94 Feet DVD

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  • Cast: Larry Wilcox, Jeremy Childs, Charles 'Skeeta' Jenkins
  • Director: Chip Rossetti
  • Release Date: 4/18/12

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94 Feet Movie, A family sticks with God through a mining disaster


In a small mining town, it seems that everything is spinning out of control in 94 Feet, a new film from Rossetti Productions. Chris and Denise Rossi, a family that has been a central part of the small town for decades is considering leaving the town after their main industry, mining begins to dry up. As the town falls into disarray and the large majority of the workers in the mining industry are laid off, it seems that this could be the end of their town. While the mining company does their best to keep everyone from leaving the town, it could be the end.

The only thing that could save this town is a disaster, which comes in the form of an unexpected explosion at the mine. The town is shocked by the event, as ripples echo through the town. The townspeople are familiar with the mining industry and they understand what this means everyone in the mine is likely either trapped or dead. Through the comfort supplied by only God, Denise and the other townsfolk must work through the event and do their very best to save Chris and the other workers before they become buried alive.

Before the Accident

Living a small town where the predominant industry is mining, Chris and Denise Rossi are a small, but happy family. Chris works in the mines to provide for his family, but soon runs into trouble when he finds that work is beginning to dry up. He is told by his bosses one day after work that they are planning on laying off a large portion of the company, as much as 70 to 75% of the workers. Chris begins to realize that their town's days are numbered. As the layoffs begin and people begin to leave, seemingly everyone begins to realize that the town is quickly dying.

At a town meeting one night, Chris announces the devastating news that their family will be looking for another job and leaving the town very soon. A staple of the town for many years, this comes as a blow to everyone in the town that knew Chris and Denise. But, the hard fact of the matter is they can't support themselves here much longer, and they need to look for other offers. Chris and Denise wrestle with the decision, as they have truly made this small mining town their forever home. But Chris reminds Denise that home is not this town; it is wherever their family is. And so if they need to leave and look for a home elsewhere, they will form it there.

The next day, Chris informs his boss that he is leaving the town and that he will be quitting his job very soon. His boss, Shane Owen, does not respond in kind, blaming Chris for everything that has happened and telling him he is a coward for leaving the town. Shane wants Chris to stay and help rebuild the mining industry. But Chris tells Shane he's not a hero, and he can't save the town. Chris believes the town is over and everyone needs to simply pack up and leave.

After the Accident

Chris makes his journey to his last day of work, planning on working one more day and calling it quits. But unfortunately, God had other plans for him as this would be the day of the accident. While Chris is at work and Denise is at home packing and planning everything for their big move away from the city, a cave-in occurs. Denise and her mother wander outside to find the source of the strange shaking that had just erupted through the town. Much to their shock and horror, they realize that it has come from the mines right where Chris is.

On the outside, Denise, her mother, the rescue workers, and everyone else left in the town does what they can to try and get Chris out. But the issue is, they're 94 feet under hardened rock, dirt, and debris, with seemingly no way to ever get them out. They worry about their food supplies, their water supplies, and even if they'll be able to breathe down there. Denise has to begin to come to terms with the fact that she may never see her husband again. He may be stuck down there for the rest of his life, if he's not dead already.

Down below, Chris and a few surviving workers must figure out how to get out from their situation. They realize that they could very well end up dead down there. There seems to be no hope, and it is in this desperate situation that the people on both sides of these 94 feet turn to God as their higher power to intercede. Looking for peace, hope, and way out of their situation, they begin praying to God, hoping He can provide them with a way out of their situation. When all seems grim and they're at their darkest moments is when God is made most known.


In the end, this is a film about the providence of God and finding peace and comfort through him. When the world is thrown into chaos and it seems that Chris and his co-workers will never make it out of the cave-in, his wife Denise is given an inexplicable peace that could only truly come from God. This film is a positive reminder that God will always be a powerful source of comfort for us in times of need. When we need someone to turn to and it seems that everything in our world has gone wrong, we can always look to God for comfort in our moments of struggling. 94 Feet references several Biblical scriptures that are also a great reminder in times of need. Finally, it helps us to remember that prayer is a critical action in these kinds of dire situations.

Produced by Chip Rosetti and featuring some popular actors, including Larry Wilcox (Co-star Captain Jon Baker on the 1970's TV show C.H.i.P.S.), this incredible movie is a wonderful reminder and an encouraging story. Featuring a gripping story and intense drama, this movie will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation, fear, and hope.

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