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A Letter To Dad

When Dan Donahue meets the woman of his dreams he feels complete for the first time in his life. And for the first time in his life, everything seems to be going right. But as Dan begins to think about the future, he can't seem to escape the past. A past marked by the anger and rejection of a father who left. So Dan sits down to write a letter to his Father, never knowing what the outcome would be. Based on a true story, the film A Letter To Dad is a powerful story of redemption and love. Starring Thom Matthews, John Ashton, Janice Lynde, and Megan Gallivan and featuring songs from Jeremy Camp and Decyfer Down, A Letter To Dad is a moving film of forgiveness and hope in a broken world.


"Truely, this is an inpirational movie that demonstrates God's Desire for healthy relationships between a father and his son. It is both gripping and relevant."         -David Delk, National Coalition of Men's Ministres


The Film

It all started at a hot dog stand. When Dan Donahue (played by Thom Matthews) bumped into Sue (played by Megan Gallivan) he knew he had fallen. Of course, Sue took a bit more convincing. She was not about to accept a dinner invitation from a man in paint splattered clothes carrying a hot dog, but the independent young woman was finally won over by Dan's sincerity. But the sweet love story from the film A Letter To Dad was just beginning.

Fast forward in time and Dan is certain without a doubt that Sue is the one. On the verge of proposing he is looking forward with excitement to the life ahead of him, with the woman he loves. As it often happens, however, looking forward is accompanied with looking back, and for Dan, looking back does not bring the same happiness as looking into the future. Remembering the past only brings up painful memories of heartbreak and rejection from a Father Dan only wanted to love.

So Dan sits down to write a letter to the Father who doesn't know him, a father who never wanted to know him. Confronting the anger and bitterness of years Dan pours out his heart to his Father on pages of paper. As Dan writes his story is told in the film A Letter To Dad through a series of flashbacks.

The letter starts with Dan's heartbreak, the day his father walked out. The day his father hit him. The day his father crushed the innocent love of his little boy. And then it pours out the years when Dan waited for his father to pick him up from school, the days he ached for a hug or an encouraging word. The months when his father was never there when Dan needed him. The years of rejection and closed doors, angry words, and averted love. All of it, poured out in a letter to his Dad.

Then, Dan mails the letter with a plea that his father read it and know the little boy he never wanted. All Dan can do in A Letter To Dad is wait to see if his Father will answer, wait to see if the past can be healed so he can look to the future with hope.

Hope & Reconciliation

Based on a true story, the film A Letter To Dad is filled with valuable lessons and moving messages. Not the least of these are hope, forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation. The underlying story of A Letter To Dad is the healing forgiveness can bring to even the most broken of relationships, families, hearts, and lives. When Dan writes the letter to his father he expects little more than relief of finally telling his father the story of his life, yet what he receives is even more. He receives the Father he never had. A Letter To Dad will speak to viewers from many walks of life, reaching out to those who have suffered abuse, divorce, or broken relationships. It serves as a powerful reminder that forgiveness, even one sided forgiveness, can break down the walls of anger and bitterness and transform a broken heart and life.

A Father's Love

The film A Letter To Dad, has an even larger reminder underlying the story. It is the reminder that though our earthly fathers may wound or disappoint us, the love of our heavenly father remains constant, steadfast, and unchanging. He will never act outside of love because he is love. A Letter To Dad is also both an encouragement and a reminder to fathers everywhere. An encouragement that they can be faithful, loving fathers even though their own fathers may have failed them. But the film A Letter To Dad is a reminder that godly parenting takes sacrifice, takes prayer, takes self-control, and takes love and forgiveness even in the most difficult of circumstances. A Letter To Dad is a call to fathers everywhere to first remember the love of their heavenly father, and second to be godly fathers of prayer and action in the lives of their children.


A powerful, moving story of love and heartache, past and future, A Letter To Dad will speak to viewers of all ages, walks of life, and painful memories of neglect and heartache. It is a story that works to heal wounds, both those of Dan and his father, and those of the audience. It is a film that is more than a story, it is a message of the hope found through forgiveness. A reminder that even the most broken of relationships can be redeemed. A Letter To Dad is a reminder to viewers everywhere of the love of their heavenly father who heals and restores all heartaches.

A Letter To Dad has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and may include topics and issues not suitable for younger viewers. This film received the "Family Approved" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film A Letter To Dad is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

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