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Evolution v. God

What if instead of examining evolution through the eyes of creationists we explored evolution through the eyes of evolutionists? The documentary Evolution v. God does exactly that. Journey with Ray Comfort-- a filmmaker with a strong belief in Intelligent Design-- as he travels to top notch universities throughout the nation to interview some of the most respected evolutionary scientists and professors. As they present their most compelling evidence for evolution prepare to have your faith shaken... your faith in evolution that is.

A New Type Of Documentary

While most intelligent design films feature creationist producers and creationist scientists, Evolution v. God tears down these walls, so to speak, and instead features evolution scientists defending and proving Intelligent Design. Except, the catch is they do not realize they are doing it until it is too late. Ray Comfort met with several widely respected scientists, researchers, and professors all of whom hold the viewpoint of evolution. All individuals knew Ray Comfort was approaching them from a creation and Intelligent Design viewpoint to interview them for his documentary Evolution v. God. What they were not prepared for was the intelligent questioning of evolution that led them in circles, caused them to contradict themselves, and left them completely unable to defend their viewpoint of evolution. In short words, these evolutionary scientists in Evolution v. God defended Intelligent Design without meaning to. Evolution v. God approaches the evolution versus Creation debate from a new perspective, with shaking results-- God's Word stands up against the world.

Ray Comfort-- The Man Behind The Documentary

Ray Comfort was born in New Zealand to a Jewish mother and a non-religious father. Surprisingly, Ray received no religious training in his childhood, and neither Christianity or Judaism was prominent in his home. Somewhere in his young adult life, however, Ray found God, and his life was forever changed. The producer of Evolution v. God first joined the pastoral staff at a non-denominational church in southern California. The New Zealander had a heart for evangelism, however, so in the mid 1990s Ray and Kirk Cameron (Fireproof, Unstoppable, Monumental) started an evangelistic organization and television series called "The Way of The Master." Ray also travels as a speaker, has published more than eighty books, and has participated in debates against both atheists and evolutionary scientists. In addition, Ray launched and runs an organization called "Living Waters" Besides Evolution v. God Ray has also produced several other documentary type films, including "Audacity" and "180." While he is known for his outspoken evangelism, Ray has a heart to help other individuals understand and believe the creation story of God's Word, and has devoted much time and energy toward defending the theory of Intelligent Design. Ray and his wife Sue live in Southern California, and have three grown children.

Why Intelligent Design Is Important

In a world where faith and the Bible are becoming increasingly more attacked is it a surprise that the first chapter of the Bible is being thrown out the window more often than not? And if you throw out the first chapter, you might as well throw out the rest of the book. If you cannot believe the first five words of the Bible, how do you know where you should start believing? These are serious questions, that need equally serious responses and answers. For Creationists like Ray Comfort, showing people that "Creation" is not just a tall tale is the first step. In many ways, films like Evolution v. God are simply about presenting the other side of the argument-- giving people a choice. Many young people in today's world have never been presented the scientific evidence for Intelligent Design, if they have even heard of the theory of Intelligent design at all. Books and films like Evolution v. God are meant to start the conversation, to spark an interest, and to show believers (and non- believers) that there is scientific support for Creation-- that it is not just a story.


Evolution v. God is a powerful tool any educator, parent, or pastor can use to encourage and equip the believers around them. A powerful conversation starter, this film is a stepping stone for discussions and (friendly) debates about evolution v. Creation. Evolution v. God is the perfect film to start a study about Creation with your children. It will inspire viewers old and young to pull out God's Word and dive in deep to see if God's word is trustworthy right in those first five words. This documentary will inspire you to ask questions, to look at the world through inquisitive eyes, instead of taking what the scientists say as complete and perfect truth. Commended by organizations such as Answers in Genesis and Institute for Creation Research (ICR), as well as individuals such as Alex Kendrick, Evolution v. God presents a topic to the world of evolution scientists and waits for their reply.

Evolution v. God has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and may include complex topics and issues. This team did, however, receive the "family approved" award for all ages from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but Evolution v. God is considered appropriate for most audiences.

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