The Fathers Love DVD

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  • Director: Sharon Kon
  • Producer: Sharon Kon
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 5/18/11
  • Run Time: 82 minutes
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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The Father's Love

For Sarah, an aspiring filmmaker living in the bustling city of New York City, love has never been easy. However, when she meets, Reese-- the man of her dreams, handsome, wealthy, and charming-- she is swept off her feet. Soon her life revolves around her new found love. As the story unfolds, however, Sarah encounters a series of heartbreaks that shatter her shiny new life. Can she learn to forgive and find the true meaning of love, or will her relationships, old and new, always be bitter memories. The Father's Love tells the journey of Sarah, played by Angela Lin, as she discovers what real relationships look like.


Sarah's life has never been a joyride of love. Her father, whom she loved dearly, walked out on her as a child, and since that day she has always had a difficult time loving freely and forgiving even tiny mistakes. For her, in The Father's Love, life is a bit about survival. Move to New York. Check. Find apartment. Check. Make a few friends. Check. Work on breaking into the film industry. Check ...well, at least she is trying to. When she meets Reece (Erik McKay) one day downtown she is swept off her feet. He fits her "dream man" list. Handsome? Check. Wealthy? Check. Kind? Check. Cares about people? Check. It was a done deal. For a short, glorious time Sarah is happy. She is content, and she feels loved. Then the world comes crashing down on her once again. Reece marries another woman, but claims to still love Sarah. So, for awhile she lives with him "on the side" so to speak, but then the guilt comes creeping in. Her friends keep warning her of the sinking pit she is standing in. In a desperate effort to find the answer Sarah cries out to God, and the rest ...well we'll just say it's a beautiful story of forgiveness and redemption.

Positive Themes

The Father's Love is a film filled with positive messages and themes. The strongest theme, woven throughout the entire film, is forgiveness. Forgiveness, like Sarah discovers, is never easy. Forgiveness, however, is necessary to moving forward and picking up your life again. Like Sarah discovers in The Father's Love forgiveness is essential to real love. If you do not forgive you cannot fully love, and you cannot be fully loved. Most importantly, God's forgiveness is emphasized as the perfect picture of true love. The Father's Love also has a message of hope. For Sarah, she though the past, her mistakes, and the rejection of others defined her future. She thought that because her past was hopeless her future was not bright either. This film shows that sometimes we need to leave the past behind and move forward in hope. If God has forgiven and forgotten our past mistakes, we should too. The Father's Love strongly shows, however, that we must learn from our past. We cannot dismiss the trials, mistakes, and issues we have faced in our past, move on and repeat them. It is important to learn from our past, but also to forgive and move forward. The film The Father's Love also shows that sometimes we need to make tough choices for our own good and the good of others. Sometimes we know what choices need to be made, but we do not make them because we are scared of what we will loose or what might happen. This film shows, however, that if we act on what God has asked us to do, he will follow through and give us things better than we could ever ask for or imagine. Ultimately, the film The Father's Love shows that the only way out of a tough situation is God. It beautifully illustrates the fact that although the love of individuals around us may fail, our Heavenly Father's love is always constant. though we may forget, shun, or block his love, it will always be there.


With stunning cinematography, and wonderful scenes in the hurrying, skyscraper filled town of New York, New York this film makes for a wonderful movie to simply watch. The story of The Father's Love is filled with humorous moments, touching scenes, and times of incredible heartbreak. Ultimately, however, The Father's Love is about learning how to forgive, learning how to love, and learning how to trust your Heavenly Father. The film The Father's Love will speak to viewers who have had difficult times moving on from situations in their past, and remind them that healing comes when you forgive and take a new step forward. The Father's Love serves as a wonderful reminder that true love that will never walk out, make mistakes, hurt, scar or anger you from time to time is only found in the heart of God. Though we may seek it elsewhere, true love is only found and can only be learned from our Heavenly Father. The Father's Love will inspire viewers with its message of redemption, it will challenge viewers to forgive, forget, and move forward, and it will encourage them that their loving, forgiving, trustworthy Heavenly Daddy is always by their side no matter how many times others fail. With messages of hope, forgiveness, freedom from fear, learning from our mistakes, and relying on God's goodness The Father's Love is a wonderful story with many positive elements.

The Father's Love has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and may include topics, and issues that may not be suitable for younger viewers. This film did receive the "Family Approved" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children.

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