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  • Cast: Lee Strobel
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  • Run Time: 60 minutes
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The Case for a Creator DVD

The Case for a Creator is the true story of Lee Strobel, a Christian apologetics author. As a freshman in high school, Strobel was positive that there was no God. He believed that science was the only truth and that nothing apart from this could be trusted. The only reason the earth existed was that of chance and slow evolution. Strobel became a journalist for the Chicago Tribune and wrote articles based on his firm beliefs in evolution. However, in 1980, his wife became a Christian. This conversion sent him on an extensive journey through science to answer the question of God's existence.

How does the human body prove that God exists? What does astronomy have to do with a divine creator? Does modern science really support the belief that the earth is young? The Case for a Creator answers all these questions and more as Strobel interviews scientists and other scholars.

Based on Lee Strobel's award-winning book, The Case for a Creator, this movie shows his fantastic journey from questioning the existence of God the creator to believing wholeheartedly.

Discovering the Creator

It's not easy for someone so deeply rooted in atheism to make a full conversion to Christianity. Satan's tentacles of doubt and disbelief take strong hold of a person, making it hard to ever believe again. This was the case with Lee Strobel. He had been strongly influenced by atheists and was completely enveloped in their theology.

As a young man, Strobel attended the University of Missouri, a secular college. There he received a journalism degree. This degree was presented to him from a worldly university with a secular mindset. He then went on to study law at the Yale School of Law, another secular school. His entire life, he had been strongly influenced by the world. The knowledge of man was what he believed fueled the world and its discoveries. In Strobel's mind, there was no room for God. He saw no evidence of God, nor did he see the world as being intelligently designed.

Later in life, he became a journalist for the Chicago Tribune. He wrote his articles with an atheistic mindset, never considering Christianity. However, God began to get ahold of his family in ways that Strobel could never have imagined. It started with his wife's conversion to Christianity. She began to acknowledge the presence of God and eventually began a personal relationship with the Creator.

Strobel began to see the changes in his wife, but was still skeptical of her faith. Being a man who relied on logic and scientific processes, he decided to question the existence of God. He needed hard evidence, so he began The Case for a Creator. This process involved interviews with Christian apologists and those who were advocates for intelligent design. The more Strobel researched, the more he saw the fingerprints of God. Everything in science seemed to point back to an intelligent designer. However, he was still not convinced, so he conducted further research.

His investigation eventually led him to conduct interviews with different scientists, scholars, and theologians, including Stephen C. Meyer, a well-known philosopher of science. Meyer discussed the relationship between science and religion with Strobel, and his eyes began to be opened. Strobel began to recognize the ties that held scientific processes together with truths from the Bible. The evidence presented to him through his investigation was astounding, and he could no longer deny the existence of God the Creator.

Strobel's Case for a Creator covers topics such as the flaws in evolutionary thinking, the Big Bang, cosmological arguments, the origin of life, the anthropic principle, the Rare Earth hypothesis, irreducible complexity, as well as how near-death experiences lead back to a divine Creator.

A Multitude of Cases

Strobel has become a great witness for Christ, as he appeals to logical thinkers and scientists. He is able to identify with scholars and scientists who have doubts about the existence of God, because he was once one of them. He knows how to present a case in such a way that the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable.

The Case for a Creator is not the only Christian movie that Strobel has created. He has also made The Case for Christ, as well as The Case for Faith.

The Case for Christ chronicles Strobel's journey from a lack of belief to a complete and overwhelming faith in God. It goes deep into his atheist background and explores the questions he asked and the answers he found. This movie is a documentary in which Strobel interviews thirteen evangelical Christian scholars to find out why they believe Christ exists. Not only does it explore the existence of God, but it also explores and proves the reliability of the Word of God. It is an inspiring journey of a highly intellectual man who was once convinced that there was no God and is now a spiritual warrior for Christ.

Strobel's other film, The Case for Faith, is an in-depth study of the objections and doubts that many holds against God. Strobel has a unique and appealing perspective, as he has been on the other side of belief and is able to identify with those who are wrestling with their doubts about God. This documentary covers topics such as the alignment of miracles and science, the question of evil, the doubts about God's goodness, as well as the tainted history of the church. Strobel asks questions such as, "Is God still sovereign when innocents die?" and "Is Jesus the only way I can access heaven?". Come along on a faith-filled journey that will leave you with answers to the questions you've been asking. Strobel encourages viewers to assess their faith and grow deeper relationships with Christ. The Case for Faith is not something to be taken lightly, but is an intellectual journey from great doubt to mighty faith.

Strobel has also written many books, including The Case for the Real Jesus and The Case for Christianity Answer Book.

The Case for a Creator is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is recommended for families to watch together. As always, parents are encouraged to review all content to determine what is appropriate for their children.

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