second Chances is based on a true story and features the inspirational story of a little girl’s emotional and physical reawakening after a terrible accident took her father‘s life, and took her spirit. The accident has left 10-year-old Sunny Matthews unable to walk without the assistance of crutches. Unfortunately, the pain from the damage to her leg is only a small amount in comparison to the emotional pain she is dealing with which caused her to withdraw from life and from the people who love her most. Recklessly things start to change when she and her mother and up living next door to a horse ranch run by a former rodeo star. She begins to recover as she develops a love for a mean-spirited, crippled course by the name of Ginger. This family film is great for the entire family, especially horse lovers.

Natalie’s Rose

Natalie Canton is a 15-year-old girl whose world is turning upside down because of her mother’s battle with cancer, which she lost on Valentine’s Day. The only thing that keeps Natalie’s link to her mother alive is a fragile white rose. One day she loses that Rose and desperately needs to find it. Natalie‘s dad sends her to Nevada at Christmas time to stay at her aunt’s ranch, and the rose falls out of her pocket and into the riding corral. The very next day there appears a white horse, presumably a stray, who stands exactly where the white rose was.

When Calls the Heart


"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.".. ” - Matthew 4:4