Does God Exist? A Debate 2 DVD Set

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  • Run Time: 105 min
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Does God Exist? 2 DVD Set

Does God Exist? Is a powerful film that documents one of the greatest debates between Christianity and Atheism ever to happen. This 2 DVD set captures every minute on film. Shot on ten different cameras, this recording captures every angle and every possible detail about this debate. This debate took place in 2009, but still remains extremely relevant, even today. William Lane Craig, a well-known Christian apologist takes on Christopher Hitchens, one of the leading voices for the "new atheist" movement. In this film, they debate the existence of God in a fast-paced and knowledge filled battle. Which side will win? Who knows their subject matter better and who is the most grounded in their beliefs? This clash of worldviews and brilliant arguments will provide viewers with everything they need to defend their faith. Does God Exist? is a powerful testament to what God can do and how important it is to study your beliefs so that you can defend them. This 2 DVD set contains everything you need to watch the epic debate, including ten different camera angles that capture every second of the heated debate. Perfect for families and small group study, Does God Exist? is a resource you will not want to miss.

The Debate

Does God Exist? focuses on the great debate that happened on April 4, 2009. A Christian apologist meets a devout atheist. The clash of their beliefs is dramatic and powerful, showcasing just how different the two viewpoints really are.

William Lane Craig decided to start a debate with Christopher Hitchens in order to determine whether God truly exists or not. Their two viewpoints could not be more different, making this debate heated and fast paced. This debate garnered much media attention before it even happened, leading to an overflow audience being present at Biola University, where the debate took place. They even gained global attention, due to the Internet and word spread quickly about their upcoming debate.

The thing that they decided to debate was simple God's existence. This issue is very black and white, and they hold greatly opposing viewpoints. Craig devoutly believes that God exists and has based his whole life on this belief. He has devoted himself to apologetics, which is all about defending the existence of God and the faith that he clings to. Hitchens, on the other hand, firmly believes that there is no God. He has devoted himself to spurring on the atheist movement and encourages others to take a logical stance on their beliefs and deny the existence of God. Does God Exist? shows the build-up before their debate and the way that they were both willing to go to great lengths in order to defend their beliefs. It is clear that they both hold tightly to their ideas and their worldview, both refusing to compromise and reach a truce. Tolerance is not an option, so the only way to settle this is a debate.

Does God Exist? captures every moment of the debate and follows them as they jump from topic to topic. Throughout this film, they cover the creation of the universe, and whether or not this has a design, the morality or lack of it in mankind, Jesus as a divine being, and the resurrection of Christ. Craig believes that the universe was created with a plan and a purpose, which provides evidence for God. He is the intelligent designer behind all life forms and the heavens declare his glory. Hitchens, on the other hand, discounts the intelligent design theory and supports evolution. He says that everything came about by chance and did not require a designer. This helps support his theory that God does not need to exist.

When they cover the topic of human morality, Craig and Hitchens find themselves greatly at odds once more. Craig believes exactly what the Bible says and talks about the fall of mankind, as well as the redemption that Jesus Christ has offered us. Hitchens claims that man is basically good and can do everything for himself. Does God Exist? watches as they debate this topic back and forth, each with a very strong opinion. Hitchens believes that Jesus does not exist, and therefore never came down to Earth. He completely discounts the Bible and states that it is just a storybook made up by someone who wanted to invent a religion. Craig has based his life upon the Bible and has absolutely no doubts that it is the inspired word of God. He believes in absolute truth and in right versus wrong, stating that there can be no good apart from God. The model of sin and redemption does not mean much to Hitchens, because he has no reason to believe in morality. Since he does not believe that God exists in the first place, he says that we have no one to answer to but ourselves.

The Does God Exist? 2 DVD Set includes the entire debate on one disc, as well as bonus features on the other. These features include a pre-debate press conference. Here, Craig and Hitchens are interviewed and quoted. Each has an idea about what the debate will look like, and it is very interesting to see how these hold up to what actually happened in the debate. They are both filled with courage and a passion for their beliefs and are unafraid and unashamed to go up against the other. Another bonus feature includes full interviews with both of them, gleaning information and a deeper insight into why they believe what they believe. A question and answer session with both of them is also included on this bonus features disc, giving viewers even more content to provide insight into the debate.

Does God Exist? is compelling and dramatic, sure to make viewers examine their beliefs. Apologetics are proven to be extremely important, as Craig relies on his training to defend his beliefs. Why do we believe what we believe? How do we defend this to others? Does God Exist? answers these questions and more, providing viewers with answers they need.

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