In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom DVD

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  • Director: Noah Lamberth
  • Producer: Natalie Grant
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 68 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 0
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In Plain Sight Movie

In Plain Sight is a powerful documentary distributed by Word Films that sheds light on the sex trafficking going on in our own cities. We like to think that these horrific acts only happen elsewhere, or in big cities like Las Vegas or New York. But the truth is that this is happening everywhere around us, right in front of us. This documentary helps bring to light some of the disturbing truths that this is going in plain sight: right near us and in our hometowns. Executive produced and narrated by Natalie Grant, this unique film is a powerful look at what is going on around us and what we can do to put a stop to it.

This documentary hopes to be more than a negative look at the tragedies in our world. The main focus in In Plain Sight is on the hopeful stories of people who have overcome sex trafficking and are finding their way back to freedom and forgiveness. This documentary is not designed to make you sad for the world, it's designed to help you understand the issue and get involved in putting an end to it. The filmmakers have come to the realization that this is a real tragedy, and one often overlooked by our culture. In Plain Sight helps document 6 cases of people who are trying to help and what they are doing to end sex trafficking near them. Journeying through six U.S. cities, In Plain Sight documents the hope and true change being brought about by active people throughout the United States.

The Truth About Sex Trafficking

In Plain Sight does a magnificent job at communicating the issue without going out of its way to be sexualized for shock value or to draw in more people. It doesn't revel in the shock, it tells the truth honestly and seriously. They realize this isn't an issue to joke about or make light of. It is a very serious issue facing our culture. Often we as Americans like to think of sex trafficking as an issue that takes place around the world and in lesser developed countries. It's usually labeled as an "international issue", a situation that is facing other countries in the world. We even understand that depravity like this is common at popular sporting events and in places like Las Vegas. But we don't realize that this is an issue facing our nation as a whole.

We can also see illegal immigrants being forced into America and being sold into slavery and prostitution. But a 2011 survey indicated that over 80 percent of sex trafficking cases in America were American citizens. This is a real issue, and it's happening In Plain Sight. The facts state that 80% of sex trafficking victims are women and girls and roughly 50% are minors. 90% of prostituted women were physically abused as children. 70% of sex trafficking is related to organized crime. And 75% of women in slavery and trafficking have admitted to having attempted suicide.

In this documentary, they will uncover the facts and present them in a staggering and sobering manner. The average age of girls sold into tracking is 12-14. These are young girls and minors. This is an issue that is happening all over as well. Whether acquired through shady online websites, truck stops, or even residential areas and motels. It can be found all over and as they find in In Plain Sight, trafficking was even occurring near to their residential area.

What They're Doing to Stop It

While all of these facts are incredibly heart-breaking, it doesn't matter if we don't take action. If we simply read these facts and stay disappointed and heartbroken but don't do anything about it, we're not doing anything to put a stop to this. As the above statistics and the In Plain Sight documentary prove, it's happening everywhere, in a variety of venues, and often. But what are they doing to put an end to it, and what can we do to help? In Plain Sight has released three different items to help raise awareness of these issues: this documentary, a 31-day study guide, and finally a benefit music album to help fund the Hope for Justice foundation.

The documentary, In Plain Sight, ultimately achieves three purposes. In the beginning of the film, it merely hopes to raise awareness of the issue. It wants to make you aware of the facts and help you to realize that this is a legitimate issue that needs attention immediately. Once it helps you understand the issue, it then shows you how people are helping to fix the issue. Rather than simply leave you feeling hopeless and depressed, it provides no less than 6 examples of people across the country that are transforming lives and making a positive difference in the sex trafficking industry. Journeying through Sacramento, Little Rock, Nashville, Baltimore, Dallas, and Houston, In Plain Sight shows how people across the country are helping restore the lives of those trapped in the trafficking industry.

The final step of the film is the most critical: how you can help. They are working hard to raise awareness about these issues so that you will help them put a stop to it as well. They provide you helpful tools and ministries you can get involved in so you can help make a difference in your own community. They encourage you to get involved and make a difference in your own community so together we can work to put a stop to trafficking once and for all, not just in America but internationally.


In Plain Sight contains a call to action. It asks you, the viewer, will you answer this call? Will you help make a difference and end trafficking and slavery? If you are incensed by the horrible things going on around you, will you do what you can to put a stop to it? This is a powerful documentary that will help motivate you to make a difference. It gives you the tools to help end this horrible crisis facing our nation and asks the viewer to help them in their battle to end trafficking.

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