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Icons of Evolution DVD

Icons of Evolution is a film that focuses on dismantling Darwin's theories of evolution and showing the scientific evidence for a Creator. For years, Darwin's theories have been taught and presented not as theories, but as accepted beliefs and truth. However, new scientific evidence is emerging that is poking holes in evolutionist beliefs, putting Darwin's theory under more scrutiny than ever before. The well-known "Icons of Evolution" such as the Tree of Life and the finches of the Galapagos Islands have been proven to be based upon faulty logic and extremely outdated evidence that no longer holds true. This movie is ideal for anyone who is searching for the truth in the scientific world. Presented in an informative yet interesting style, Icons of Evolution is a great source of knowledge and a wonderful film.

Icons of Evolution: The Book

Icons of Evolution began as a book, written by Jonathan Wells in 2001. Wells is an advocate for intelligent design and is involved with the Discovery Institute. In his book, he went about dismantling the theory of evolution by targeting the way it is taught.

Among Creationist circles, this book was well received and highly praised. Intelligent design scientists thought that it proved a great point and did a wonderful job of bringing down the theories of evolution. However, those in secular scientific circles were not pleased with Wells' book. Many scientists who were quoted in the book came right out and claimed that they were misrepresented in the book. Quotes from a famous scientist who hold to evolutionary belief were believed to have been twisted to fit Wells' purpose, though there is no proof that this happened. Teachers were angered because it appeared to them that Icons of Evolution was saying that they were deliberately misleading children.

Wells' book caused a great uproar, as many scientists became quick to defend their beliefs. Their viewpoint was being attacked and they couldn't believe what Wells had done. However, Wells stated that he never intended to attack anyone and that he did not misquote anyone. The whole purpose of this book was to reveal the truth to others, so why twist the truth in order to do this? He was extremely brave and attempted to dismantle the central unifying paradigm of biology, as some scientists believe evolutionary theory is.

Though full of passion and Biblical truth, Icons of Evolution did have a few problems. Wells' research was not quite as thorough as it needed to be, and evolution was misrepresented in a few ways. Some of the diagrams that Wells used to point out flaws in evolution had already been proven faulty by the evolutionist scientists and replaced by different ones. Greatly angered by the misconceptions in this book, scientists stated that this book was nothing and would be forgotten by everyone. However, Wells made a great statement in the realm of evolution, accomplishing exactly what he intended to.

The Miller-Urey Experiment

The Miller-Urey Experiment was an attempt to simulate the conditions on the early earth and test the theory of chemical evolution. In Icons of Evolution, Wells argues that since the atmospheric composition used in the Miller-Urey Experiment is now known to be incorrect, it should not be taught in classrooms. This theory of evolution is taught based on evidence that is proven to be wrong. Wells berated textbooks that included diagrams of the Miller-Urey Experiment because the condition used in the experiment was wrong, proving the theory of chemical evolution incorrect. However, secular scientists were angered because of this attack on their teaching methods. Wells found something very interesting in this. Why are evolutionary scientists trying to use information that has been proven to be incorrect in their teaching?

The Miller-Urey Experiment was used as one of the Icons of Evolution disproved by Wells. The main point of his book is to point out that the pillars of Darwinism and Evolutionist thinking are faulty. Their main supports and beliefs are flawed, leading to a crumbling theory. What's terrifying is that this theory is blindly accepted by culture and those involved in academics. Many scientists are blind to the inconsistencies and faults that are pieced together to form evolutionism.

Wells was extremely brave to write such a book exposing the faults in evolutionist thinking. It's easy to not research your beliefs and accept evolutionist theories simply because they are what the culture has accepted. However, the countless flaws and inconsistencies in these theories make them entirely impossible to believe. It is always important to thoroughly know your beliefs and not just believe them because they're what you've been taught. Independent research is crucial, as it allows you to find out the whole truth about your beliefs.

Though a valiant attempt and bravely written, Icons of Evolution did not have quite the impact on secular circles that Wells was hoping. Instead of revealing to them the flaws in their theory, it made them angry. They clung tighter to their beliefs and their theories and became more unwilling to examine their theories closely. However, it did spark those in Creationist circles to examine their beliefs and make sure that what they were teaching lined up with the Bible. Intelligent design advocates became more vocal and started a chain reaction, furthering the spread of Creationist beliefs and causing people to examine their beliefs.

Icons of Evolution was produced by ColdWater Media and was released in 2002. Bonus materials in the film include numerous helpful resources, such as websites and books. These make this film a wonderful teaching tool for those looking to learn more about Darwinism and Creationist beliefs. Also included is frequently asked questions about evolution answered by experts. This helps to guide viewers in their journey of scientific knowledge and provides them with basic, fundamental answers.

Icons of Evolution is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. However, it is considered suitable for all audiences. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their family.

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