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Come What May DVD

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Availability: Out of stock?
Come What May DVD
Run Time : 93 minutes
Subtitles : English
Languages : English
Fishflix Stock No : LM2203001
Dove Approval : Family Approved
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List Price : $16.99

Price : $5.00

You Save : $11.99 (71%)

Availability: Out of stock?
Availability: Out of stock?



Choosing whats right is never easy, but its always worth it

Come What May DVD

Caleb Hogan, a college student, challenges what he genuinely believes in. If he does he may confront the risk of losing the most essential competition of his lifetime and the encouragement of his mom. But if he lowers his argument, he has a chance of winning yet would have to surrender his teammate Rachel’s heart. Come What May movie is a realistic prompt that selecting what’s true is not at all easy but unfailingly worth it.

Come What May DVD story

Come What May movie is inspired by a scripture of the Bible located in Psalm 139:13. Caleb Hogan’s mother is a lawyer and his father an academic instructor so he has grown up comprehending the significance of expressing his case, supporting it with real evidence and selecting the correct choice. This skill has helped him satisfactorily at the externship in his mother’s law practice and it has lead him to the university with the top moot court group. But has all that readied him to tackle the conflicting elements of the most momentous lawful problem of actuality. When does life certainly start?

As he’s preparing for the National Moot Court competition, in Come What May he begins to confront the truth and legitimacy of the abortion situation. Also his mother is preparing to contend a well-known case in front of the Supreme Court. Caleb has to decide in what does he truthfully believes in. In whatever place he is situated there will be repercussions. If he takes the pro-life side he will ultimately lose the competition but if he sides with his mother’s stance he will probably win but lose his friend Rachel.

Not only Caleb’s teammate Rachel comprehends the power of the pro-life explanations, she believes them true. That life has always existed to glorify God. For her those arguments are true in moot court and in her everyday life. Can Caleb from Come What May discover that same deep belief that Rachel has? Can he secure her heart while undertaking this task? Agreement can be the effortless answer but it can be the most precarious.

Come What May movie production

Come What May movie is the first project published by Advent Film Group. The production team was organized by George Escobar and they are planning on presenting various movies in the years to come. Creating its own ideal for making good movies for an audience who wants faith filled entertainment. 

With a team selected, the directors Manny Edwards and George Escobar worked on the composition of the script. The main idea of the Come What May movie was based on a true event that occurred to the moot court group of Patrick Henry College in a competition. Deciding to choose what was correct or choosing what could make them win. A difficult situation mainly when the topic is abortion. The directors wanted to tell a story that would speak to people and bless them. So they removed their motives and sought help from teachers and some students from Patrick Henry College to develop the story and to make sure the script was just right. Also Dr. Michael Farris a legal lawyer and founder of Patrick Henry College made a legitimate brief to retract Roe. The draft that production chose was the eight one even though a ninth one was made while filming.

Come What May movie was shot in Virginia for a period of five weeks in the summer of 2007. Although in 2008 the crew came together to shoot some additional scenes that had to be filmed. Months were spent sound mixing, editing and making the movie as best as possible so that the DVD would be available through Advent Film Group.

Stories from the Come What May movie set

Victoria Emmons (Rachel) was excited and nervous at the same time while walking onto the set for the first time. It was her first movie but the directors guided her to where they wanted her to go. Between makeup, wardrobe and filming, Victoria learned a great amount of things. She enjoyed studying a scene on paper, discussing it with the other actors and seeing it come to life while filming. To her the most difficult thing of filming Come What May was acting when she really didn’t feel up to it. Between jet-lag and sickness, sometimes it caused a bit of difficulty to act but she had to pull through.

In the case of Austin Kearney (Caleb Hogan), he had some experience with debate tournaments. He would compete in speech and debate competitions around different states in the U.S. He remembered seeing one of the films directors recording him at one of his debates, some time later he was auditioning for the role of Caleb Hogan and got the part. To him every moment filming Come What May movie was a thrill. Everyone on set became a part of his group of friends and family and he would learn something new everyday.

For Kenny Jezek (Don Hogan) the director of the Come What May film approached him about what he wanted to do and the vision of the movie. Him and his wife agreed to join the film. Kenny mentioned that since they arrived at the airport, the production crew was very welcoming and quickly became family. The directors were very open to the actor’s point of view for each character and their development. There were many long filming days but there were countless moments of laughter, discussions and conversations about how God was working on each of their lives. Kenny knew that by the end of filming it would be really hard to say goodbye to their new friends but to him working on Come What May was one of the most wonderful experiences of his life.

Come What May DVD Features

Come What May DVD was released in 2009 and runs for approximately 93 minutes. In the film star Austin Kearney (Saving Winston), Victoria Emmons (Alone Yet Not Alone), Kenny Jezek (Days of our Lives), Karen Jezek & Dr. Michael Farris. The movie was directed by Manny Edwards (Hero) and George D. Escobar (Alone Yet Not Alone) and it’s produced by Advent Film Group. 

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With his mother a lawyer and his father a professor, Caleb Hogan has grown up understanding the importance of stating his case, backing it with facts, and choosing what's right ... Come What May

This ability has served him well in his internship at his mother's law firm and it has guided him to the college with the best Moot Court team. But has it prepared him to deal with the collision-course elements of the most important legal issue of our time? When does life really begin? 

Coming face-to-face with the realities and legalities of the abortion issue—both in preparation for the National Moot Court championship and as his mother prepares to argue a high-profile case before the Supreme Court—Caleb must decide what he truly believes.

Wherever he lands will have consequences. If he takes the pro-life argument, he stands to lose the most important competition of his life—and the support of his mother. If he follows his mother's lead, he could win the coveted title ... but lose the heart of his teammate Rachel in the process.

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  2. Come What May DVD
    Outstanding Review by Lakeguybrent

    Presents arguments I promise you've never considered before. Give these as gifts, put a couple in the offering plate at church, pass them around. Be blessed. (Posted on 11/24/16)

"Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you."---Job 22:21