Christmas Grace DVD

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  • Director: Keith Perna
  • Producer: Keith Perna
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Run Time: 84 min
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
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Christmas Grace DVD

Christmas Grace is a touching and heartwarming Christian film set in the Christmas season. This film tells the story of two rival toy stores, at odds with each other. Each is the other's biggest rivalry in sales, and a confrontation arises. The owner of the new and exciting toy store is all business, not caring if he harms the owners of the other store. In fact, it is his desire to put Gary, owner of the small toy shop, out of business in order to successfully grow his empire of toys. However, in this film, the two rival owners learn an important lesson about the grace we have been given and how this applies to their own lives. Christmas Grace is an entertaining and inspiring film that is perfect for families during the holiday season.


Christmas Grace follows the lives of two men, Jim and Gary, both owners of toy stores.

Gary runs a local toy store, along with his wife Susan. They are not obsessed with business and numbers, but simply love to serve the people and make the children happy. Their store is warm and cozy, inviting to everyone. Their business is running smoothly and things seem to be going quite well.

All this changes, however, when a man named Jim Tollman opens up a brand new toy store right across the street from Gary. This store is shiny and exciting, full of the latest inventions and brand new toys. Gary tries not to worry about his business, as he knows that the people in this town are committed to his store. Jim, however, is a fierce businessman and is determined to eliminate Gary's toy store and use that for his own personal gain.

Immediately, there is a stark contrast between the way that Jim runs things and the way that Gary runs things. Jim is vicious, anxious to eliminate Gary's toy store and get ahead in the world of business. He stops at nothing to ruin the business of the other toy store, even going so far as to pay off a deliveryman so that he will dump an entire order of toys going to Gary's store.

Gary, on the other hand, shows nothing but love and kindness toward Jim. Though he is treated cruelly and is up against fierce competition, he refuses to fight dirty and do the wrong thing in order to sabotage someone else's business. He is a Christian and lets this shine through in every aspect of his life, especially in his dealings toward Jim. Gary responds to the cruel competition with a graceful spirit and a kindhearted attitude. This sets him far apart from Jim, as viewers start to realize where each store owner's heart is at.

As the Christmas season approaches, Gary comes up with a new invention, called the Treasure Ball game. This sets his store apart from Jim's as buyers realize that he is inventive and has created a homey atmosphere for shoppers to be in. They decide to stay loyal to Gary's store and not be swayed by the gigantic toy store right across the street. His business starts prospering, and Jim's slowly starts declining.

Jim's store takes a hard hit as he starts losing customers and is barely able to make a profit. Because of this, his business is greatly threatened. It is a distinct possibility that he could lose his story, and it seems like only a miracle will be able to save his business at this point. This miracle comes in the most unexpected way possible, as it comes in the form of Gary.

Showing nothing but love and kindness, Gary helps Jim get back on his feet and actually helps his business prosper. Though this is in direct opposition to his business, he knows that it is the right thing to do. This shows Gary's true heart as he helps keep Jim's toy store afloat. This shows that, in his heart, Gary sees Jim as a fellow man, not competition.

This teaches the lesson of grace, and shows how God and those who follow him have grace in their hearts. Christmas Grace is a touching and entertaining story about the miracles that come from pure hearts and the blessings that can arise from unexpected friendships. Set amongst two rivaling toy stores in the Christmas season, this film is a family classic to enjoy during the holiday season.

An Unexpected Friendship

Throughout Christmas Grace, the character of Jim changes drastically. In the beginning of the film, he is a hardened businessman, determined to do whatever it takes to eliminate the competition. This so-called competition just so happens to be Gary, the owner of a small toy store. He is a Christian and does not respond to Jim in the way that most people would.

When Jim openly declares a business war on him, Gary does not respond by immediately changing his sales tactics and lowering prices. Instead, he trusts God that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. Jim unabashedly sabotages Gary, going so far as to undercut him in every way. Though he is treated unfairly and with cruelty, Gary does not respond by matching the tactics of his competition. Instead, he responds with a loving attitude and a spirit of grace. This shows a stark contrast between the two men, in the way they do business and in the way that they live their lives.

As the film progresses, Jim starts to lose his business, though he has tried to sabotage Gary. When he is about to fail financially, Gary steps up to help him. Though he has been treated with nothing but opposition and hate, he knows that it is the right thing to do to help Jim out. In doing this, he is providing an excellent example of God's love and grace. Christmas Grace teaches this lesson and more to viewers, as they are taken on an inspiring and entertaining journey through the world of two competing toy stores.

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