Genesis Paradise Lost - blu-Ray & DVD 4-disc Set

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Genesis Paradise Lost - Blu-Ray & DVD - 4-Disc Set

Recapturing the week of Creation with biblical accuracy and cutting-edge RealD 3D cinematography and, GENESIS: Paradise Lost brings the first chapter of the Bible to life on screen! With epic orchestration, stunning visual effects, and the latest historical and scientific research, this film explores the context of the highly studied and hotly-debated Biblical text of Genesis. Vivid CG animation and interviews with experts and Ph.D.’s bring together this powerful production to deliver an incredible, thought-provoking investigation into our origins. In the beginning…God!

The increasing attack on a biblical view of Creation and the idea that God created the heavens and the earth continues to be a battleground for which many Christians are still unprepared. By allowing audiences to experience creation on screen and to understand the science behind it, GENESIS: Paradise Lost reinforces how an intelligently designed universe matches both scientific facts and Scripture. By removing the supposed “scientific-stumbling-block” of evolution that barricades many from hearing the Gospel, countless hearts have turned to their Creator.

Special Features:

  • 4-Disc Set includes: Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD, Bonus Disc
  • Bonus Disc with Behind the Scenes
  • Subtitles available in 12 languages
  • Theatrical panel discussion with Ken Ham and Guests.
  • Features: Ken Ham, Dr. Voddie Bacham, Dr. Charles Jackson, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Georgia Purdom, and Ray Comfort

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