Right to Believe DVD

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  • Director: Chip Rossetti
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Approved Ages 12+
  • Release Date: 12/31/65
  • Run Time: 112 minutes
  • Region Code: 1
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Right to Believe DVD

Following our convictions is rarely the easy way.

In Right to Believe DVD, Tony Morris is a burgeoning newspaper journalist. He finds his credibility questioned falsely and is demoted to writing the community section of the paper. Tony doesnt realize that the first assignment for the community section will give him the most important challenges of his career. Right to Believe DVD finds Tony interviewing Markus Fry, the organizer of the town's first Gay Pride Day parade. Tony must choose between his Christian values and moral convictions and writing the story the easy way. If Tony stands up for his convictions, will his entire career come crashing down?

Right to Believe movie is a touching film that explains the importance of our decisions and actions. It also show us that sometimes we'll be confronted by difficult decisions that will make our responsibility clash with what we believe in.

The story of the Right to Believe film

Right to Believe DVD directs its focus on homosexuality, a very contentious subject. The film deals with the subject with compassion, goodness and love and it confronts it well with beliefs strongly deep in the Bible. Due to losing the story he was working on, Tony Morris (Christopher Hunt), a reporter, is given the assignment of covering the Gay Pride day celebrated in the local town for the first time. Tony wants to treat the matter delicately with the upmost care and his wife exhorts him to pray about it. To present the offer in God's hand and see what He would tell him to do since he was going to interview the whole organizer for the event, Markus Fry (Timothy Paul Taylor). Both Tony and Markus make an agreement to a sort of debate and talk about their own individual opinions while maintaining the situation civil. Tony presents his faith as a Christian man and that he has a right to not agree with certain mainstream views and that even though he may not agree he'd still be kind and caring. Through all this, Markus is somewhat hesitant to Tony's remarks and his opinion over the disagreement.

Later on, Tony has a surprising unexpected chance to display the compassion he'd learn about as a ever-growing Christian and reach a life that at first he wouldn't think of reaching out to. The film Right to Believe encourages people to seek and follow the Lord's word and its truthfulness in love. It tells Christian viewers to not shy away from speaking about their belief and faith. To present Jesus' love, to others and teach others about it and exhort those who don't know Him to receive Him with open arms.

The director of Right to Believe, Chip Rossetti

Since Right to Believe DVD director Chip Rossetti started working in the movie-making industry he made the choice to only make movies that would be based on his Christian faith and that would reach people in a much deeper level. Also one of his goals for his films is to impact non-believers into following Christ. Since his start Rossetti has produced, directed and written over 19 films that encourage the theme of family and the Christian faith. Other than working on films, Chip Rossetti has been a part of different television show, documentaries and short films. His first film was "Fathers" which he released in 2012, a movie starring Seth Adair and Mark Clem which touches the spiritual trek of four men who are looking for their location in the world. After the film "Fathers", Rossetti decided to go into the romantic comedy route with his next film called "The Accidental Missionary" (2012) starring Seth and Avery Adair. Returning to the genre of drama, Rossetti released "Homefront" in 2013. A film about a group of soldiers who are held captive in a cell. There they share their life stories and cause an effect in each other's lives. Since the release of the film Right to Believe, the director has released many other projects like The Gospel Writers' Autographs (2014), In Gramps' Shoes (2013), The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah (2015), The Man in the Empty Chair (2015), Love Waits (2015), The Christmas Reunion (2016), The Borrowed Christmas (2014), The Colors of Emily (2017), Andy's Rainbow (2017) and Saving Faith (2017).

The lead actor of Right to Believe DVD, Christopher Hunt, first started acting in 2005 when he was only 20 years old. When his love for acting arrived when he was a college student with a major in computer networking at Vincennes University in Indiana. One of his first jobs was in an Independent film set as a production assistant and extra. Being behind the cameras made him study the craft of acting in a more in depth way and made him more motivated to be in front of it.

If he wasn't working on a movie he would maintain growing as an actor and would continue researching about the craft and practice whenever he could. While his dream was to become an actor, he continued to support himself by working as a security guard and would occasionally do some computer work. In 2009, Hunt made the decision to join the United States Air Force and support his country. Although he made that courageous decision, his goals and dreams of becoming an actor were still there in his mind and heart. After returning from the Air Force, Christopher moved to Los Angeles, California to develop his acting career. In 2013 Hunt got the opportunity to appear in the film Right to Believe as local newspaper reporter, Tony Morris. To this day, one of Christopher Hunt's dreams is to one day share the screen with fellow actor John Schneider.

Right To Believe Film Info

Right to Believe DVD was released in February of 2014 and it was directed by Chip Rossetti (Where was God). The film runs for approximately 1 hour and 52 minutes. Starring in Right To Believe movie is Christopher Hunt (One More Round), Timothy Paul Taylor (Where Was God) and Donald James Parker (Best Friends Eternally).

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