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  • Release Date: 12/31/99
  • Run Time: 52 minutes
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Mama Heidi - DVD

The inspiring story of Heidi and Rolland Baker.

When Heidi and Rolland Baker arrived in Mozambique in 1994 they had no plan, only a heart for the hurting. They knew they wanted to love people, to help the hurting country recover from years of brutal civil war, and to spread the love of Jesus...but that was about it. Today they run multiple schools and orphanages, caring for hundreds of children, and witnessing miracles left and right. Heidi and Rolland Baker's story is one of love in extreme places. The documentary type film Mama Heidi tells the Baker's story as they live, learn, and love in the African country of Mozambique. Journey with them as they care for the forgotten and love the hurting. The film Mama Heidi is an inspiration and a challenge for individuals around the world to selflessly love the people around them.

Heidi & Rolland Baker

Heidi Baker--or "Mama Heidi" as she is known to hundreds of individuals--was not always seeking to serve God. She grew up in a wealthy home in the sunny state of California, and received Christ as a teenager. Rolland grew up in Taiwan as the son of two missionaries. The two met in California while Heidi was still in college. After a quick wedding, Heidi and Rolland set off on their first adventure of love--to Indonesia--which would lay the foundation for the events portrayed in the film Mama Heidi. The Bakers spent many years working to spread the gospel throughout Asia, even with two small children in tow. Their life was about to be radically changed in the mid-1990s, however. Rolland was reading a Time article on the Mozambican Civil War which had been raging for over ten years in the coastal African country. He was shocked by the fierce brutality of the fighting, especially by the fact that both sides continually destroyed the aid the Red Cross sent for the suffering Mozambican people. Heidi only saw a desperate need for love and care, and she said they should move there. So begins the story played out in the movie Mama Heidi. The Bakers would take over a struggling orphanage, reaching out to the abandoned and orphaned children, as well as any hurting individual. Their ministry grew into a mission now known as Iris Global, which runs many schools, orphanages, and medical clinics across the country of Mozambique.

Iris Global

The film Mama Heidi focuses greatly on the mission and ministry that the Baker's founded--Iris Global. Iris Global works throughout the African country of Mozambique as well as fifteen other African countries to establish churches, schools, orphanages, medical centers, and training facilities for the African people. In addition, they offer emergency, disaster, famine, and medical relief. They have also begun drilling wells throughout the countries. What the Bakers consider the most important part of Iris Global, and highlighted in the film Mama Heidi, is spreading the gospel throughout Africa. Heidi spends much of her year traveling throughout the continent of Africa, sharing the good news of Jesus with those who have yet to be reached. In addition, the Bakers believe in the power of prayer, and the ministry has seen many miracles in its years of operation.

The film Mama Heidi covers the work, mission, and history of Iris Global in great detail, and the story is an encouragement to anyone who sees it.

Wonderful Messages

The film Mama Heidi is filled with wonderful messages anyone who is willing to open their heart will see and learn from. Heidi Baker's life motto is "stop for the one." Stop for the one hurting individual on the side of the road. Stop for the lonely child playing in the dirt. Stop for the student sitting by them self. Stop for the one. This motto is seen lived out so powerfully in Mama Heidi. Heidi Baker truly practices what she preaches, and her actions and words in this film are genuine and inspiring. She also shares that "love looks like something." That love is not just made of words, empathy, and promises. Love results in tangible actions. That love is not simply an emotion or a word, but an action that changes lives. The film Mama Heidi will inspire viewers to put their love into action. To do something for "the one," to tangibly love the hurting, helpless, and healing. The film Mama Heidi is also filled with the message that faith steps out on a limb and trusts God to pull through. Faith believes in miracles--something the Bakers are known for--and faith believes that love takes risks. When the Bakers moved their family to the impoverished, war torn country of Mozambique they had little more than a dream. But they had faith. Faith can grow into something powerful. Faith can move mountains, hearts, and countries. Faith is courageous.

The film Mama Heidi will encourage, inspire, and challenge all viewers. The Baker's story of faith, love in action, and compassion for the hurting will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and live a life of meaning--a life for Jesus. Mama Heidi may open your mind to another side of the globe, but it will certainly open your heart.

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  • Format: Color, NTSC
  • Region: Region 1
  • Number of discs: 1
  • DVD Release Date: June 21, 2004
  • Run Time: 52 minutes

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