Beyond The Mask DVD

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  • Director: Chad Burns
  • Producer: Aaron Burns
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Release Date: 9/7/11
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Beyond the Mask

Get ready for an exciting ride in this thrilling action-adventure Christian movie. Produced by the Burns brothers, Beyond the Mask is an exciting film that takes place during the American Revolution. Follow along with the film's star William Reynolds as he tries to start a new life after leaving his old life as an assassin for the British East India company. After a narrow escape from death upon retiring from his life as an assassin, he finds adjusting to his new life incredibly difficult. Taking on the role of a pastor, he tries to become the local town's new head pastor. But there's just one issue with this plan -- he's not a pastor and has never entertained spiritual or theological thoughts in his entire life. When the people in his congregation begin to see through his facade, he begins to worry that his cover will be blown and the people who have made attempts on his life will come back for him. Will WIlliam be able to maintain his "mask" of lies, or will the truth be seen through? The situation is worsened when William falls in love with local young woman, Charlotte Holloway. Find out what happens to William and his massive facade in the thrilling Christian film Beyond the Mask!

The Story Behind Beyond the Mask

Beyond the Mask braves some new territory for Christian movies. While many Christian movies tell either Biblical-period pieces or modern-age dramas, this is a Revolutionary war-era piece full of exciting action and period sets, costumes and props. The film does an excellent job at avoiding common anachronisms and everything in the film looks true to the period and the time in which it was set. This is no easy feat for a film, and to take it yet another step further, the Burns brothers decided to make this largely an action film, with exciting scene full of exciting, blockbuster-style stunts and effects. The whole film was an incredible labor of love and the directors and producers went the extra mile in every area to make sure the film looked set in the proper period, the costumes were high quality and the effects and action sequences looked just as good as you would see in any Hollywood film with a much larger budget.

In order to get Beyond the Mask made, they needed a lot of support, and that's why the creators of this film took to Kickstarter to help raise the necessary funds to be able to make this dream of theirs come true. Back in 2011, they launched their Kickstarter campaign looking to raise $20,000 to help make their dream a reality. They were able to surpass their goal, bringing in $24,000 to help with production of the film. The film features Andrew Cheney playing the lead character of William Reynolds. They were also able to bring on other talent like Kara Killmer and John Rhys-Davies, famous for his role in the Lord of the Rings films as the short, hot-headed dwarf by the name of Gimli.

The Story

The film begins with William Reynolds, an assassin working for his boss (played by John Rhys-Davies). As a member of the British East India Company, Reynolds understands that the company is involved in a variety of illegal and unethical activities.So Reynolds is hired to do a lot of the business' dirty work, including taking out key characters in their competition. While Reynolds doesn't enjoy killing or trying to stay under the radar and above the law, it's a way he can make good money and survive in the Revolutionary War-era world. In the beginning of this film, we find himself set for a retirement. He has decided to leave the British East India Company, and so he receives his payment and sets off for new adventures. However, as his carriage departs, he learns that the carriage is sabotaged and is about to explode. Narrowly escaping with his life, Reynolds takes off, ready to start a new life and stay as far away from the British East India Company as he possibly can.

This leads him to a small village where he takes on the guise of a local pastor. He takes over the local church and begins to work there, helping to counsel those in need. But what he doesn't realize is this also requires he preach on Sundays -- something he hadn't really accounted for in his planning. He knows very little about God, faith, or theology, and when called upon to preach a sermon, he struggles to be able to, simply because he has no experience with the church or faith at all. Beyond the Mask shows his struggle to maintain this guise as a pastor, and as people begin to see through him, they begin to wonder if he's truly a pastor, and if he's even a Christian at all.

As speculations arise about Reynolds' origin, he finds himself falling in love with a local young woman, Charlotte Holloway. However, she questions whether he can truly be a quality man of faith in her life and because of this, they begin to wonder if they are truly right for each other. Eventually, they make the decision to get married anyway, but one hurdle preventing them from getting married is that Reynolds' must meet Holloway's uncle and seek his approval for them to be married. However, who should her uncle be but his old boss at the East India Trading Company! In Beyond the Mask, we see that William's cover has been blown and he must once again take off for a new location where he takes on a new persona and once again tries to integrate himself into everyday life, this time as a new person once again. Will the truth find him out or will he be able to keep living this life as a lie forever?

Beyond the Mask is a powerful film that makes for a wonderful family movie night. With action, suspense, and drama, this high-quality film presents a top-notch tale at a top-notch level.

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