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  • Director: Randall Wallace
  • Producer: Joe Roth and T.D. Jakes
  • Release Date: 7/20/10
  • Run Time: 100 min
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Heaven Is For Real

It's the incredible true to life story of young four year old Colton Burpo and his amazing journey to Heaven and his incredible experiences there. Prepare to hear an amazing story like you've never seen before as you experience Heaven in an entirely new light. Imagine the splendor as you hear Colton describe his supernatural experiences and his incredible meetings and revelations in heaven. This theatrical drama takes the book that released a few years prior and creates a big budget story of the amazing events that happened to one near-death four year old boy. This film is an inspiring look at Heaven and is a true encouragement to faith-based audiences. If you enjoyed other faith films like Miracles from Heaven, you will find this a delightful and empowering film. Heaven is for Real has an intriguing premise, and it makes an even more exciting, yet simple statement -- Heaven is for Real! Colton Burpo was able to experience Heaven for himself and he has returned to share his visions and everything he experienced in heaven.

The Story

In Heaven is For Real, you'll meet Colton Burpo, a four year old boy who loves life and is a young and active boy. He has always been healthy and is the son of pastor Todd Burpo, a leader at a Crossroads Church located in Imperial of Nebraska. One day, however, Colton falls incredibly ill and is taken to the emergency room for surgery, Once Burpo awakes from his surgery, he seems to be a very changed person. He begins to drop hints about experiences he had while he was under and in surgery and some of his "dreams" seem to have some remarkable similarities to real life. Colton says he recalls seeing himself on the doctor's operating table, with the doctor performing surgery on him underneath. He says he can also see his mother in the nearby waiting room talking to people on the phone and asking them to pray that the surgery will be a success. He says he also sees his dad in another nearby room yelling at God and pleading with God to not let his son die at this young age. Things begin to take an even more unusual turn in Heaven is For Real when Colton begins to inform his parents of other unique experiences he had while he was under. He claims he saw his great grandpa, who Colton had never before met. When Colton is presented with pictures of his grandpa at a younger age, he is able to pick him out and discern that it is indeed his great grandfather that he met in Heaven. He also claims he saw his sister in heaven, who turns out to be an unborn sister that died a few years previously in a miscarriage.

The amazing thing about these events is that Colton had never been informed about his sister. He had never been informed that she existed in the first place and that she had been miscarried. However, Colton claims that he saw her in heaven. This began to greatly shake the parents and everything they knew. Had their son truly been to heaven and experienced everything he was talking about? Then, everything was magnified another level when Colton dropped a bombshell. One day, while he was going about his business, Colton casually mentioned to his parents that he had seen Jesus while he was asleep. This startled Todd and Sonja. Had their son met Jesus? As more and more questions were asked of Colton in Heaven is for Real, it came increasingly clear that Colton believed his story entirely. Colton wasn't making this up for attention, he meant everything he was saying.

While Todd Burpo was researching this online one night, he stumbled across the story of a girl who had had a very similar experience to Colton. This girl in Lithuania painted a portrait of Jesus afterward and Colton immediately recognized this portrait as exactly what Jesus looked like in heaven. The story continues to grow as both Todd and Sonja work together to uncover any details they can from Colton and his magnificent experience in Heaven.

Based on the Book

Heaven is For Real originally caught audiences by surprise when it was first released back in 2010. It quickly rose through the charts and became one of New York Times' best-selling Christian books. Written by Colton's father Todd, the book provides a very personal and up close look at the lives of the Burpos and everything they experience while talking to Colton about his incredible experiences. With over 10 million copies sold, the film became an instant success leading Sony Pictures to pick up the film rights and a few years later create the Heaven is for Real movie.

Although the book received some push back from people, many believed it to be a definite story describing heaven and the events that truly transpire there. And the thing is we won't truly know what Heaven is like or what it is until we get there. We know that Heaven will be an amazing place and it will have no more pain or suffering or evil. Someday we will see it for ourselves and be able to understand exactly what it is and what we will experience there. For now though, there are films like these to help give a taste or a glimpse into the story of a boy who claims to have gone to Heaven. The film is well shot and certainly has a terrific cast and benefits from a larger budget than most Christian movies. This film is able to avoid many of the worldly ideals and inappropriate content found in most Hollywood movies and it makes for a wonderful and wholesome faith-based film to watch together as a family. The film features some beautiful imagery and desires to help give a taste of Heaven and the true wonder that is there. And it also gives its simple but powerful message -- Heaven is for Real!

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