That The World May Know, Faith Lessons Vol 10: With All Your Heart DVD

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  • Producer: John Grooters
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 160 mn
  • Closed Captioning: Yes

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That The World May Know, Faith Lessons Vol 10: With All Your Heart DVD

Historian Ray Vander Laan takes us back to when the Lord notified His people about remembering him after leaving the scorching desert and entering the fruitful pastures of the Promised Land. In Faith Lessons Vol. 10: With All Your Heart DVD explore how swiftly Israel ignores God and started to trust and depend on themselves. Do you truly recall who's the source of all your blessings?̴Ì_

The goal of Ray Vander Laan and That The World May Know, Faith Lessons Vol 10: With All Your Heart DVD

In That The World May Know, Faith Lessons Vol 10: With All Your Heart DVD,̴Ì_Vander Laan takes viewers to explore Sinai and Israel, a sector where there's still a big part of desert but occasionally turns into a rich and plentiful place. It will be discovered how God told people to live in the Promised Land. In our own lives what we can learn about throughout moments of bounty and moments of being in the desert. God guided Israel to the desert again at times to make them remember all the lessons they had learned before. For example Jesus and John the Baptist had influential and important experiences while in the desert. The viewers will learn that in the desert is where we can be most near to the Lord. The place where that connection with Him is at peace.̴Ì_

That The World May Know, Faith Lessons Vol 14: The Mission of Jesus by Ray Vander Laan

Automatically after hearing or thinking about the Bible what comes to mind is a group of short stories that while uniting them it becomes one major story. A story of God who made the whole world and the universe and gave it to the humans He created so they could take care of it. Sadly the humans were disloyal and the world was a place of sin and disorder. But in that moment God did not lose hope in His beautiful creation. He made the decision to redeem them, first through his promise to His people, the Israelites and ultimately by sending His only son to take all that sin through His life, His death, His resurrection and His ascension back to the Heavens. What is the significance to all people subdued by the Romans in that time and what is the significance for Christian believers in this day? In the case of That The World May Know, Faith Lessons Vol 14: The Mission of Jesus DVD viewers can explore through Jesus' stay on earth, going through the sector of Galilee, touring through Rome's ruins and visiting the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. Discovering the way Jesus' message confronts the message of Imperial Rome.̴Ì_

That The World May Know devotional guide by Ray Vander Laan

With the devotional guide presented in the That The World May Know website, people can receive videos containing facts about the Bible with true historic facts of it's location. Each video is 3 minutes and it is available every week for 52 weeks during a year. Educator and historian Ray Vander Laan takes you through the different places mentioned in the Bible shedding a light to the historic, cultural and geographics of some sections of the Scriptures. These specific videos are filmed in Greece where true events from the Bible occurred. The devotionals from That The World May Know can completely alter your comprehension of the Lord and dare you to become a genuine and faithful follower of Jesus Christ. The video devotionals include never before seen content from Vander Laan himself and different videos that haven't been included in the That The World May Know documentary volume series.

The creation of That The World May Know

In 1992, businessman Ed Prince came across the teachings and lessons of Ray Vander Laan and wanted to contribute to make a filmic project in form a documentary series that would offer Vander Laan's lessons for viewers. In Israel filming was made and in 1995 the first project of That The World May Know was made and people received it very well. So this project continued to be in production. By 2003, 5 different volumes of the series were made. By volume 6 and 7, the series was both directed by Bob Garner and John Grooters. The filming style became more consistent and it truly felt like the viewer was with Vander Laan exploring the regions of Israel. The footage started to be filmed in high definition and in a more filmic aspect ratio. The lessons brought by Ray were focused on Israel but also showed audiences other regions beyond it like Cappadocia, Galatia, Ephesus, Laodicea and other locations in Turkey. One of the goals of this series shows true discipleship, for example the way Paul went through on his first journey looking to talk about God's Word. A goal of That The World May Know is to not only show different examples of Scripture but also accompany it with visuals of the places where those stories and events really occurred. The more people know of those true places and the culture and history of those moments, then they can truly understand in a better way the teachings from the Bible.̴Ì_

That The World May Know, Faith Lessons Vol 10: With All Your Heart DVD Info

That The World May Know, Faith Lessons Vol 10: With All Your Heart DVD's̴Ì_duration is of 1 hour and 6 minutes and it was released in 2010. The documentary series was directed by John Grooters and it was filmed in various location sites like Negev, Timnah and Jerusalem.

Volume 10 of That The World May Know includes lessons like "Build Me a Sanctuary", "Making Space for God" which were filmed in Timnah. "He Led Them Like a Shepherd", "Be Every Word: Striking the Rock" which were filmed in Negev. "With All your Might: The Final Test" and "A Well-Watered Garden" which were filmed in Jerusalem.

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"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.".. ” - Matthew 4:4