When Calls The Heart: The Dance DVD

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  • Director: Anne Wheeler
  • Producer: Michael Landon Jr.
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 6/16/10
  • Run Time: 87 min
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 1
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When Calls the Heart: The Dance

When Calls the Heart: The Dance is a continuation of Janette Oke's much beloved stories. This film follows the progressing journey of Elizabeth Thatcher and her love interest Jack Thornton.

Life in Coal Valley is moving along faster than ever, and the beginning of When Calls the Heart: The Dance shows a brand new batch of miners arriving to the town. As the new miners are heading to their bunks located in the saloon, they accidentally find themselves in the middle of a classroom, where Elizabeth is teaching. Tensions rise between the miners and Elizabeth, and a confrontation is imminent, until one miner steps in and settles things. This man, Billy Hamilton, is able to diffuse the rising conflict and finds himself very attracted to Elizabeth. He not so subtly expresses interest in her, hoping to win her heart.

Billy is unusual, and unique among the group of miners. He professes a great love for poetry and is a very well-spoken and talented young man. He makes quite an impression on Elizabeth, and they strike up an affection for each other. This spark does not go unnoticed by Jack, who feels that Elizabeth is his girl. He distrusts Billy and thinks that the smooth talking young miner is not all that he seems to be.

The other women in Coal Valley are struggling with accepting this new batch of miners. Each new face is a constant reminder of their loss. These men are the ones replacing their husbands and fathers that used to work in the mine. Some women are resentful of the new miners and wish that they had never come at all. However, other women are excited that this group of bachelors has settled into their little town. They are hopeful for the future and a possible chance at new love.

Abigail tells the women that, though they are heartbroken, life must go on. This is very evident in the life of Carla Noonan, a widow pregnant with her husband's child. Carla's situation is somewhat dangerous, as Coal Valley does not have a midwife and everyone is worried about the impending arrival of her child. Abigail insists that she move in with her, so that she can keep a close eye on her and help when necessary.

The new miners are beginning to settle into life in Coal Valley and are making many new acquaintances. Mild-mannered and sweet Dewitt Graves immediately takes a liking to Mary Dunbar, a recent widow. She is flattered when he expresses great interest in her, and she willingly accepts his invitation to dinner. The town is preparing for a great saloon dance, and he asks her to accompany him to this as well. Though Mary is excited and hopeful for the future, her son starts acting out because he misses his father. He is not accepting of Dewitt and doesn't want things to change. He seems to think that his mother has moved on entirely from his father, and this causes him great pain and heartache.

Meanwhile, emotions and tensions begin to run high in the town as Billy and Elizabeth's relationship continues to develop. One evening, while the couple is out taking a walk together, Jack runs into them. He becomes very suspicious of Billy and tries to convince Elizabeth to stay away from the young miner. Elizabeth, headstrong and stubborn, informs Jack that she has already agreed to accompany Billy to the saloon dance and believes that Jack is being petty.

Finally, the night of the much anticipated dance arrives, and the whole town arrives in their finest attire. Elizabeth's students have very kindly decorated the saloon and made it quite a magical venue. All of the citizens are very grateful for this celebration, which is much needed after the recent tragedies enshrouding Coal Valley. Mary's son, Caleb, who initially refused to attend the dance, surprises everyone when he decides to come anyway. Most touching of all, he is wearing his father's suit, though it is many sizes too big for him. He and his mother have a wonderful talk about remembering his father, and she assures him that she is not going to leave him or move on too fast.

Jack attends the dance on duty as constable, and does not participate in the festivities. He keeps a watchful eye over everyone, especially Billy and Elizabeth. The entire town is able to find joy once more as they celebrate the lives and legacy of those lost in the mine and begin to find new life once again.

However, as everyone heads home for the evening, things are thrown into turmoil. Abigail returns home to find Carla lying on the floor, in full blown labor. She is in great pain, and in need of medical attention. Abigail must see to delivering this child and provide comfort for poor Carla. The women of Coal Valley rally around Carla and help her deliver not one, but two very healthy babies! This is a beautiful sign of life continuing on and becoming beautiful once more.

Unfortunately, Billy and Elizabeth's relationship begins to crack under pressure. Minor holes in his stories and his character turn into major problems, and Elizabeth becomes suspicious that he is only after her money. She decides to put him to the ultimate test and see if his love for her is real. While they are talking one night, Elizabeth mentions that her family disowned her when she moved to Coal Valley. Almost immediately, Billy leaves and breaks off the relationship. As he flees town, Jack catches him and confronts him for hurting Elizabeth. He seemed smooth and romantic, but all he really wanted was Elizabeth's fortune. Jack and Elizabeth are able to repair their friendship and she apologizes for not listening to him.

When Calls the Heart: The Dance is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is considered suitable for all audiences. It is always recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their family.

A continuation of the When Calls the Heart Series, The Dance is the fourth DVD in the series following the continuing story of Elizabeth Thatcher, inspired by the bestselling books by Janette Oke.

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