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  • Director: James Chankin
  • Producer: James Chankin
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Approved Ages 12+
  • Release Date: 12/31/65
  • Run Time: 92 minutes
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 0
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The Mark

From the producers of God's Not Dead and Faith of Our Fathers comes an action packed adventure where the forces of good and evil collide--The Mark. Chad Turner (Craig Sheffer) used to be a simple security guard for the Avanti Corporation. When the Avanti plant is attacked, however, he becomes the most valuable man in the world, as a biometric computer chip-- "the mark"--that is capable of saving the entire world's crumbling economy and future is implanted into his arm. It soon becomes apparent, however, that whoever controls the chip--the only one in the entire planet--controls the world, and Philipp Turk (Ivan Kamaras), the Ati-Christ figure, will stop at nothing to get it. When Turk's hired mercenaries, lead by Joseph Pike (Gary Daniels), hijack the plane carrying Chad and the Avanti leader Dan Cooper (Eric Roberts), can Chad manage to survive the fight and ensure the chip does not fall into the wrong hands? Even in the face of an unforeseen event--the Rapture? The Mark is a thrilling adventure set 30,000 feet in the sky that will have the entire family on the edge of their seat in suspense.

Interesting Questions

The movie The Mark is, simply put, based around a few interesting concepts, questions, and ideas. The first question is whether a man who has turned his back completely on God redeem himself? The obvious answer is no, only God can redeem lives, but The Mark toys with this idea. Chad Turner, the man carrying the mark, has completely turned his back on God, but as the events in the film escalate, he begins to realize how wrong he was, especially after the Rapture scene, and wonders if he can redeem his life by keeping the mark out of the hands of Pike and his leader. As you watch the film you will be struck by how desperate a man trying to save his own life can become, and you will be grateful for the saving power of grace. Another interesting question played out in this film is whether or not good will always conquer evil. Obviously, we know that God will ultimately conquer death and darkness forever, but The Mark can put you in the mindset that evil will sometimes win. In fact (spoiler alert) the film does not even end with good coming out victorious over evil. Chad and a friend escape the plane with the computer chip still implanted in his arm, only to land in a world full of the same chaos and destruction as the plane 30,000 feet above it. (Their adventures in that world are played out in the sequel The Mark 2: Redemption.) The good versus evil theme and storyline will make you appreciate the fact that you know how the story ends, and that with that knowledge comes a confidence and peace in knowing that evil cannot reign forever.

The Value of Free Will

Another striking concept that The Mark presents is how valuable free will is. Chad Turner does not exactly volunteer to carry the computer chip that ends up placing him as a target for the clash of the forces of good and evil. In fact, he's basically a last ditch effort by the chip's creators to save and implant the chip into someone before it is lost forever. It is in actuality injected into him as he tries to help the man carrying it, before he can stop it. To make matters worse, he is told that he is connected to the chip forever, there is basically nothing he can do about it. To the viewer who lives in a world of freedom and choice, the idea of not being able to control your circumstances, and being forced into something without your consent, is a bit hard to swallow. It is an interesting concept, however. One that is valuable to chew on every so often, because it reawakens us and reopens our eyes to how valuable free will really is. Something that is good for everyone to remember.

Unique Setting

While the violence and clash of good versus evil may seem a bit intense for many viewers, and the interesting questions and concepts underlying the plot may seem a little heavy, this film has something for the most hesitant of viewers. If you are not the philosophical type that likes to pull apart plots piece by piece, and if violence, guns, and fist to fist combat is not exactly your cup of tea, you may simply enjoy this film because of its unique setting--the whole film takes place almost entirely in a plane! If you have ever been in a plane you might be thinking how on earth would you fit an entire cast, crew, and camera into an object as small as that? (And I'm sure Hollywood had a great deal to do with it.) But if you can step past the logical thoughts flooding your head, you may just enjoy the absurdity and uniqueness of the situation. You certainly will not find many other plot lines like it!

The Mark may be an intense film smashed into one tiny space, but the questions and concepts underlying it make it worthwhile for all philosophical types out there. And as all good action films, if your brain gets tired of thinking to hard, you can simply revel in the punches.

The Mark has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and does contain violence and other themes not suitable for young children. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is considered suitable for their children.

Special features:

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