Love Finds You In Charm DVD

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  • Cast: Trevor Donovan, Danielle Chuchran, Drew Fuller, Meg Wittman
  • Director: Terry Cunningham
  • Producer: Chevonne O'Shaughnessy, Cindy Bond, George Shamieh, Terry Cunningham
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 1/11/12
  • Run Time: 93 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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Love Finds You in Charm | Christian Movies & DVDs

Love Finds You in Charm is a romantic and inspiring film about finding one's true identity. Emma Miller, a young Amish woman seems to have it all within the Amish community a handsome suitor, a pure heart, and a family that loves her. However, an opportunity arises that calls her outside of her home and she chooses to accept. Unbeknownst to most people, she has a deep love for adventure and travel and wishes to see the world, though this is against traditional Amish beliefs. As Emma accepts the new adventure awaiting her, she finds her heart torn between two different men. One is a young Amish man who is intriguing and comforting at the same time, while the other is an English man who edits a food blog. She feels herself being pulled in two very different directions and must come to terms with a very important decision. Love Finds You in Charm is filled with humor, romance, and an inspiring message about identity. This film received the Dove Foundation's seal of approval for families to watch together.


Love Finds You in Charm opens in the quiet Amish community where Emma Miller resides. Her life is progressing in a comfortable and somewhat expected manner. She is very beautiful and captures the attention of many young men, but her main suitor is the most eligible young man within their community. He is quite fond of Emma, and it is expected that they will marry soon.

Though on the outside, Emma appears to be the perfect Amish young woman, she has a secret obsession. She loves to read fiction novels, especially Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Though this is against the rules of the church, she is obsessed with the characters and the romance held within this book. Love Finds You in Charm shows Emma's great heart for adventure and her longing for something different. She is restless and wishes to see the places outside of her small Amish community.

An opportunity arises for her to leave her home and move to the town of Charm, Ohio. Her recently widowed cousin Lydia asks if Emma would be able to come live there with her in order to help her run things at her household. Almost instantaneously, Emma accepts this offer and packs her bags for Charm. Her heart is excited and full of hope for the future. Though she loves her family and friends in her hometown, she wishes to travel elsewhere and decides that this is a good opportunity for her.

Love Finds You in Charm follows Emma as she travels from Indiana all the way to Charm and her adventures that take place there. With her vibrant personality and kind heart, Emma makes many friends very quickly. She meets a librarian named Kelly Bennett, and the two instantly have a connection. Though they are very different women with very different lives and experiences, they find a kindred spirit in one another and are able to help each other navigate the life of living in Charm. Emma, on one hand, is coming there to seek adventure and to break away from the monotony and stagnancy of her old life. On the other hand, Kelly has come to Charm in order to escape from the chaos of her life and hopefully find a fresh start. Though they have come from different situations, they both are desirous of a fresh start and a new adventure.

While helping Lydia on her farm, Emma meets a young man named Noah. He is from the Amish community and has offered his services to Lydia in order to help her maintain the farm. Emma is instantly drawn to him, as he is very intelligent and intriguing. He is not the typical young Amish man, but loves books and learning. Farm work is not something that he wants to do for the rest of his life, and he desires to do something more. Emma is drawn to his spirit and finds herself beginning to develop feelings for him.

However, Love Finds You in Charm also finds Emma being drawn to another man, one who is very different from her. She has her very own recipe for goat cheese, and begins to sell this at a bed and breakfast and receives recognition for it. This draws the attention of a wine and cheese blog editor, named Andy. He is an Englisher, but has an unexpected connection with Emma. He is very interested in her cheese, but becomes even more interested in Emma herself. The two connect in a surprising way and Emma begins to feel her heart drawn toward him.

This causes her to become caught in quite a predicament. She can feel herself falling for two very different men. One is an Amish man, while the other is an Englisher. She knows that Noah shares many of her same interests, and fits in with the life that she is used to. Emma sees how intelligent and kind he is and realizes that her family would very much approve of him. However, Andy is unexpected and an adventure in himself. He is far removed from the Amish world and has not grown up in the same way that Emma has. He is so very different from her, and yet is not that different at all. His heart is connected to Emma and she realizes that she has feelings for him as well. Her family, however, would most definitely not approve of him because he is not Amish.

Love Finds You in Charm sees Emma wrestling with her heart and her true emotions. Does she love both Noah and Andy, or is one of them her true soulmate? How is she supposed to choose between the one that would keep her connected to the Amish community and the one that will give her the adventure of a lifetime? This film shows Emma's journey to finding out who she truly is, and the high price that this may cost her.

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