Owlegories Vol 3 - The Fire - The Duck - The Seasons - DVD

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Owlegories Vol 3 DVD

Owlegories Vol. 3 is a collection of three animated adventures in the Owlegories series. Through these episodes you will learn about God and His nature and learn valuable faith-based lessons through their adventures. The Owlegories series features beautiful animation and character design and as you go through these episodes, your kids will be amazed and inspired by the incredible lessons they learn. Centered around Christ, this series teaches kids all about the importance of God and his word while teaching in the same style as Jesus taught; allegories and parables. The creators of Owlegories realize that kids are smart. Allegories are a very neat style for them to teach through and when done well, they can stick in kids' minds and make a lasting impact on them.

As kids learn about the Bible and God's word, they will come to understand allegories and metaphors found right here in nature. The hope behind Owlegories is that kids will be able to see God in all that they do, wherever they go, and when they play outside. As they explore God's nature, they can see how God has created everything around them and it can be a real encouragement for children in their faith.

Created by a family, Owlegories was designed to be played by families. As families watch these episodes together they can learn all about God's incredible nature and see how a loving God was able to create an entire world. Owlegories was created by a husband and wife and their two kids, along with all of their family and friends. They hope that this series can be an encouragement to you and your family as you raise your children to understand and to love God. Through the three adventures found on Owlegories Vol. 3, you will learn about how God is a loving and personal God, rather than an impersonal and far-off deity. He is a God who cares so much about us that he sent His one and only son to die on a cross and lose His life for us. You can discover a lot about the nature of an artist in His creation, and this is true even of God Himself! Owlegories Vol. 3 contains three new adventures to help you and your children strengthen your faith through incredible stories of God.

Based on an App

Owlegories originally came from an app that was used to help kids find out more about God, their creator. This storybook app turned out to be successful and the same family team that put the app together decided to start creating videos to reach more and more kids. This app was originally created by the Boto family: a husband and wife and their four kids. They originally created the storybook app so that their kids could learn about God and the beauty of creation. Now, they have joined with other partners, like Chad Gundersen and Keith Alcorn to turn this into a series of episodes to help reach kids and families with a message of the Creator.

Three Brand New Episodes

Owlegories Vol. 3: The Fire, The Duck, and The Seasons features three new episodes, each one talking about God's incredible nature through His creation. In this series you will learn about how things are refined through fire, the greatest gift of all, and the overall sovereignty of God. As you follow the group of student owls, they will travel on adventures to learn more about God, faith, and the nature that is all around us. Each lesson has a different take on God's word by focusing on an element of God's nature. And as you learn more about his nature through allegories, you will come to understand what an incredible creator He truly is!

Episode 1: The Fire

In the first episode on Owlegories Volume 3, the owls follow The Professor as he takes them into an ancient refinery to learn about the nature of God. The owls learn three different ways that God is like fire as they learn about pure gold is refined. In the end of the episode, there is a recap by Ben Stuart, who is the Executive Director of Breakaway Ministries. As you focus on fire and how God's very nature can be seen through the nature of fire, you will learn more about the key found in Hebrews 12:28-29.

Episode 2: The Duck

In the middle episode of the DVD, the class once again goes on a journey, this time to the swamp to see an old college roommate of Professor Owlester's. Played by the popular character from the television series Duck Dynasty, Uncle Si, they discover three of the greatest gifts God has given to us. As the owls learn, they get to know Professor Owlester's roommate better. Prepare for a hilariously fun time as you learn more with Uncle Si! Uncle Si also presents the end of the episode recap, which focuses on the key verse 1 Peter 4:10.

Episode 3: Seasons

In the final episode, the gang gets high-tech as they go on an exciting journey through a souped-up simulator to explore the different seasons. As they journey through summer, winter, spring, and fall, they see ways that followers of Christ can obey Him through examining the seasons. The episode ends with a special recap by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart. As he walks you through what you learned, he reminds us of the key verse, Ecclesiastes 3:1


Owlegories, this new and exciting animated series, teaches kids all about God through nature and shows how we can see his very nature by examining our world. While we learn about following God, God's nature, and the gifts he gives to us, we can come to find just how clear it is that God created nature. Featuring special guests, including Si Robertson from the popular show Duck Dynasty and the successful brand Duck Commander, Owlegories is an exciting and innovative new children's show perfect for kids of all ages. If you're looking for content that is clean and family-friendly, look no further than Owlegories Vol. 3.

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