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  • Run Time: 72 minutes
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Darwin's Dilemma DVD

Darwin's Dilemma is a powerful documentary that seeks to debunk Charles Darwin's theories. This film explores one of the most powerful responses to the ideas of Darwinism the Cambrian fossil record. The Cambrian explosion is looked at thoroughly, and examined through a creationist and an evolutionist viewpoint. Filled with realistic and detailed animation, as well as interviews with scientists around the world, Darwin's Dilemma is a remarkable and extraordinary documentary that will help viewers understand how to refute Darwinian theories.

The Cambrian Explosion

Throughout Darwin's Dilemma, the filmmakers constantly refer to the Cambrian explosion and the fossil record. In order to help viewers fully understand their point, they explain just what the Cambrian explosion is and what it means for intelligent design advocates.

The Cambrian explosion was the sudden and unpredictable arrival of hundreds of unique and detailed creatures arriving. Each of these appeared at once as very complex and advanced, and contained absolutely none of the gradual transitions that Darwin believed in. How on earth did this happen? What does this sudden explosion of complex life mean for Darwinian theories?

This mass rush and explosion of life does not fit with the slow evolution that Darwin talked about in all of his books. The idea of evolution is based completely on slow and gradual changes over millions of years, and this Cambrian explosion makes no sense through a viewpoint of Darwinism. In order for all of these unique animal types to suddenly appear, there had to have been a massive increase in genetic information.

In order for all of this information to suddenly appear, there has to be intelligence or some sort of design behind it. How could it all just spawn without any sort of prompting or creator behind it? Darwin's theories state that everything was formed slowly over time and became more complex as it developed further. However, his theories of evolution cannot explain the Cambrian fossil record or the Cambrian explosion.

The question that Darwin's Dilemma asks is, "Where did this huge increase in genetic information come from?" Throughout the documentary, an answer to this question is provided. After close study and research, the creators of this film and scientists who are interviewed come to realize that there must be a designer behind the Cambrian explosion. A sudden increase of information requires intelligence, and the only theory that makes logical sense and fits perfectly with the evidence presented is that of a divine and all-powerful creator in heaven.

This creation of complex and beautifully designed animal life does not match up with the random processes that are involved in the idea of natural selection. This sudden flood of life and design and information points so strongly back to an intelligent designer that the evidence simply cannot be ignored. Darwin's Dilemma provides viewers with an amazing discussion point and a platform for deep conversation with those who believe in evolution. This film is challenging and provides amazing insight on how to defend one's beliefs and shows how science fits hand-in-hand with creation.

Evidence versus Theories

Throughout Darwin's Dilemma, one thing is very clear. The filmmakers did not rely on theories and the opinions of people to prove their point. Their film is clearly supported by strong evidence and by scientific data. Interviews are sprinkled throughout this film, and each is with a reputable scientist that is very knowledgeable in their field.

What is perhaps most convincing about this film is that many of the interviews are conducted by evolutionary scientists. For instance, evolutionary paleontologists Simon Conway Morris (Cambridge University) and James Valentine (University of California at Berkeley) are interviewed and give their insights on the Cambrian explosion and fossil record. Though they are rooted deeply in the ideas of evolution, the evidence that they provide helps support creationist beliefs.

Throughout the Bible, God talks about his creation and makes it clear that he knows every single detail about the world because he formed it. His fingerprints are evident in every single aspect of the earth. Every last detail about science points back to a divine creator, and this shows his amazing intelligence and design. Evolutionists try to ignore the details that point back to God, but something so large and convincing as the Cambrian Explosion cannot simply be written off.

This massive flood of information and increase in data had to stem from intelligence, and this completely throws a wrench in the theories of Darwinism. The evolutionist theories will not be able to withstand time slowly eroding them, because they are just that theories. Science does not point to evolution or support hardly anything that Darwin said. Many are fooled into thinking that evolution is fact, when it is anything but. Evolution is comprised of the theories of man and has very little scientific evidence to support it. When there is scientific evidence present, it is incomplete and the blanks are either filled in with untrue data or simply glossed over.

Darwin's Dilemma shows all of these things and more. This documentary is powerful and contains bountiful helpful information. The study of the Cambrian explosion is a solid argument against Darwinism. This film is stable and believable, as it contains interviews with both creationists and evolutionists, all scientists who are knowledgeable in their fields and use facts and logic.

This film contains state of the art animation to provide detailed explanations and images, as well as thorough and organized research. The interviews are conducted in an interesting and informative manner, showing that evolutionists cannot help but point science back to God. Though they are resistant to this, their data still contains evidence of an intelligent designer. This poses a huge problem for their theories, and sends their credibility crumbling to the ground. Darwin's Dilemma is that his theories of evolution are simply theories and opinions that cannot be supported by science. Science supports its creator, and that is the one true God.

Darwin's Dilemma is a fascinating and compelling film that will cause viewers to evaluate their faith and their beliefs about the creation of the world.

  • Release: September 21, 2009
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