When Calls the Heart: Follow your Heart DVD

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  • Release Date: 10/12/11

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When Calls the Heart: Follow Your Heart

When Calls the Heart: Follow Your Heart opens with the counterfeiting ring still running wild. Rosemary storms up to Jack holding two five dollar bills that the saloon just accepted. After closer inspection, these bills are proven to be counterfeit. Thankfully, the man who gave them to her is standing on the street, waiting for a stagecoach. Jack casually walks up to him and asks him where he got the bills. This man, Dirk, says that the bank gave them to him after he cashed a check. Dirk claims that he has more bills in his pocket for Jack to inspect, but instead of reaching into his pocket, he punches Jack in the jaw. The two men are involved in a long fight, and a shot is fired from the gun. Jack manages to wrestle the man from the ground and get the gun away from him.

Unfortunately, at the cafe, Abigail is struggling to keep her business running smoothly. The food that she has been producing is not quality, and Pastor Hogan receives an unfortunate plate of food that is full of egg shells. Abigail apologizes for this lack of quality and explains that her mind has been very burdened lately. Mr. Gowen has given her a list of required repairs that she must make in order to keep the cafe running. These repairs are expensive and time consuming, and Abigail is afraid that Mr. Gowen will shut down her business if she doesn't do them soon. Pastor Hogan offers to pitch in for a while so that she can meet the deadline placed before her, and she is extremely grateful for his help.

Bill Avery is visiting the Mountie headquarters in Hamilton to discuss the counterfeiting ring and the progress they have made. After Jack arrested two men, the superintendent is convinced that the case is solved and that they need not do anything else. Bill does not believe that it can truly be a closed case, and asks to interrogate the suspects. The superintendent denies this request and then asks him what happened to two printing plates that were found with the suspects. Bill claims to know nothing about these plates and ends his conversation with the superintendent.

Meanwhile, in Hope Valley, things between Jack and Elizabeth are strained. They realized while in Hamilton that their lives are more different than they could have imagined, and they question whether they are truly compatible. Jack refused to ride with Elizabeth on the way home to Hope Valley, insisting that he needed time to think over some things. Now that they are back, Elizabeth asks him what he had to think about. Jack says that his whole experience with the Thatcher family in Hamilton has made him realize that he can never fit into Elizabeth's upper class background and family life. She is hurt by these accusations, and assures him that her whole life is in Hope Valley, not in Hamilton. Jack accuses her of lying to herself and says that she needs to face the truth. Their argument escalates greatly, but they are interrupted by a friend who wants to know how their time in Hamilton was. The two answer the question minimally and use this to end their argument and walk away from each other.

Pastor Hogan has been working tirelessly to help Abigail get the repairs done on her cafe. She is extremely grateful for the help that he has given her, and asks him why he has been so generous. He explains that when he first came to Hope Valley, the people told him what an impact Abigail had on their lives. When they were caught up in the tragedy of the mining accident, she was a source of hope and light in everyone's lives, and he wants to return the favor. She is touched by this gesture and is more grateful for his services than he could ever know.

Jack arrives at the jail, after his argument with Elizabeth, and finds Bill interrogating Dirk. He questions if he has really been sent to interrogate this man, as he was told by the superintendent that the case was closed. Bill casually says that he's just tying up a few loose ends, but Jack believes that he is not being told the truth. Jack later runs into Elizabeth, who is hard at work helping Abigail at the cafe. She immediately asks him what he meant by his earlier accusation. He brings up her relationship with Charles, and she brings up his flirtation with the young nurse. The two begin fighting once again, and realize that there is no point in continuing their argument. They cannot agree, so they once again part ways.

Elizabeth heads to the jail to try and talk things over with Jack later that night, but he is not there. She decides to leave a note for him, unaware that the great storm brewing has opened the door and let Jack's dog Rip out. When Jack comes back to the jail looking for his dog, Elizabeth explains what happened. Though she apologizes profusely, he is very angry and takes off into the night to look for his dog. Elizabeth takes off after him, and they end up in an old abandoned mine.

Forced to be alone and talk out their differences, the two begin being very honest with each other. Elizabeth explains that she is afraid Jack is going to be hurt in the line of duty, and he explains that he loves her but doesn't know how to relate to her sometimes. Unfortunately, the mine begins caving in around them and Elizabeth is injured by a falling beam.

Finally, the storm clears and Jack is able to carry to safety out of the mine. They find Rip on the way out of the mine, and are grateful for this experience. It allowed them to see how true their feelings are for each other, and be fully honest with one another.

Bill Avery has been involved with the counterfeiter and finds out where the money is hidden. He releases Dirk from jail and goes to dig up the money. The superintendent has become aware of Bill's activities, and orders Jack to arrest him immediately. The whole town witnesses Jack apprehending Bill and carting him off to jail.

Then, things escalate on the romantic front in Hope Valley. In Hamilton, Viola convinced Charles to confess his feelings for Elizabeth and bring her home to them. Earlier that same day, Jack decided to take the next step in his relationship with Elizabeth and bought an engagement ring for her. However, before he can propose, he sees Charles down on one knee in front of Elizabeth. Stunned and unsure what to do, he leaves. When Calls the Heart: Follow Your Heart is dramatic and touching at every turn.

When Calls the Heart: Follow Your Heart is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is considered suitable for all audiences. It is always recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their family.

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When Calls the Heart


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