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  • Cast: Stephen Meyer, Chuck Missler

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DNA by Design is an educational film looking into scientific materialism's foundation, and why it is crumbling. Stephen C. Meyer is a philosopher of science and leads a discussion about how DNA's digital code shows a designing intelligence behind the origin of life.

DNA by Design does something that hasn't been done before, namely presenting a radical, comprehensive case showing evidence for a designing intelligence not merely based on individual features of biology, but by looking at one of the most important constituents in our world: information.

This information has been increasing in recent years. This evidence has been known to scientists mainly in special fields, but much of this information is hidden from the general public. In DNA by Design s theorist and researcher trained at Cambridge University, and director of the Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture, Dr. Meyer brings all of the information and evidence together, powerfully demonstrating that intelligence alone and separate from nature could have brought life on the path it has taken.

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