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  • Cast: Natalie Weese, Tommy Beardmore, Larry Bower, April Oberlin
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Run Time: 111 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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Healed by Grace DVD

Healed by Grace is an inspiring film about surrender and second chances. This touching story follows Riley Adams, a college sophomore. She dreams of being an elite competitive dancer, and has stardom in her sights. She intends to use her fame as a platform to share her faith through, but doesn't know quite how difficult this may be. Riley lives with her father, as her mother died years ago. Because of this, she has become desirous of control and thinks that with a little effort, she can achieve anything that she wants.

Success seems to come easily to her when she gives one hundred and fifty percent. Riley works extremely hard at regional dance competitions, and takes first place. This places her on the road to nationals, but her dreams of stardom are shattered when she is involved in a horrific accident. This causes her to lose much of her mobility, sending her into a deep depression.

Control has slipped out of Riley's grasp, and she realizes that no matter how hard she has worked, some things are out of her control. She cannot figure out how to take back her life, and remains broken for quite a while. It seems that for the very first time in her life, she cannot change her situation. No amount of effort or practice will give her back the life that she once had, and this causes her to waver in her faith.

However, Riley is given an opportunity to start working with a mobility coach in order to start gaining back her ability to move. Though this slowly helps her physical condition, it does not bring about healing as fast as she wants. She still believes that she can recover in time to compete at nationals, but this is not a realistic point of view.

She throws herself headfirst into working with the mobility coach, who then starts her on equine therapy. By riding horses, she may be able to strengthen her muscles once more and regain her mobility. Riley's perseverant spirit rises up once more, and she begins to regain her hope and drive for life. Through this process, she begins to develop a deep bond with a horse named Grace. Her old spirit is coming back, and those around her are delighted at the change coming over her.

However, just as it seems that she is returning to some semblance of her old self, disaster strikes once more and all that she has been working toward is lost. The goal that was driving Riley fades away, and it seems that she may relapse into thinking that she has nothing to live for. However, this disaster leads her on a moving spiritual journey. Through this, she learns that life is not about control. It is, in fact, all about surrender. In order to truly move on with her life, Riley must surrender control to God and let him lead her life. There are some things that she cannot change, and she has to learn how to accept these things and trust that God will take her where she is supposed to go.

This moving spiritual lesson is emphasized for Riley when an act of great kindness comes from a most unexpected place. Healed by Grace shows the moving spiritual journey from control to surrender that Riley experiences. It is a touching story of redemption and hard lessons that will please the entire family.

Learning to Surrender

Healed by Grace is full of Christian values and spiritual themes, but the most prevalent theme is that of surrender. Riley exemplifies the humanity in all of us. We want to be in control of our lives and want to think that we can change any situation simply by working harder. God, however, has other plans for our lives and uses anything and everything to teach us to follow his will.

Riley's idea for her life was that she was going to be a professional dancer. Everything seemed to be working out for this path, until the accident happened. Though she had good intentions to share her faith through her stardom, this path of dancing was not what God intended for her. Instead, his plan was to teach her a tough but important lesson about surrendering.

Healed by Grace teaches an important lesson to all viewers about surrendering to God's plan. Riley's life seemed to be progressing just as she wanted it to, until everything fell apart. This shows what will happen to all of us, one way or another, if we are following our own path and not God's. His will for our lives is so much more than we could ever imagine, even if it seems like our own path would be better. This film shows just how easy it is to get caught up in doing what we think is right, and the result of not following God's will.

Riley had to learn the importance of surrender in a very difficult way. By losing the use of her legs, she lost what she held most dear: dance. Dance had become her idol, and it was the thing that she held most dear. It consumed her hours and occupied her mind all the time. Though she had good intentions of sharing her faith when she became a professional dancer, she still let the idea of fame and glamour consume her. This was her end goal and was everything that she was working toward in her life.

In order to fully understand the amazing plans God had in store for her, first she had to surrender the dreams that she held most tightly. Healed by Grace is an amazing film that stresses the importance of surrender in our lives and the amazing things that can come when we listen to God's calling. This film is entertaining and moving, filled with valuable lessons and heart-wrenching moments. Healed by Grace is a delightful film and truly a treasure for the entire family to enjoy together.

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