When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul DVD

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  • Producer: Michael Landon Jr.
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Release Date: 6/22/11
  • Run Time: 88 min
  • Region Code: 1
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When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul

When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul follows the aftermath of many major changes in Coal Valley. First of all, the town has been renamed from Coal Valley to Hope Valley. This new name is fitting and shows that the town is moving on from the mining accident that burdened them for so long.

The film opens with Jack returning to Hope Valley. Here, he is greeted by Rosemary, who expects Elizabeth to be with him. However, her mother is still very ill and she is unable to return. Jack takes notice of the many changes that have happened, and Rosemary informs him of the new name. He believes it is very fitting and is happy with the changes that have taken place.

Home in Hamilton, Elizabeth is consumed with taking care of her ailing mother and spending time with her old friend Charles. Though she is focused on just a friendship, Charles has subtly tried to turn their friendship into something more. Elizabeth's sister, Julie, is very jealous of the fact that her sister is being pursued by two men when she seems to have no prospects of her own. There is one man, however, that has been pursuing her that she's been denying, but she decides to let him into her life. This man is none other than Jack's troubled brother, Tom. Elizabeth is unhappy with Julie's choice to pursue yet another man with a troubled past.

Back in Hope Valley, Abigail's cafe continues to do booming business. Rosemary has been eagerly helping Abigail with her business, but annoys her by constantly asking questions and being very high maintenance. Bill Avery, Abigail's suitor drops by the cafe to inform her that he is headed east to help the Canadian Mounties with a case. He has dropped by because he didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to her. The two share a special moment locked in an embrace, and even share a romantic goodbye kiss.

Trouble is once again being stirred up in the town as a man arrives with his daughter. He has a scheme to pose as a Bible salesman and collect money from the townspeople for Bibles that he never intends to order and then skip town. However, their plan does not quite go as the imagined as a woman mistakes him for the town's new pastor, Frank Hogan. Floyd, the salesman's real name, is quite happy at the sudden change of plans, and gleefully accepts his new fake identity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gowen is struggling to deal with the fallout from losing the court case regarding the mining accident. Determined to make something of the rest of his life, he tries to convince Lee Coultier to let him be his consultant. Lee, however, knows that Gowen is hated by the townspeople and informs him that he wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul returns to Elizabeth and Charles in Hamilton. Charles, determined to win her affections, has pulled some strings with doctor friends in order to aid Mrs. Thatcher's care. The doctors that he brings in give the sick woman a new prescription that promises to help her feel better. Elizabeth, filled with gratitude for Charles' determination in helping her mother, agrees to go to dinner with him.

Great drama transpires in Hope Valley as Abigail is confronted one day in the cafe. A woman arrives and asks her about her involvement with Bill Avery. She responds that she has been seeing him romantically, and inquires as to who the women is and why it matters. This woman reveals herself to be Nora Avery, Bill's wife. Abigail is shocked and confused, and does her best to reassure Nora that she had no idea that he was married. Meanwhile, Bill is revealed to be involved with some very shady characters and some very mysterious business.

After being rejected by Lee Coultier, Mr. Gowen decides to try and blackmail the mayor into helping him. He threatens to reveal Mayor Silas' mishandling of public funds, but Silas doesn't seem to be too scared of the threat as Gowen would also have to reveal that he was involved in such business. Not scared, Gowen reminds Silas that no one has ever been able to implicate him before and he intends to make good on his threats. With this ammunition fueling him, Gowen is ready to make his next move.

In Hope Valley's saloon, the townspeople have gathered to raise money for the church's new programs, and the town's new pastor is invited to speak. Floyd is unused to public religious speaking and produces a jumbled and very unprofessional prayer that almost threatens to show his true character. However, the folks in the saloon continue right on with their fundraiser and give Floyd a reprieve from his job. Unfortunately for him, he is thrust back into the spotlight as a young couple asks him to perform their upcoming wedding ceremony. He tries to get out of performing his pastoral duties, but the couple insists that he must do their ceremony.

Things in Hamilton are progressing for two different couples. Elizabeth and Charles have been spending more and more time together, though she still insists it is simply as friends. Charles has other intentions and is very pleased with how their relationship is progressing. Also, Julie and Tom have continued to meet, and both are quite smitten with each other. They make plans to see each other again, and Julie is excited about the prospect of continuing to see Tom.

When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul shows Hope Valley completely in an uproar as many different events transpire. Right before the wedding can be performed, the real Pastor Hogan arrives and calls Floyd out as in impostor. Hogan performs the wedding ceremony and sends Floyd packing. Also, Mayor Silas has suddenly announced his retirement, leaving his position to Mr. Gowen. Things for Hope Valley are about to take a turn that no one is quite ready for. This film is fast paced and entertaining, filled with stories of love and adventure.

When Calls the Heart: Heart and Soul is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is considered suitable for all audiences. It is always recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children.

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When Calls the Heart


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