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Apocalypse DVD

In Apocalypse DVD, the world is at a point of disaster when the armed forces of the world gather in Israel all set to go to war which creates sudden fear among the different countries around the world. The different mediums of communication are awaiting for something horrible happen since thousands and thousands of people have suddenly disappeared and caused utter confusion. When this situation is at its high point, a man named Franco Macalousso (Sam Bornstein) arrives and starts performing amazing miracles and gathering thousands of followers. Sudden supposition is heard around the world that the man might be the long-awaited messiah. Helen Hannah (Leigh Lewis) and Bronson Pearl, news reporters, are questioning the man so they hurry to uncover Macalousso‰۪s horrible plan before he receives even more power.

Apocalypse DVD: Caught in the Eye of the Storm DVD story

The Apocalypse film is an eschatological science fiction film franchise that is produced by Peter Lalonde and Paul Lalonde, who in fact are the producers of the Left Behind film franchise as well. The Apocalypse series as well as Left Behind were produced and made available by Cloud Ten Pictures. Its main goal is to present the times of the Great Tribulation after the rapture that is mentioned in the Scriptures. In the Apocalypse series there are four films available although the events that the four of them talk about is the rapture, the Mark of the Beast and the War of Ezekiel. The series mainly follows Helen Hannah who is a newscaster who becomes a Christian right after the rapture and also we see Franco Macalousso who is the anti-christ explained in the Bible who says to be the messiah. Macalousso is the leader of the O.N.E. (One Nation Earth).

Apocalypse DVD‰۪s message has been known to impact people around the world and bring their hearts to the Lord. It doesn‰۪t necessarily have the huge Hollywood movie look or budget but its goal of speaking the truth of the Gospel into people‰۪s lives has sure been met in a clear way. One of the popular questions most believers and non-believers have asked is what will be of the world when the rapture occurs. Many Christian believers see a world that is full of extreme fright and chaos. Thousands of people throughout the world and in every region have instantly disappeared leaving many in Earth feeling completely startled and wondering about the reality of the disappearances. åÊ

Helen Hannah and Bronson Pearl from Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm DVD are among those that have been left behind. They‰۪re both well-known anchors of a news room and they broadcast the difficult situation and crisis the whole world is going through in that moment. Helen quickly realizes that the people who have gone from the face of the earth is because they were believers of Christ and Jesus had come to take them to Heaven to spend eternity with them. Hannah‰۪s grandmother believed in Christ and was always aware and waiting for the day Jesus would come and take His church. All of that makes Helen to get to truly know Jesus by reading a Bible and living what was taught to her by her grandmother also by putting to practice some video teachings she had seen. Although persuading Bronson, her colleague and partner, seems to be a rather difficult feat.

Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm DVD chronicles the ascension of the celebrated world leader that was prophesied in the Bible, Israel‰۪s celestial salvation against military infiltration by those feared from the north of Russia and other situations that bring the end of times to light. These type of movies that delve into prophetic times have to usually guess what will happen since all the details are not given to them & they‰۪re not all written in the Bible. In the times that were in there are many different understanding of what will happen in the end of times. One of the things viewers were doubtful about after watching the Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm DVD was that when people went in the rapture their clothes were left folded. To this, the creators of the film responded that they followed what was said in the Bible about Jesus‰۪ resurrection in John 20:6-7. That when the tomb was found empty, His cloth was found folded.

Apocalypse DVD: Caught in the Eye of the Storm DVD behind the scenes

The film Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm was shot digitally instead of film. Since the film is of the late 90s, the quality is probably something that we‰۪re accustomed to but the message is there.

The film is mostly quite centered in Helen Hannah and Bronson Pearl, the two main characters plus there were many scenes in the newsroom. To represent the battle in the film, the director used footage from what is known as the ‰ÛÏDesert Storm‰۝ which was a battle in the Middle East. The story from the film is based on the bbok of the Bible called ‰ÛÏRevelation‰۝. Additional to the film Apocalypse, there sequels available to it like ‰ÛÏTribulation‰۝ and ‰ÛÏJudgement‰۝.

Apocalypse DVD Info

Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm DVD was released originally in 1998 and was directed by Peter Gerretsen (The Kidnapping of Baby John Doe). The screenplay was written by Peter and Paul Lalonde (Left Behind).åÊ Joining forces to make the movie possible are Cloud Ten Pictures, Jack Van Impe Ministries and Prophecy Partners. Starring in Apocalypse DVD is Leigh Lewis (Revelation/Judgment), Richard Nester (Judgment), Sam Bornstein (For Those Who Remain), David Roddis (Revelation) and David Wand. Also appearing on the film is Carol Alt, Tony Nappo, Jeff Fahey, Gary Busey, Corbin Bernsen, Howie Mandel, Margot Kidder and Mr. T. The films did not have a theatrical release therefore were released direct-to-video from 1998 to 2001. The series has four films and ultimately there was a fifth film in the works but ultimately was cancelled.

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