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  • Run Time: 12/31/97
  • Screen Format: 96minutes
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The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse

The year is 90 A.D. The place is the Roman Empire. The man is John, the last remaining disciple. From the Emmy award-winning series The Bible Collection comes to a story surrounding the events in the later years of John's life--The Apocalypse.

The Roman Emperor Domitian has just launched a brutal war against Christianity in his Empire, and he wants John's remaining influence over the churches finished forever. John, imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos is sending letters of encouragement to the struggling churches, but he is soon to receive a vision that will become his most famous letter of all---the Book of Revelation. When the church in Ephesus begins to worry about John they send a young woman by the name of Irene to Patmos, but the Romans are in the game too, sending a young Roman by the name of Valerius who is posing undercover as a devout Christian.

The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse stars Richard Harris (in one of his final roles) as John, Bruce Payne as Emperor Domitian, Vittoria Belvedere as Irene the Ephesian, and Benjamin Sadler as Valerius. With plenty of action, suspense, twists in the plot, Biblical truths, history, and a splash of romance, the film The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse will entertain everyone. Viewers will also be encouraged and inspired by John, his faith, and his vision that would become the last book of our Bible, Revelation.

A New Take On Revelation

While films based on the book of Revelation and the theme of the Apocalypse are quite abundant, for the most part, they transport Apocalyptic type events into a modern day setting, with plenty of violence added in for good measure. Few have little, if anything, to do with the actual book of Revelation itself. The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse, however, takes a fresh spin-off of an old topic placing their storyline in the first century world, and, in many ways bringing the events to life.

The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse features many scenes in which John's visions are brought to life. Many sections from the book of Revelation are visualized on the screen, making for a powerful presentation of the book. The film also weaves together a story the viewers can connect with. As the forces of good and evil begin to collide across the Empire, John entrusts the only written record of his vision to Irene. He begs her to spread the message it contains with the rest of the churches throughout the world. She is faced with her own challenges and snares, however. A romantic entanglement between her and the charming yet dangerous Valerius could endanger John's account, and when his real nature is revealed, she struggles to extend the same mercy and forgiveness that she believes in.

Valerius himself adds an interesting and exciting component to the plot of The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse. This Christian hating Roman is ready to squash the religious stirrings in Domitian's empire, but the man who lives in secret has yet to learn secrets of his own. When he discovers his birth parents were actually Christian martyrs he is rocked to the core, and the acceptance and grace the Christians in Ephesus--particularity that of the pretty Irene--soon have him questioning his actions and beliefs. Will he truly turn from his deceitful dagger in the dark ways, however, or will John's words be lost forever?

The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse offers a fresh perspective on the account of Revelation. A focus on the actual book of Revelation itself adds a much more Biblical perspective to the film, and the less violent focus makes this a movie the entire family will enjoy together!

John--The Man Who Saw A Vision

The basis of the film The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse is the vision John saw while imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos. John was one of Jesus' twelve disciples. In the Bible, we first meet John mending fishing nets with his Father and brother James as their boat gently rocked in the Sea of Galilee. As we read the account, Jesus called to them, and they immediately left their boats to follow him (see Matthew 4:22). John had a heart that did not hesitate or question when God spoke, he listened and he acted--this is a valuable lesson you will see in The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse. John would journey with and learn from Jesus throughout Jesus' time on earth. When Jesus departed, John would be one of the first to boldly stand and proclaim the gospel as he and Peter stood before the Jewish council after healing a lame man in the Temple (read this account in Acts 3:1-4:22). His boldness and commitment to the gospel would eventually lead to his imprisonment on Patmos near the end of his life. Even then, however, John allowed God to use him. He wrote many letters to the first century churches, and recorded his vision in Revelation. John--portrayed wonderfully by Richard Harris in The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse--is an example of courage, heart, and obedience to God. Viewers will be challenged, inspired, and encouraged by his faith and example.


This new film in the Bible Collection series will delight viewers of all ages and backgrounds. The Biblical truths and presentation of John's vision of Revelation combined with an enjoyable story of intrigue and adventure in the first century Roman Empire in The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse creates an enjoyable film for the entire family. Be encouraged by John's faith, challenged by Irene's example, reminded by Valerius' struggle, and refreshed by the story of Revelation.

The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, and may include topics and issues not suitable for younger viewers. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse is considered appropriate for most audiences.

DVD Features:

  • Rated: Not Rated
  • Region: Region 1 (USA, Canada)
  • Languages: English
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Time: 96 minutes
  • Release:2002

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